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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet Peanut :)

Hello Friends :)
I hope your summer is off to a wonderful start. We've been busy in the garden and have already been getting some veggies! Enough that we've even been able to share...what a blessing! I am hoping this trend will continue and that we will have a wonderful garden just like last year.
We've had a new addition to our family. Sarah (and her boyfriend) got a new puppy. The puppy was suppose to stay at the boyfriends...but, they broke up last week and so now it is at our house. Needless to say....Mickey is not very thrilled about this :( Teddy doesn't care one way or the other. He does fine with any animal. The first few days were pretty horrid for Mickey. He has come along some..he runs around and makes an attempt to play. But, I know he is still not 100% thrilled with the situation. Meet Peanut..........All 1 pound & 6 ounces of him :)

Yes, he's a baby Chihuahua.....7 weeks old. We are expecting him to be a lot smaller than Mickey. The Daddy to him was supposedly a teacup and the Momma very small too. We shall see how that turns out later :) But, so far he is smaller somewhat than Mickey was.
As you can see...poor Mickey was heartbroken. He LOVES Sarah so much and this just devastated the poor guy. So lots and lots of hugs and kisses to him from me...believe me I'm trying very hard to cheer him up ;)

The new puppy is loved by everyone else. (Sam especially :) This is my oldest son holding the baby, as we call him. Sarah brought a playpen home from her boyfriends. This has proved to be very helpful. It's hard to get much done without a break sometimes. He is really small so we have to be careful just walking around..
Oh yes...before I forget. Elizabeth and John are no longer together. He called a few weeks ago and broke it off with her. She was hurt..but, she is doing better now. I guess it is better that it happened now and not later.
Now that are garden is busy growing and producing I will have something to take pictures of :)
I better head on to bed. I was trying to change my background and that took forever. Everyone else is asleep and that is where I need to be too :)
More pictures soon.....
With Love to all........Jerelene
PS....say some little prayers for Mickey :)