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Monday, July 12, 2010

A few pics from our house :)

Hello! I hope everyone is having a nice summer :) Peanut and Mickey have become good buddies now. Mickey is still not wanting to share his toys very nicely...but, other than that...they are getting along great! Teddy runs around and plays with them sometimes, but mostly would rather that they just leave him alone. He is getting older and I'm sure probably gets pretty jealous of all the attention given to the chi-babies...Peanut is around three pounds now. I think we should call him puddles, as he leaves lots of them for me :)

Out in the garden...my sunflowers are gorgeous!! I planted mammoths and red velvets. The mammoths just started opening a couple of days ago. Mark wasn't thrilled about me planting a row of them in the garden...but I won out :) I LOVE them!!! You wouldn't believe how tall they are. I should take Sam out there and take a picture of him standing in front of them. I will definitely have to do that...
We have carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, cabbage, brussel sprouts, eggplant, corn, several different kinds of peppers, potatoes, beets, decorative corn and gourds and pumpkins for Sam. I also have some Zinnias growing in there too...as well as my sunflowers. I planted some beans with red flowers that are climbers...but, something keeps eating the beans off!! :(

You can see the decorative red green beans on the left in the pic below. They are climbing up the fence. Sorry that you can't see the red flowers. They are pretty:)

Sam's decorative gourds and his pumpkins...
In the front flower bed I have been blessed with 3 lovely red double knock-out rosebushes. They were a gift to me from my Aunt Audrey. I love them!!

She also bought me 3 more for the flower bed at the side of the house. A pink and coral bush made my the same people that produce the knock-outs. An Altissimo climber and a Julia Child's Bush. Then Mark bought me one for Mother's day. It's called opening night. I planted lots of flower seeds this year too. I never had Zinnias before...but they are lovely!!! I have them in the garden and a couple in the flower bed..

This is one of the red velvet sunflowers. Most of them are much more burgundy color. Especially when they first open. This one just happened to be right in the sunlight...Very Pretty!!
Moonflower vine growing outside my window...still no blooms on it yet...soon I hope :) I also have a huge pot of moonflowers. It is blooming like crazy. I will have to post pics of it next time..
Outside Sam's window the red velvet sunflowers are blooming away, making for a lovely view...
from INSIDE Sam's window :):):)
It's been busy with canning and baking zucchini bread. I've been trying to get the hang of making homemade bread too...Mark got on full-time with the school corporation...an answered prayer :) He started last Tuesday. We also found out that my youngest daughter is expecting...I'm not happy about the circumstances, but the baby can't help that. I am expecting a granddaughter :) She is due December 6th, but because of being high risk the baby will most likely come early... Please keep this situation in your prayers.
I think of you all often and please know that you are in my prayers as well.
I better go for now. Sam is at the library and it's time to go pick him up. Until next time.....
With Love and Hugs too!! Jerelene