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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

What a beautiful time of year....I just love it don't you? I love just getting in the car and going for a drive and looking at everyone's homes all lit up with lights and ornaments. I love peeking in the window at all the lovely trees that have been decorated with love. Children home on Christmas break from school...running around excited and giggly waiting for Santa to come :) This has been a hard year...but better than last year..It has also been a good year. Many new friends have came my way....such huge blessings to me......each one of you!!
I wanted to share a few more of our Christmas decorations with you....I've had all of these snowmen for a long time....last year we left the tree up and decorated with snowmen and snowflakes for a winter tree in January....then in February, the snowmen stayed and we added hearts for Valentines :)

This cutie...was a present from my dear Aunt Audrey....don't you just love him?
These were handmade ornaments at a local ceramics shop....this one Elizabeth did...
This was a present for Sarah last year...(she loves pink:)
another snowman...
This is one of my favorites....he just needs a girl to go with him :)
another snowman...
This was a present for Elizabeth...from her (sister friend...Shaina)
This was another handmade from the ceramics shop....Sam did this one :)
This is the one Sarah made.....(pink of course...what else would it be?)
This was a gift from a friend that I worked with when I worked at the church-school. He is actually a snowglobe...I lOVE him!!
This is our new star...I meant to try to get some gold & red ornaments...but I got sick and it just didn't get done...I wanted some gold bows too...I really like it even though it doesn't light up. I had a gold and red angel picked out and when I went back to get it, she was already gone. So, I ended up with this..I do like it though...there's always next year :)
This was made by Elizabeth in school years ago....
And this is the tree....it has a pink glow to it...the pink lights show up the brightest :)
Wishing all of my dear friends....The most Wonderful, Happy and Blessed Christmas Ever! With many hugs and kisses from me to you!! Thanks for being there for me....
With Love, Jerelene XOXO

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pen Pals...

I just realized that I really hadn't addressed the pen-paling for this month. If it's alright...I think I'm just going to leave it up to everyone personally as to what they want to do for this month. I personally am going to send everyone a card...but don't feel that you have to. If some of you want to take a break...I completely understand..and for those of you that want to send cards out, just send as you want to :) I will try to get back into the swing of things for January, maybe we could send out Happy New Year, or even a winter or snowman theme :)
I am still sore, but I think it is just going to take a little time.. So continue to keep me in your prayers...
Thank you so much to my dear friends that have sent me get well cards....you are so sweet! I have them hanging on my fridge:)The picture above is of a tree that we cut down and brought home a couple of yrs. ago. I haven't uploaded the pictures of our tree yet...so I thought I'd post an old picture just for fun. I thought this picture was really neat...I think Elizabeth took it. It's so strange, but pretty how the lights turned out in the bluriness of the picture. I thought it might be a nice one to share. I will try to post a picture of our tree from this year next time I'm on. We used to go and pick one out and cut it down, and then bring it home. The place we go to grows white pine I think. They are lovely and soft to the touch.. I know the kids have been missing it...but I just wasn't up to it this yr. Maybe next yr. :)

"Friends are the siblings God forgot to give us." Sent in by Hillary

"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with friendship." -Ralph Waldo Emerson -

With love to each and every one of you....Jerelene

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Home from the hospital :)

The kidney stone is gone! I got very sick and ended up back in the hospital tuesday morning. The kidney stone that put me in the hospital in October was still there (as I had suspected..but no one was listening:)and it had grown..It had got so big they said there was no way for it to come out on it's own. So Wednesday evening they took me by ambulance down to the hospital in Evansville, and did my surgery Thursday morning. The ambulance ride was unerving to me..I can't explain it..but it just made me very uncomfortable and nervous.. They had to go in and blast the stone.. I was pretty nervous about the surgery. I've never been put under general anasthesia...and was scared. As they were wheeling me back to surgery I was thinking I wish my dear bloggy friends had known so they could have been praying for me ;) If you've never had surgery...it is a scary thing.
They put a stint in and that is a bit uncomfortable. I'm still running a bit of a fever too. I'm suppose to pull the stint out at home here Monday...and that scares me to death!! They said take a pain pill first..that it will be quite uncomfortable. Scary too!! I'm still passing blood when I urinate..which they said I would for a while. But, the horrible pain in my back and side is gone..and I am so HAPPY!! They said the stone had totally blocked my urine and was backing it up into my kidney...which explains my kidney infection..evidentally that can be fatal if not taken care of quickly. I can't imagine that anyone wouldn't seek help as painful as it is...
The urologist was quite concerned about my anemia too. He told me that was the next thing that needed to quickly be taken care of...So, hopefully I'll be taking care of that problem soon :)
Please continue to keep my family in your prayers...We had all had the stomach flu last weekend before I went in the hospital. Sarah actually dehydrated and I had spent a night at the hospital with her..then Sammy got it too..It's been busy here..
I'm so thankful for all of my friends here...you are such blessings to me...I feel badly that I've not been on and commenting back as much as I should...please forgive me :)
You are all in my thoughts and prayers daily...I love each and every one of you!!
With Love, Jerelene

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Thursday...

It was a busy day...The visit to the doctor was tiring. She was running late and I had a bit of a wait. So, I made good use of my time by reading my book. I have started reading the Bestselling "Mitford Series" by Jan Karon. They are wonderful books to read. I finally finished the first book, " At Home in Mitford." Now I've started on the second book, "A Light in the Window." My Aunt introduced me to these books....and I LOVE them! I would highly recommend them if you like a clean, relaxing and entertaining read.
Once they called me back and did the unpleasantries like weighing me..yikes...I got settled in the room and waited to meet with the doctor. She said they are still waiting on my thyroid and rheumatoid tests to come back. My hemoglobin was up just enough to keep me from needing the blood transfusion..however, still low enough for me to still feel horrid...lovely :) She changed my iron pills to something with a prescription? It's a time-released form. She also put me on something for restless legs, which is a result of the chronic anemia. I also got a B-12 shot. I then told her that I'm still having back pain and hurting down low in the bladder area. They had me do a urine and came back and said they I have a definite infection...I guess that explains the pain. I have took every one's advice to heart. Cranberry juice, lots of water, and yes beets (Jackie:) So, they have started me on an antibiotic for that. I'm hoping that helps me feel better quickly. They are still going to get me in with a specialist. I have needed a hysterectomy for a long time now. I don't know until I get in with the specialist if they would be able to do an ablation procedure or not. If you have fibroids (which I do) if they are too large they can't do it. I guess time will tell and I'm just going to have to wait and find out. Until they do, I will be battling this chronic anemia.
Tomorrow is Sam's co-op. I hope the day goes well. It is a very long day for Sam and for me. We get there at 9 and finish at 3. Last week Sam and I both came home and took a nap. Things really wear me out easily. It will be his final practice, other than dress rehearsal for his Christmas concert next Tues. evening.
I have been putting a few things here and there around the house. I actually put the Christmas tree together the day before Thanksgiving. Now to finish decorating it ;) I am getting there slowly. This is our newest ornament. Elizabeth got if for me last Christmas. I just love it!!

This was also a present last yr. It came from Sarah's longtime friend Brandi. A cow-lover can't go without a cow Christmas ornament :)
This lovely fiber-optic angel..sits in front of our front window in the girls room. She is very pretty! I'm thinking...if I feel like it...of getting another little tree for their room. If I do, she's going back in the living room where I can see her all the time.
Since it's turned cold...Mickey is a sleepy boy! He wants to get under the blankets and try to stay warm. The poor little Chihuahua..he gets cold so easy. You can't tell how much Sam loves him can you? He was a Christmas present for Sarah last year....the most wonderful one of all!! I better go for now...I will try to stop by and visit everyone this weekend...I've kind of been peeking around...Some of you have gorgeous Christmas pics of your homes. I love Christmas decorations :) Hugs to All of you!! Thanks for all the kind and sweet comments, prayers and Hugs!!

"A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more."- Sent by Jasmine Fitzwilliam
With Love, Jerelene

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hello friends!
Sorry I've not been writing...but I am still sick :( I go back to the doctor tomorrow. They did labwork again today...I'll find out tomorrow what they have to say..They did another blood count, checked my thyroid and checked for rheumatoid..The lab tech wasn't happy with how my blood looked..I guess it was too thin and very watery...a sign she said...of how very anemic I still am :(
I've been taking it easy and just laying around and being a couch/bed potato :) I guess maybe, I should feel bad about that...but I don't. :) I really need it I think.
We did start putting up our Christmas tree. In the past, we've always went and cut one down. But last yr. we bought a white one. It's not that big, and nothing fancy...but I like it. I think I just don't have the energy to get really creative this yr. Once I'm finished with it I promise to take a picture...but I'm not done yet :)
Sam has a concert with his co-op next tues. Next week is going to busy...and I'm not looking forward to that...
Sarah is feeling better from her surgery...she had her stitches taken out yesterday. He started her on something to try to stop or at least slow down her periods...
I am so looking forward to feeling better...the sooner the better.
I am curious if the pen-palers want to pen-pal this month...
I thought it would be nice if we sent Christmas cards to everyone on the list this time...If you would rather just send to one person...that would be ok too...just comment and let me know :)
That's all for now....
Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. 1 John 4:7
With Love, Jerelene