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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

What a beautiful time of year....I just love it don't you? I love just getting in the car and going for a drive and looking at everyone's homes all lit up with lights and ornaments. I love peeking in the window at all the lovely trees that have been decorated with love. Children home on Christmas break from school...running around excited and giggly waiting for Santa to come :) This has been a hard year...but better than last year..It has also been a good year. Many new friends have came my way....such huge blessings to me......each one of you!!
I wanted to share a few more of our Christmas decorations with you....I've had all of these snowmen for a long time....last year we left the tree up and decorated with snowmen and snowflakes for a winter tree in January....then in February, the snowmen stayed and we added hearts for Valentines :)

This cutie...was a present from my dear Aunt Audrey....don't you just love him?
These were handmade ornaments at a local ceramics shop....this one Elizabeth did...
This was a present for Sarah last year...(she loves pink:)
another snowman...
This is one of my favorites....he just needs a girl to go with him :)
another snowman...
This was a present for Elizabeth...from her (sister friend...Shaina)
This was another handmade from the ceramics shop....Sam did this one :)
This is the one Sarah made.....(pink of course...what else would it be?)
This was a gift from a friend that I worked with when I worked at the church-school. He is actually a snowglobe...I lOVE him!!
This is our new star...I meant to try to get some gold & red ornaments...but I got sick and it just didn't get done...I wanted some gold bows too...I really like it even though it doesn't light up. I had a gold and red angel picked out and when I went back to get it, she was already gone. So, I ended up with this..I do like it though...there's always next year :)
This was made by Elizabeth in school years ago....
And this is the tree....it has a pink glow to it...the pink lights show up the brightest :)
Wishing all of my dear friends....The most Wonderful, Happy and Blessed Christmas Ever! With many hugs and kisses from me to you!! Thanks for being there for me....
With Love, Jerelene XOXO


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Such a gorgeous tree!!! And so full of love and memories!!! I love that so many of your ornaments were handmade by your children!!! I never thought of a ceramic place for making ornaments...that's a wonderful idea!!! Hope you are feeling a little better, and that you will thoroughly enjoy all the wonderful time with your family!!! Much love and Merry Christmas to you! Janine XO

Eileen said...

Oh, you know I want that tree, Jerelene!
Thanks for sharing all your sweet ornaments!

Jayden made a cute tree ornament in school this year too, it looks and smells like a gingerbread Christmas tree.

I've loved every minute of reading here! I've loved getting to know you.

I'll see you in the New Year!
Christmas Blessings!
Love to you,

Diana said...

It all looks so beautiful Jerelene, I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, and a healthy new year!
Love you, Di

Jenn@Spejory said...

I especially like the snowman with the cracked pot for a hat!

Merry Christmas!!! May all the fullness of his joy be yours as you celebrate our Savior's birth!

Fifi said...

Those ornamnets are beautiful, the fact that they have special meanings make them even more valuable!! A Happy Christmas to you all Jerelene!!! Love to you all xx

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas, dear Jerelene!!! Love you! Janine XO

Teacher's Pet said...

Hello Jerelene...I love your ornaments...and I especially treasure the ones made by little hands long ago.
The pink backgrounds of your blog page are soft...and the music that you have with it is soothing...very relaxing to be here tonight.
I hope that your Christmas was a blessed one. May your days all be wonderful ones, my friend.
Hugs to you,

Wanda said...

Hi Jerelene...hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and all is well.
Snowmen are a favorite of mine too, they are some of the first things I set out at Thanksgiving. Your tree is lovely. I wish a Wonderfully Happy New Year for you and your family.

Blessings each day said...

These ornaments are so cute they just have to Jerelene ornaments...I just love them!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

May you and yours be blessed with the best and holiest and happiest New Year, Jerelene!

blessings with warm hugs,


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy AND Healthy New Year, dear Jerelene!! Love to you! Janine XO

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Jerelene...I'm thinking of you, my friend. I hope that you are doing well.
Happy New Year to you...
Warmest hugs,

Linda Higgins said...

Hi Jerelene! I messed with my settings, which are fixed now so I couldn't read any comments! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and be safe on New Years EVE! We are staying home, maybe I will talk huhoney in to seeing a movie tonight while everyone else is out and about! hugs and love....

Charli and me said...

Just stopped by to say I hope your feeling better Jerelene ♥

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Jerelene...
I miss you mucho!
I hope that all is well with you.
I wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm thinking of you!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hi, Jerelene...You are in my thoughts and prayers...really miss you! Hope you are okay!! Love you, dear friend!!! Janine XO

Kelly said...

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Wanda said...

Just came over to say Hello and hope you are doing well Jerelene!