Loving My Life as Wife, Mother and Grandmother

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break!

We are officially taking a break this week...SPRING BREAK!! With the exception of doing some Math with Sam..we aren't going to be doing school work. I am so ready for a break. I am so grateful for some time to just do some things that I want to do. I've been knitting a dish cloth and I started reading a new book. I've been outside quite a bit too. It has been so nice!! There are a lot of really big and old trees in our neighborhood. We live fairly close to the park so I think we get a lot of really neat birds here. We have a woodpecker too! I put some food out to entice him to come closer to the house. Sam has gotten such a kick out of watching him run around and peck on the trees. He is really cute and such fun to watch!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


It was a very slow week for us here as far as schoolwork. It's been wierd with my husband working a 2nd job. I'm not use to him being gone all night long so, I've not been sleeping well. Needless to say the lack of sleep is starting to take a toll on me as well. All the caffeine in the world just hasn't been helping either. I've had several with belly-aches this week too. I think that next week we may go to the library some. We haven't been there in a while. I LOVE our local library. They are so nice!! It's one of my favorite places to go. This picture is of Sarah with what I think might be Franklin? A change of scenery may be good for us all.

I've seriously been thinking about going back to doing some ACE curriculum next yr. It was very user friendly and also very convenient. If we wanted to go somewhere..they just picked up the workbooks and we went. Now I feel like I'm having to carry a library with me :) I feel like I've been spending so much time on putting things together and grading too. Especially with the oldest. She will be a senior next year and so I am doing a lot of pretty difficult lessons with her. I have to say I really like the switched on schoolhouse that they are using for Math. It grades and keeps all the scores for me. It does everything!! I find it to be very convenient.

It's been so nice and warm here..The first official day of spring is March 20th....I want it to be tomorrow!! Here'e a poem I found...it is written by Esther Kem Thomas. I just love her work..
Oh, give me some ground when Spring comes round, A spot where I may dig-- A two by four, or maybe more, The plot need not be big! The urge may come most any time, Possess me without warning, At busy noon, the evening lull, Or even early morning; The smell of earth, the sound of birds, The sun warm on my back, Or just the very feel of things Brings on this "soil attack;" Please let me kneel, when Spring comes round, And with bare hands work in the ground For in this touch with humble things I find release, my cares take wings, And, deep inside, I bless the ground When Spring comes round!