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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another day in the kitchen....

Well..today proved to be another extremely busy day for me. Here's my tally for the day.
I froze 2 gallons of green beans.
I Baked another 6 loaves of zuchinni bread. I'm freezing them :)
And I canned zuchinni relish...courtesy of Rebecca at Renaissance.
I apologize for my lack of luster tonight...by I am just tuckered out...
I'm also trying to get stuff together to can some pickles and hopefully the salsa...SOON
These are just some of what caused my hands to ache. Some of them are for bread and some to make some more lasagna with. I also did some more to make the relish with..
Which lead to lots of this.....

And then this...which is very yummy :) My snowman mug full of coffee has been my constant companion as of lately.. He keeps me going!

And these are what the relish looks like...
Mark was kind enough to help me with some of it tonight...I think he sensed I was getting tired :)
Well, that's all for tonight...I'll try to stop by and say hello to everyone tomorrow...I am literally shutting the computer down and heading to bed. I had promised pictures...I don't think they're terribly fantastic..but I have to say the bread is delicious and the relish smells like it is going to be wonderful...I think it would be yummy on beans and cornbread!
I'm off to Neverland....hopefully with sweet dreams!! See you guys tomorrow!!
With Love, Jerelene

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Wednesday

Hello Everyone!! I just wasn't able to get on yesterday...too much going on in the kitchen :)
I hand grated 5 gallons or more of our zuchinni plus I chopped up a couple of gallons of cucumbers. I made 4 loaves of zuchinni bread too. I am hoping to make salsa with the tomatoes now that they are coming on so well. I got out my canning stuff last night and started getting things together. I'm wanting to try Rebecca at Renaissance's recipe for zuchinni relish. If I get it all going I will definately post pictures.
By the way...I'm at the library while Sam is playing with Gunner. I felt like I just had to get out of the house a little bit. That and my hand's are so sore...I am not kidding either. I don't have a food processor so I used my Mom's old metal graters. I feel like I was hanging on to a rope off a cliff for dear life for hours..literally :)
Here's my feeble attempt at a poem for today....
Zuchinni Bread..
My poor hands are sore,
Oh my, what a chore..
All the grating & chopping,
Has been keeping me hopping!
I guess it was fun,
But for today..I am done..
Wish you could come,
I'd love to share some!
Ok...I know...It was pretty sad....but I did try!! I do wish you were all here and could have some..It was my Grandma's recipe..and all four loaves turned out great! I'll be making more later..I just couldn't do any more last night. I didn't get in bed 'til 3 this morning...
I promise I'll post some pics of the bread later (I'm at the library..remember? :)
But for now..I'll show you some pictures that I already had saved...
This is my windmill with blue morning glories growing all over it...It just hasn't bloomed yet...I can't wait! They are one of my very favorites!!
My Surprise Lilies...My Aunt told me that some people call these pretties Naked Ladies...I think Surprise Lily sounds better...so I'm going with that. There are actually a lot more of them now. This picture was from a couple of days ago. It's been raining here today..(I love that...we don't have to water the garden then:)
This, I was told is Old-time Clematis...it's growing all over my clothes-line. It still hasn't bloomed. I think I might see some little tiny blooms on it...I was told it blooms pretty white flowers every summer...I guess it's just making me wait...It'll be a surprise that way!!
This is the Cannas growing under my bedroom window. They have been very slow growing...I guess we should have put them in the garden...Everything out there seems to growing wonderfully! I love my little wind chimes...when I'm laying in bed I can here them...And yes, that's a cow...Isn't she sweet? She looks like she's smiling too!
I don't quite know what to say about this one...Except...Mickey get's really excited when Sarah comes home...(she's his favorite...technically he was a present to her..and I think he know's it!)
The picture kind of says it all don't you think?
This is the not-so happy..."Someone please let me in out of this extremely hot, mosquito infested fence...I want to get in so I can give kisses and eat out of the help yourself buffet in the kitchen...better known to the humans as a trash can I think"....

I better go for now....I'm just hoping someone at home has been nice enough to fix supper for me...We can dream can't we?

With Love to All, Jerelene

P.S. I will try to post something about pen-paling as quickly as I can...So far I think we have..

Marcy, Eileen, Diana (I think,)Lori (from Morning Glories and Moonflowers) and Jackie...and myself of course :) I would like to make sure and send Tamara something from us too! I know my friend Fiona (from ~There's More to This Life~, she's from South Africa!) said she would pen-pal with me, but I don't know yet if she wants to with the rest of us. I'm waiting to hear back from her. I need to figure out some way of us picking names and exchanging friends...Maybe the first week of the month...Everyone picks someone for the month...then the next month we all switch...HELP...I desperately need some suggestions :) Talk to you all soon!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A busy Monday!

It's been a busy day here for me...I've been grating zuchinni, freezing green beans and tomatoes. In between all that..trying to check my e-mails, put some more of Sam's notebooks for school together, go through a new (huge) homeschool catalog that came in the mail today. And, put ingredients together to hopefully make my Grandma's recipe for zuchinni bread this evening.
I didn't sleep well last night...I read Wendy at Pink Slippers post about little Stellan and just couldn't quit thinking about him..all my sweet friends here in the village...you need to pray for his little boy.....click here Stellan to visit his Mother's blog....I know you will!! Thank you Wendy for bringing this to everyone's attention....you are a sweetie!
The girls took Sam to the pool. It was nice, hot and humid here today...perfect combination for swimming. I just hope the sunscreen did it's job!
Sweet Marcy at Blessings Each Day has posted about a pen-pal exchange for me!! If you think you might be interested check out her post AND e-mail me :)
She also filled us all in on the fact that there are miniature cows...And WOW...I didn't know that!
It is a humorous and informative post so please check it out! I just had to look on-line and see what these little guys look like... Like this....

Aren't they adorable? Yes, they are...but I don't want one in the house :) These little cuties live at the Memphis Zoo...as cute as they are...this guy is cute too...Sam just loved this when my friend sent me this.....PLEASE check this video out!! It's worth it...Patches the horse...
My dad came up yesterday and helped Mark out in the garden. They picked green beans and tomatoes. Dad is such a big help...We just LOVE him! But first....pumpkin patch update!! This pictures makes it look much longer than it is....

But doesn't do justice to how REALLY BIG this guy is!! There's at least 3 pretty good sized ones now...and lot's of babies... There's also 2 watermelon and yes...I'm getting excited about that :)
Here's Mark picking tomatoes...that and trying not to be eaten alive by the skeeters...which reminds me...The off personal fan really does work...its been my companion to the clothesline and the garden...no smell...just a little fan that runs. It didn't keep the little gnats away but as far as the mosquitos I give it a 10!!
And yes..the tomatoes are this thick...they've grown all out of the cages and are everywhere...I just can't wait for the Romas to be ripe....I'm saving those little babies for salsa..yum, yum!!

I thought this was a pretty picture as Dad and Mark were picking...I was taking pics..:)

And here's my Dad...I told him that some of you want to adopt him and that he needed to pose for a pic so you could see what he looks like!! He actually grew up on a farm..and is a retired pipefitter/plumber...He's really a sweetie though...one of his friends that live up here by me...lost both of his legs to diabetes. My Dad drives up every week and gets him and takes him out for breakfast. He's a good guy...Oh yeah...he likes to work on lawn mowers in his spare time... I'll finish this up with pictures from the local pool....starring ****Elizabeth,****Sarah,***&**Sam****(mostly Sam..) He had a great time... Don't the girls look excited while watching their little brother? I actually think they're hot...

Sam and Elizabeth in her new vintage looking swimsuit..

Sam looking handsome like a merman :)

Sam playing Marco Polo....

Another pic of Sam the merman...

And lastly what happens when you go swimming and then come home, take a bath and have a snack?........ You go crawl up in Mom's bed with both your bestest friends and take a nap!
Sam's medicine has still been making him really sleepy....his head jerking tic is better...the vocal tics have let up some..but a few days ago he started one up again where he jumps up and down and sometimes trips and even falls down....He's still improved though compared to how he was...I'm just glad his head jerking has let up...it was terribly painful for him...
One last thing...Mark's interview is tomorrow at 12:40....Please pray :)
That's all for today.....
With Love, Jerelene

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Pics..

The oldest one here (Sarah) decided to take the youngest one (Sam) to get this little guy.......
Introducing.....Swimmy, the Betta fish.....
Sarah took Sam on a little outing to the Petsmart store to get a fish...Swimmy is a Crowntail Betta. I think they did a good job of picking a pretty one..he likes to hide though..It was incredibly hard to get this little guys pictures. He is living in the blue room (Sam's room.)
I think he likes it there...so far so good...We don't have a lot of luck keeping the fish alive..Although Sarah had a Betta that lived for 2 yrs. Anyway...say Hello to Swimmy!

My new pitcher I got (brand new) at the local flea market for 2.99. I just LOVE it!

And here's what we had for supper last night!! Peaches and Cream corn...The deer didn't get it!!! Yeah :) It was delicious..and today I'll be freezing some too! Wish all the villagers were here to have some with me!
Oh yes...last night I took Sam to see G-force. It's the movie about FBI agent guinea pigs. (Special agents...) In 3-D...It was really, really cute...Sam had a good time. We stopped by for a Frosty from Wendy's and it was the perfect ending to a great evening!!
We gather simple
pleasures like daisies
by the way.
~Louisa May Alcott~

Friday, July 24, 2009

A prayer of Thankfulness!!

Just a quick note to all my lovely and sweet friends...about half an hour ago the school corporation called to let us know that Mark has an interview on TUESDAY!!
Thank you all my guardian angels out there for all your prayers!!! And thanks be to God for helping Mark get this interview!! YEAH!! :) :) :) :) :)

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday to everyone!! I'm up and feeling pretty hopeful for a wonderful day..maybe..Except for the fact that my dryer quit on me...Bad, bad dryer..How could he quit on me? He knew I really needed him..especially with Mark being sick. Well, no worries, my Dad is on his way up with a new belt to hopefully fix Mr. Dryer. That and Dad is going to hopefully help me pick some green beans and maybe look up on the roof to see where the lovely leak that we had the other night is coming from. Maybe my sweet dad will even fix it for me? Wouldn't that be nice? In the meantime..I get to go out and hang up about 3 loads of clothes on the line..UGH!! I'm having a yummy cup of coffee and some cinnamon swirl raisin bread while posting here..in hopes that I'll have the energy to carry the basket out to the line :) That and make it back to the house after hanging them all! Also, the mosquitoes have decided that they want to eat me alive! So, last night I made a trip to our lovely local Wal-mart to get one of the new OFF clip on mosquito repellent fans. I'll spray my dad with regular off and I'll let you know which one of us comes out the winner!
Here are my Friday Favorites..the first is my lovely elephant collection. My Mom gave me the big green one and my daughter made the black one for me. It actually holds a little tea-lite candle. Aren't they all sweet? Especially the big one...

Next is my coffee mug collection..I always have one of these in use..My favorite is my snowman mug...he gets used all the time...like right now!!

OK...I confess...I don't have a real, live, elephant....It was my feeble, VERY feeble attempt at a Friday Funny!! That is a picture of Bunny..who used to live at the zoo in Evansville, which is the closest big city to me. She was moved to an animal sanctuary because she was alone...she died not that long ago...some of you might remember my post about her..
Well, off I go to battle large laundry baskets and mosquitoes..I can't imagine what purpose mosquitoes have in this world...I can't wait to ask God about that..I know some animals and birds eat them...but...geez...they're horrible!! I think it must have been a result of sin...along with fleas..flies...gnats...spiders...and any other horrible bug I haven't mentioned..
I'll try my best to visit everyone later today!!
By the way...I went with Sam to the library yesterday and watched the new movie "Coraline." It was a little scary, but had a wonderful message to it...to always be happy with what you have and that even though things look greener on the other side...that doesn't mean that they are...I LOVED it!!! This afternoon, at the library, they are decorating little treasure boxes..so I'll be there again today for a little while (If I make it back from the clothesline!)
With Much Love to All My Dear Bloggy Friends, Jerelene

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sweet Presents from Marcy :)

I've not been on since the night before last...I did a little makeover with the blog. I'm not sure if I'm loving it or not..I think I'll keep it though..(Marcy, I changed my little name siggy to the one with Loving my Life..just for you!!)
Mark has been sick with the stomach bug..and I've either not got over my cold or I kind of took it over again..I'm feeling a little better today. I received the sweetest surprises yesterday when the mail lady delivered 2 boxes to my door. They were from Marcy!! She is just the sweetest friend ever...I feel bad that I didn't get on the computer yesterday to thank her..but..I'm trying to make up for it today!! :)
The first picture is the stuff she sent to me!
A sweet smelling reed dispenser..angel earrings (adorable!) A funny book...which I LOVE!! A vellum quote pack and a WWJD keychain..I especially love it too..now whenever I go somewhere I always think of Marcy! Oh yes, a really lovely Psalms 23 bookmark too! Now, this was the stuff that was for me....but she also sent stuff for Teddy and Mickey and Sam too!!
The doggies each got a chewy bone...and Sam got a metal puzzle set and an adorable bathroom optical illusions book...Sam really loved the gifts and so did the dogs..especially Mickey. He wouldn't even go out to the bathroom without his bone yesterday..
Thanks so much Marcy...your kindness and thoughtfulness mean so much to me!!! (Thanks for being an angel in the village! :) With Love, Jerelene
Life is sweet because of the
friends we have made
And the things which in common we share;
We want to live on, not because
of ourselves,
But because of the ones who
would care.
It's living and doing for
somebody else
On that all of life's splendor
And the joy of it all, when we
count it all up,
Is found in the making of friends.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Prayer Request and Recipes...

Hi everyone!! It was so nice to have heard from so many of you when I got on the computer today!! Thanks to all of you for your very sweet comments!!

I'm going to share the recipe that my friend sent me to make the Greek-cucumber salad..I just eye-balled the ingredients and just kind of did my own thing..I just used vidalia onion that I already had and I just used Italian dressing, which is what my friend did too..I do think the red onion would probably be better though...(and yes Marcy, it is VERY good!)

Here is the recipe for Easy Greek Tomato and Cucumber Salad: 2 cups chopped cucumber (about 1 large), 2 medium tomatoes, cut into chunks, 1/2 cup coarsely chopped green peppers, 1/2 cup thinly sliced red onions, 1/2 cup Athenos Traditional Crumbled Feta Cheese, 1/4 cup Kraft Greek Vinaigrette Dressing, 1/2 tsp. grated lemon peel. Toss all ingredients. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Makes 4 servings. You can let all the flavors blend by making in advance. Just cover and refrigerate up to 24 hours before serving. I have not ever measured the ingredients. I just chop up the vegetables until it looks right and then add as much cheese as I like and because I have made it for so many adults, I doubled the amount of dressing. Also, I do not have lemon peel, so I just splash a little lemon juice in the mix and it seems to work. ( I didn't use the lemon juice and it was still DELICIOUS!) Enjoy!!

The zuchinni lasagna I don't really have a recipe. My Mom always made this with the zuchinni from their garden. Depending on how big a pan you want to use...you just slice and boil the zuchinni. If you like bell peppers or onion, you could boil that with it..(My kids don't like that so I don't) Then when the zuchinni is boiled tender..just drain it..I kind of lay mine out on a cookie sheet and dab with paper towels to help absorb more of the liquid. Then, I take the zuchinni and put a layer in the bottom of the pan..then spread some sauce (whatever you like) in a layer over the zuchinni, then cover with a layer of shredded pizza cheese....then repeat. The zuchinni tends to have juices in the bottom no matter what you do..so I use a big slotted spoon to lift it out..It's still absolutely delicious though..Just kind of add the stuff that you like. I just use Prego sauce or sometimes even Ragu. I guess you could add meat or mushroom, I just never have. I think it's nice to not have meat every meal. If you try it, I'd love to hear if you liked it! If you like zuchinni..you will definately like it. :)

My husband Mark, has been subbing for our local school district for their maintenance, janitorial department since January. He is a brick mason and the work over the last yr. has been extremely slow. A lot of his friends that are brick masons are all having a hard time too. There just hasn't been much work at all. With times being tough, people just aren't wanting to do anything. Mark has been hoping to be called for at least part-time or full-time employment through the school system. They had quite a few people retire and opened a new jr. high which opened up some job opportunities. Please, please if you wouldn't mind..keep my husband's employment in your prayers. It would be such a blessing to our family if he could get on..at this point I would take part-time..they said if he at least gets hired part-time..then when some others retire, he would be first in line to get the opening. Mark is such a good guy..but he has had his share of disappointments when it comes to getting a different job. He's always worked for himself, but he really wants a career change at this point. Please pray that this will open up an opportunity for him...

I thought I would share some of the pretty flowers in my flower bed....I'm not sure what these blue ones are called..I know they're a perennial..(I kept the tag..but I didn't go back out and look at the name :) They are really pretty!
These are portucula..(I think) I think eveyone calls them rose moss (or maybe it's moss rose :)
Sam and I grew these from seed..so we were extremely happy to see them bloom..they are a favorite of mine..
Yes, I love pansies too! I got these little Mr. & Mrs. froggies at our local dollar store. He's a little gardener and she's a little shopper. You can't see very clearly...but she has a red purse, red heels and is holding a little credit card...I just couldn't help myself! The last time I was in there...I told myself if they were still there when I came back...then I would get them..So, here they are!!
They make me smile!! The little man one reminds me of Mark...hard at work in the garden :

Beauty lies in
quiet things
And they are everywhere,
But we may fail to find them
Unless we pause for prayer.
~June Masters Bacher~
Quiet Moments for Women
Have a great day today!!! With Love, Jerelene

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I thought I'd show everyone a peek of what my table has looked like the last several days..

Which leads to this......(and yes Eileen, that is your pretty pink present on my table..I sit and look at them while I'm working :) They make me smile!

Which then turns into this....Greek Cucumber and Tomato Salad. My sweet friend Kim sent me the recipe. I made it this evening and it was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

And this...Zuchinni Lasagna...
And this..was homemade coleslaw with cabbage from our garden...it was Very good!

Just for fun I thought I'd show a picture of the wall above my table....(you guys know I LOVE cows :)
So while trying to eat all these yummy delicious dishes, this is what is standing next to me with his little feet on my knee...

He's just SO cute...it's hard to get upset....He loves veggies and will eat just about anything you give him. The only thing I've found that he won't eat, is raisins...he licks them up and then spits them right back out :)

I wish you were all here...I would make a big picture of sweet tea and we could all chow down together !! For dessert we could have some orange sherbert...or we could go out back to the firepit by the garden and make s'mores. (that's what we did with Sam last night) They are so yummy!! We could tell stories and stuff our faces with chocolate and marshmallows!!

To close I'm going to show you the hydrangeas I picked this evening to put by the sink..(it makes doing dishes a little less painful.) Also, a picture of the sky here this evening in Southern Indiana...it was beautiful!!! Love and Hugs to Everyone!! Jerelene

We are usually so

busily longing for things

we can't have that we

overlook what we have

in their place that is

even more worthwhile.

~Laura Ingalls Wilder~

The better part of one's life

consists of his friendships.

~Abraham Lincoln~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Pretty Posie Present!!

After my visit to the garden, I went out to visit my mailbox...and guess what? There was a present for ME!!! It was from my sweet friend Lori at Morning Glories and Moonflowers!

She sent me this beautiful posie pin that she made HERSELF!! I am not at all crafty..the only thing I'm good at making is a mess....so, this is just amazing!! I just LOVE it Lori!!! She also sent the prettiest, sweetest card ever! I am so lucky to have such wonderful and sweet bloggy friends....I appreciate this so much! You should visit her page...she also makes the most beautiful jewelry :) She is very talented and extremely sweet...I am lucky to have her as a friend! THANK YOU LORI...
Having you for a friend
Is like walking through
A field of wildflowers
And not wanting to pick any.
Just knowing that you're there
Makes a boquet within my heart.
~Ashely Warner~

Friday evening at the 4-H and Saturday morning visit to the garden

We went back to the fair last night with Sam. He wanted to visit the animals and they had a cowboy rodeo that we went too. Tonight is the demolition derby so, if I'm up to it I'm going to take Sam. I actually forgot to take pictures when we were in the horse barn. I guess we were so busy petting and talking to them that I totally forgot. (I like the horse too!) I was the worst out of our family about petting and baby talking them. I just can't help myself..they are just so pretty!
This guy looked pretty majestic! This one looked like Phyliss Dyler (I'm sure that I mispelled that ;)
I just love her! I want one!! Her eyes and her fur..she is just beautiful..(Yeah, I LOVE cows!)

These guys...remind me of a little dog that I know! :)
Sam loves the goats..the gray one reached through and tried to bite Sam on the butt!

There are actually 2 pigs in this pic...they were fighting and squealing over the food bowl..kinda like the kids at my house when we order pizza (LOL)
This guy wasn't moving...at all...he was crashed!! Not dead..just napping :)

I think I heard him saying something that sounded like Aflack to Sam? Wierd huh?
All I can say is Yum, Yum, Yum....
Now...some pictures from my garden this morning...It was nice out there other than the pesky mosquitoes..I tried to catch a picture of a beautiful dragonfly, but it moved too fast for me! The bumblebees were busy eating out of all the buds too! The corn should be ready any day..Mark pulled an ear off yesterday to look at it..not quite ready...but almost!! It really is THAT tall..Mark wouldn't model for me..Sarah was the only one I could grab!!

The gate next to the garden that goes into the neighbors yard..the train goes through on the other side of their yard. I can watch it go by out my bedroom window...it's loud..but it doesn't bother us. I guess we're used to it. My boys collect trains...they have the one in the pic :)
I love pansies..I have pots all over the place..these are sitting next to where we go in and out of the back door

This is the pot of Diamond Dust from my Aunt Audrey...well, it's been transplanted into an old tire pot..but it is VERY pretty..it's out by the garden next to our table and chairs.
Eggplant...we enjoyed some of these a couple of nights ago..I'll be picking this one soon...very soon!!!
Bell peppers....sorry it's blurry..I was trying to pull the leaves back AND take the pic :)

A little watermelon...isn't he cute?a view from one end looking toward the other...

Sam's pumpkin..it's the size of a beach ball now!! He's got quite a few others, but this is the biggest!
Sorry for so many pics, I guess I got carried away....but the garden IS an exciting place :)
It is not how much we have,
but how much we enjoy it
that makes for happiness.