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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another day in the kitchen....

Well..today proved to be another extremely busy day for me. Here's my tally for the day.
I froze 2 gallons of green beans.
I Baked another 6 loaves of zuchinni bread. I'm freezing them :)
And I canned zuchinni relish...courtesy of Rebecca at Renaissance.
I apologize for my lack of luster tonight...by I am just tuckered out...
I'm also trying to get stuff together to can some pickles and hopefully the salsa...SOON
These are just some of what caused my hands to ache. Some of them are for bread and some to make some more lasagna with. I also did some more to make the relish with..
Which lead to lots of this.....

And then this...which is very yummy :) My snowman mug full of coffee has been my constant companion as of lately.. He keeps me going!

And these are what the relish looks like...
Mark was kind enough to help me with some of it tonight...I think he sensed I was getting tired :)
Well, that's all for tonight...I'll try to stop by and say hello to everyone tomorrow...I am literally shutting the computer down and heading to bed. I had promised pictures...I don't think they're terribly fantastic..but I have to say the bread is delicious and the relish smells like it is going to be wonderful...I think it would be yummy on beans and cornbread!
I'm off to Neverland....hopefully with sweet dreams!! See you guys tomorrow!!
With Love, Jerelene


mysteryhistorymom said...

You are such a busy little beaver! I wish I knew how to can, Sweets. Can I come over and learn sometime? It is such a mystery to me... I am soooo impressed with your handiwork!

I received the sweetest card today- from you! Thank you so much, dear friend. You made my day!:) Lori

Eileen said...

It makes me tired just reading about all you do!
You're a wonderful HOME maker, Jerelene! And that's really sweet of your husband to pitch in, you seem like a great team!

And everything looks wonderful! Wish I could share some it all (your workload and your results!).
Get some rest! You deserve it.
Love you,

Jackie said...

You just have to be the absolutel best cook and homemaker in the world. You work all the time....and I feel like such a slug after I've read all you've done....but not too tired to join you for supper! :)))
Love and smiles,

Diana said...

I want to know where you get your energy, is it the coffee? Or the snowman mug? The snowman mug mad me smile Jerelene because I have three or four snowmen in my kitchen all year long! I never put them away. I love snowmen.

Linda Higgins said...

PHEW! just made me tired reading this! And I thought I did good putting up a measly 14 pints of apple pie filling! LOL, the relish looks wonderful! Is is a sweet relish? Cornbread is my hubby's all time favorite that and banana bread and zuchinni bread. YOU are AMAZING! But then, you are 20 years younger than me too! lol

Jackie said...

Hi Jerelene...I am up a little late this evening....night owl that I tend to be, and I wanted to say hello to you. I hope that you have had a good beginning of the week. I send you a big smile...