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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sweet Presents from Marcy :)

I've not been on since the night before last...I did a little makeover with the blog. I'm not sure if I'm loving it or not..I think I'll keep it though..(Marcy, I changed my little name siggy to the one with Loving my Life..just for you!!)
Mark has been sick with the stomach bug..and I've either not got over my cold or I kind of took it over again..I'm feeling a little better today. I received the sweetest surprises yesterday when the mail lady delivered 2 boxes to my door. They were from Marcy!! She is just the sweetest friend ever...I feel bad that I didn't get on the computer yesterday to thank her..but..I'm trying to make up for it today!! :)
The first picture is the stuff she sent to me!
A sweet smelling reed dispenser..angel earrings (adorable!) A funny book...which I LOVE!! A vellum quote pack and a WWJD keychain..I especially love it too..now whenever I go somewhere I always think of Marcy! Oh yes, a really lovely Psalms 23 bookmark too! Now, this was the stuff that was for me....but she also sent stuff for Teddy and Mickey and Sam too!!
The doggies each got a chewy bone...and Sam got a metal puzzle set and an adorable bathroom optical illusions book...Sam really loved the gifts and so did the dogs..especially Mickey. He wouldn't even go out to the bathroom without his bone yesterday..
Thanks so much Marcy...your kindness and thoughtfulness mean so much to me!!! (Thanks for being an angel in the village! :) With Love, Jerelene
Life is sweet because of the
friends we have made
And the things which in common we share;
We want to live on, not because
of ourselves,
But because of the ones who
would care.
It's living and doing for
somebody else
On that all of life's splendor
And the joy of it all, when we
count it all up,
Is found in the making of friends.


mysteryhistorymom said...

What wonderful surprises! Marcy is one fantastic and thoughtful friend!:) I'm so happy for you, dear friend!:) You are so deserving... LOri

Eileen said...

I am loving the new look, Jerelene! It's so happy!

And, isn't Marcy just the BEST?! 'Love her lots too!
I really liked that poem so much too, Jerelene.
Feel better, sweetie!
And I'm keeping your family in my prayers.
Love you, Eileen

Diana said...

I think I mentioned yesterday that I love your new look Jerelene, but alas my mind is old and feeble and I may have forgotten. But it is very, very nice!
Marcy is a wonderful friend and I am glad that her gift cheered you up. You are always in my prayers Jerelene!

Charli and me said...

Good evening Jerelene, I'm just lovin your new blog make over. It's beautiful ♥ Congratulations on all of you lovely gifts. Marcy is the best isn't she. I hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Linda Higgins said...

yes this is a wonderful face lift for your blog! Marcy is the village angel! It is so wonderful to have friends that are so easy to love isn't it?!

Wanda said...

Hi Jerelene...Isn't it so thoughtful of Marcy to include things for your loved ones too!

You really have changed things here...sprucing up the village!
Take care!

Lauren said...

Aren't unexpected gifts the absolute best? I just love, love, love it when our UPS man pulls in (actually comes to a screeching halt) just to deliver some goodies :)

Your friend really does sound like an angel. What sweet thoughts!

Blessings each day said...

Golly, gee willikers, Jerelene, I feel like that Goofy (act like him a lot of times too)character when he would get embarassed in cartoons.

YOU are such a wonderful person and bring so much love and joy and kindness in this world. If I was Bill Gates, THEN I could have REALLY surprised you...actually Michael would be even MORE surprised to find out he married a man...although with all that money, he would probably make it just a friendship marriage and stay married!

So happy to see you happy and hopefully ALL WELL!!

blessings with lots of hugs,


Jerelene said...

Marcy..you crack me up!! Yeah, I think Michael would have definately been a little suprised!! A lot actually :) If we were all Bill Gates then we could just fly around all week and visit each other and wouldn't even need to blog anymore..I would sort of miss that..but, It would be cool to meet everyone in the village now wouldn't it?
Love, Jerelene