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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Wednesday

Hello Everyone!! I just wasn't able to get on yesterday...too much going on in the kitchen :)
I hand grated 5 gallons or more of our zuchinni plus I chopped up a couple of gallons of cucumbers. I made 4 loaves of zuchinni bread too. I am hoping to make salsa with the tomatoes now that they are coming on so well. I got out my canning stuff last night and started getting things together. I'm wanting to try Rebecca at Renaissance's recipe for zuchinni relish. If I get it all going I will definately post pictures.
By the way...I'm at the library while Sam is playing with Gunner. I felt like I just had to get out of the house a little bit. That and my hand's are so sore...I am not kidding either. I don't have a food processor so I used my Mom's old metal graters. I feel like I was hanging on to a rope off a cliff for dear life for hours..literally :)
Here's my feeble attempt at a poem for today....
Zuchinni Bread..
My poor hands are sore,
Oh my, what a chore..
All the grating & chopping,
Has been keeping me hopping!
I guess it was fun,
But for today..I am done..
Wish you could come,
I'd love to share some!
Ok...I know...It was pretty sad....but I did try!! I do wish you were all here and could have some..It was my Grandma's recipe..and all four loaves turned out great! I'll be making more later..I just couldn't do any more last night. I didn't get in bed 'til 3 this morning...
I promise I'll post some pics of the bread later (I'm at the library..remember? :)
But for now..I'll show you some pictures that I already had saved...
This is my windmill with blue morning glories growing all over it...It just hasn't bloomed yet...I can't wait! They are one of my very favorites!!
My Surprise Lilies...My Aunt told me that some people call these pretties Naked Ladies...I think Surprise Lily sounds better...so I'm going with that. There are actually a lot more of them now. This picture was from a couple of days ago. It's been raining here today..(I love that...we don't have to water the garden then:)
This, I was told is Old-time Clematis...it's growing all over my clothes-line. It still hasn't bloomed. I think I might see some little tiny blooms on it...I was told it blooms pretty white flowers every summer...I guess it's just making me wait...It'll be a surprise that way!!
This is the Cannas growing under my bedroom window. They have been very slow growing...I guess we should have put them in the garden...Everything out there seems to growing wonderfully! I love my little wind chimes...when I'm laying in bed I can here them...And yes, that's a cow...Isn't she sweet? She looks like she's smiling too!
I don't quite know what to say about this one...Except...Mickey get's really excited when Sarah comes home...(she's his favorite...technically he was a present to her..and I think he know's it!)
The picture kind of says it all don't you think?
This is the not-so happy..."Someone please let me in out of this extremely hot, mosquito infested fence...I want to get in so I can give kisses and eat out of the help yourself buffet in the kitchen...better known to the humans as a trash can I think"....

I better go for now....I'm just hoping someone at home has been nice enough to fix supper for me...We can dream can't we?

With Love to All, Jerelene

P.S. I will try to post something about pen-paling as quickly as I can...So far I think we have..

Marcy, Eileen, Diana (I think,)Lori (from Morning Glories and Moonflowers) and Jackie...and myself of course :) I would like to make sure and send Tamara something from us too! I know my friend Fiona (from ~There's More to This Life~, she's from South Africa!) said she would pen-pal with me, but I don't know yet if she wants to with the rest of us. I'm waiting to hear back from her. I need to figure out some way of us picking names and exchanging friends...Maybe the first week of the month...Everyone picks someone for the month...then the next month we all switch...HELP...I desperately need some suggestions :) Talk to you all soon!


Eileen said...

I loved your poem, Jerelene! I thought it was great!
And, boy, have you been busy, poor thing!
I think it might hurt worse even tomorrow, especially if you try to do the same thing again, the poor muscles in your hands overdid it! But I'm sure you'll be happy with the results of your efforts.

Thanks for taking us on a little tour of your garden, I like all your flowers, and I like your windmill very much and it's going to be beautiful once the morning glories bloom!

Mickey really is the cutest little thing too!

I wish I could help with the pen-pal, but I'm so bad trying to figure things like that out. I should ask Ray, he's a computer programmer, so he ought to be able to program this for us!

Nice post, Jerelene, I enjoyed it and I can't wait to see more pictures!
Love you,
PS I didn't email you my address because you already have it anyway!

Blessings each day said...

How about just writing everyone's name down and drawing two to write to each other, then two more etc. You tell us who has who and then e-mail their address to us. How's that sound?

Any word on Mark's interview?? Have been praying about that one!

You have really gotten alot done, girlfriend...what a busy bee. Canning is so much work that I try to only freeze everything.

Loved the tour of your garden and that cute cow chime!

blessings and hugs,


Jerelene said...

I forgot to tell everyone...Mark will know Monday night after the school board meeting...they call no matter what to let you know their decision... so, please keep praying...
Mary, that sounds good...
shall we keep it to once a month and everyone just have one person? Except, I and anyone that wanted to..could maybe try to send one to Tamara? Marcy, Do you know her address?

Jerelene said...

Good Grief...I mean Marcy....Sorry...well that gave me a really good laugh..
I'm sorry Marcy...I think I'm slaphappy!

Jackie said...

Jerelene....I had to smile!!! Thank you for a great BIG smile...love your blog, your photos, your recipes...and YES the photo does say it all between Mickey and and Sarah. I wish Jack (husband) would greet me like that when I get home! :)))
Love and hugs,

Aly Beth said...

Your dog's coloring is perfect! Too cute!


Linda Higgins said...

Well, just one more thing to put on your plate! thinking about pen-paling! I am exhausted just working and going home and then trying to find time to post or even read blogs, which is a favorite thing to do! If I post once a week, I think I am doing good!

Wanda said...

Jerelene...I thought about making 4 loaves of zucchini bread like you today, but stopped after grating only 2 cups...settled for just 2 loaves :)