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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordful Wednesday


I love you more

than the big blue sky.

To say that I don't,

would be a big lie.

Your sweet pale skin

as soft as cotton,

your big blue eyes

could never, ever be forgotten.

Your cute little freckles

that go for a mile,

seem to me

to decorate, your lovely smile.

My sweet little boy

the tics make you shy,

others can't get past that,

and I can't understand why?

I love you so much

you will always be mine,

your loving, kind nature

through "Jesus" will shine.

In my heart, I know..

that someday they'll see,

what a wonderful "present"

that God gave to me.
For anyone that would be reading and doesn't know..my youngest son Sam suffers from pretty severe Tourettes syndrome. He goes to see a new pediatric neurologist on friday. His tics have been very severe the last month or so..so it seemed yesterday that was all I could think of when trying to write.
With Love, Jerelene


Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
I will say a prayer for you and Sam and the new neurologist! Maybe the new doctor will be able to help Sam more. Sometimes a new solution does help some. Good luck and keep us informed!

Eileen said...

Very well done, Jerelene. Heartfelt and sincere, open, and honest, the best kind of poem is a heart poem.
And I know this situation has been weighing on your heart.
I hope this doctor has some helpful information/suggestions.
Love and Prayers,

mysteryhistorymom said...

How precious, Jerelene. I will be praying for Sam and his doctor visit... Please let us know what happens, Sweetie. Lori

Word verification was "brave".:)

Jackie said...

What a LOVING poem!!
I hope you have it printed and framed for him...

Blessings each day said...

I love Sam's cute little sideways smile...my son does that too!

You did such a good job with your poem...what a future (and present) loving 'treasure' for Sam! You are such a great mother, Jerelene.

Sometimes there are nutritional or supplemental things that can help our ailments...have you checked out an online search for the tourettes that might benefit Sam?

Our soils and crops have had so many pesticides and artificial stuff added to our foods that it's no wonder that we have so many more health related problems!

Among my other supplements I recently started on alfalfa and have lots more energy, but you do need to read up on these things as there are people out there only to make a buck off of us.

Will continue to pray, of course.

blessings and hugs,


Linda Higgins said...

Jerlene, As a mother I cannot imagine the pain you see in his eyes or the pain in your heart at times. As a grandmother of a 6 year old sweet and innocent as could be our Ryan has Autism. Some people think (when he is having a melt down) that he is a naughty boy and why can't his mother control him or he just needs a good spanking! Little do they know what an autistic child goes through and what the parents and family goes through. His innocence is so pure and he is such a loving child. I just smile and say a prayer when he gets uncontrollable in public so that God will help him through it and that people won't judge us or him. My son at the age of 23 was in a car accident that almost took his life and put him in a comma for 30 days. He suffered with amnesia for 2 months afterwards. He had tramtic brain injury. Although he recovered, he is not the same young man he was before the accident. He was blessed to find a young lady who loved him for who he is today and didn't know him before his accident, but I see a different man, father, and son. My prayers are with you and I pray for your sweet son as well.

Eileen said...

Jerelene, when you get a chance come to my blog to read about another mother and the very beautiful award she created in memory of her son. And I hope you pass this special award on.
Thanks. Love, Eileen

Rebecca said...

Your poem, your love, your dedication to search out the best professional advice, your prayers, your affirmation - all these add up to make Sam a blessed young man. To see him through your eyes is to love him, too.