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Friday, July 10, 2009

My Friday.....

Today has been a LONG day. We left early this morning on a 2 hr. drive to take Sam to see the pediatric neurologist. It went pretty well as I expected. He just told us he had a pretty severe case of Tourettes and suggested another medicine to try. Please keep our family in your prayers as we make the major decision of trying or not trying this medicine. The more meds they try, the worse the side effects get...This one carries a risk of heart troubles....which weighs heavily on mind and heart. With each medicine, I have literally prayed over it for days before trying it. I woke up this morning sick with a summer cold. My head feels like it is in vice grip...literally. It's amazing how a person can be so stuffed up that they can't breathe, and yet their nose can be running non-stop :( When we came in this afternoon, I went in my room and tried to lay down and rest. It helped a little...but now my head is throbbing as I type.....right behind my eyes..

I do want to mention sweet Diana @ Welcome to my World. She lost her sweet cat today..I feel so badly for her!! Diana I am keeping you in my prayers!!!

Eileen was so kind as to pass another award my way..The Warm Hearts Blog Award. It sure is a BEAUTIFUL award!!

Sandy @ beachgirl77 created this beautiful award in memory of her son Jonny. It is a tribute to all the wonderful characteristics that Jonny portrayed. This award should be passed on to 3 amazing followers. All of my followers are amazing!! So..I just feel that it should be passed on to all of you who follow along with me on my journey here in bloggyland :)

The award is given to those who are kind, comforting and benevolent...

God bless ALL of you..please pass on to those deserving........(And Thank You Eileen!)

The Warm Hearts Bog Award
I didn't get to do my Friday Favorites earlier...so I'm going to try now...These beautiful cross-stitched pictures were done by my Aunt Audrey. She is sure gifted!! Her home is full of these beautiful handmade pictures. The 2 cow one is a gift given to me several years ago from her as a just because present...(just because she's so sweet!!) It is actually one of a pair..The other says..STOCK PILE..it has cows all stacked up one on another..The second one didn't load and I'm too tired tonight to mess with it.. These hang in my kitchen along with the rest of my cows... And the one with the blue birds..was a wedding gift...It hangs in my bedroom...

I'll leave you with a silly picture of Sam..The night before last we went out to eat Chinese food. The local restraunt is run by a really sweet lady and her husband. She is extremely nice to me and my family..Sam and Elizabeth decided to take a couple of silly pics of Sam. (I mean no disrespect to anyone who is Buddhist..really I don't,) but this was kind of funny to us..Sam put his hand up and acted like the Buddha had bit him (don't hate me :) Well, I'm off to bed to rest my aching sick head...(Hey!! that rhymed!!) and I wasn't even trying!! Love, Jerelene

Teach us to delight in

simple things,

And mirth that has no

bitter springs;

Forgiveness free of evil


And love to all men

'neath the sun!

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)


Jackie said...

Jerelene....How neat that we were at each other's blogs at the same time!! Great minds!! :-))
I was checking to see if you had received the Warm Heart Award. I knew that you deserved it...and I was going to share it with you. Congratulations receiving it from Eileen. Sandy will be so proud to see that it has been shared with friends that truly care about each other. I truly feel that I have met wonderful friends through blogging. I thank God for that.
Great photo of Sam with Budda's mouth full! I love it!
Have a restful night.
Smiles from Jackie

Eileen said...

I like that picture of Sam so much, he has a wonderful sense of humor!
And I liked all your favorites, really beautiful treasures to keep always.

And I thought of you almost right away with this special award, knowing how you agonize over Sam, and knowing why this award was created by Sandy. It's just such a beautiful 'mother's love' award, and the special connection between mother and son.
I'll be praying for you and Sam and that the right decision will be made.
Isn't it somehow easier to trust in God's Plan when it's your own life and your own health involved, but yet we feel so wary when it's our babies. I know if you could take this burden onto yourself you would. My heart goes out to you.

And I hope you feel better physically soon too. You poor thing.

I really appreciate your sweet comments to me on my blog, you really do have such a sweet nature about you. And I took to heart this prayer at the end of your post, it really speaks to how I'm feeling.
God Bless you and your family, Jerelene.
Love and Prayers,

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene, I hope as I write this that you are starting to feel better. It is a very tough decision with the medications. I have told m doctor no, a few times. I try to take what is only absolutely deemed necessary.But it has to be a much harder decision when it's one of your babies. I will keep praying that you find the right answer Jerelene. And congratulations on your award!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Jerelene- My thoughts are with you today, Sweets. I do hope that you feel better soon. The stress of the doctor appointment is taking it's toll on you.:( I will be praying for the decision that you must make. Oh, the choices we must make as parents! You are such a dear heart and I wish I could be there to bring you some cookies and give you a hug!

Love the picture of Sam! I laughed so hard!:) Lori

Jerelene said...

Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments to me!! I am feeling a little better today!! YEAH!! I have no immune system at all and catch everything..I probably caught something when I was at the hospital with Mom..At least my head doesn't feel like it's in a vice today..I do think I had been really worrying about the trip to the neurologist..that probably didn't help.
It helps me a lot to know that you are all praying for me on my difficult decisions...thank you so much..from my heart!! :)
Love, Jerelene

Charli and me said...

Dear Jerelene, I will pray for your son and your family. I am so sorry you are having these difficulties, My heart goes out to you.