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Monday, July 27, 2009

A busy Monday!

It's been a busy day here for me...I've been grating zuchinni, freezing green beans and tomatoes. In between all that..trying to check my e-mails, put some more of Sam's notebooks for school together, go through a new (huge) homeschool catalog that came in the mail today. And, put ingredients together to hopefully make my Grandma's recipe for zuchinni bread this evening.
I didn't sleep well last night...I read Wendy at Pink Slippers post about little Stellan and just couldn't quit thinking about him..all my sweet friends here in the village...you need to pray for his little boy.....click here Stellan to visit his Mother's blog....I know you will!! Thank you Wendy for bringing this to everyone's attention....you are a sweetie!
The girls took Sam to the pool. It was nice, hot and humid here today...perfect combination for swimming. I just hope the sunscreen did it's job!
Sweet Marcy at Blessings Each Day has posted about a pen-pal exchange for me!! If you think you might be interested check out her post AND e-mail me :)
She also filled us all in on the fact that there are miniature cows...And WOW...I didn't know that!
It is a humorous and informative post so please check it out! I just had to look on-line and see what these little guys look like... Like this....

Aren't they adorable? Yes, they are...but I don't want one in the house :) These little cuties live at the Memphis Zoo...as cute as they are...this guy is cute too...Sam just loved this when my friend sent me this.....PLEASE check this video out!! It's worth it...Patches the horse...
My dad came up yesterday and helped Mark out in the garden. They picked green beans and tomatoes. Dad is such a big help...We just LOVE him! But first....pumpkin patch update!! This pictures makes it look much longer than it is....

But doesn't do justice to how REALLY BIG this guy is!! There's at least 3 pretty good sized ones now...and lot's of babies... There's also 2 watermelon and yes...I'm getting excited about that :)
Here's Mark picking tomatoes...that and trying not to be eaten alive by the skeeters...which reminds me...The off personal fan really does work...its been my companion to the clothesline and the garden...no smell...just a little fan that runs. It didn't keep the little gnats away but as far as the mosquitos I give it a 10!!
And yes..the tomatoes are this thick...they've grown all out of the cages and are everywhere...I just can't wait for the Romas to be ripe....I'm saving those little babies for salsa..yum, yum!!

I thought this was a pretty picture as Dad and Mark were picking...I was taking pics..:)

And here's my Dad...I told him that some of you want to adopt him and that he needed to pose for a pic so you could see what he looks like!! He actually grew up on a farm..and is a retired pipefitter/plumber...He's really a sweetie though...one of his friends that live up here by me...lost both of his legs to diabetes. My Dad drives up every week and gets him and takes him out for breakfast. He's a good guy...Oh yeah...he likes to work on lawn mowers in his spare time... I'll finish this up with pictures from the local pool....starring ****Elizabeth,****Sarah,***&**Sam****(mostly Sam..) He had a great time... Don't the girls look excited while watching their little brother? I actually think they're hot...

Sam and Elizabeth in her new vintage looking swimsuit..

Sam looking handsome like a merman :)

Sam playing Marco Polo....

Another pic of Sam the merman...

And lastly what happens when you go swimming and then come home, take a bath and have a snack?........ You go crawl up in Mom's bed with both your bestest friends and take a nap!
Sam's medicine has still been making him really sleepy....his head jerking tic is better...the vocal tics have let up some..but a few days ago he started one up again where he jumps up and down and sometimes trips and even falls down....He's still improved though compared to how he was...I'm just glad his head jerking has let up...it was terribly painful for him...
One last thing...Mark's interview is tomorrow at 12:40....Please pray :)
That's all for today.....
With Love, Jerelene


Eileen said...

Nice post, Jerelene! I'm loving all the pictures! And your Dad really does look like a sweetheart! What a nice soul. A good father, a good grandfather, and a good neighbor!
And what a bounty your Dad and your husband picked!
And those pumpkins! Wow!

Nice of the girls to take Sam to the pool, and I love Elizabeth's swimsuit! The color is perfect too!
Great pool pictures of Sam!
Poor kid must have been worn out though. I'm glad to hear that his new medicine is working. I'll keep him in my prayers, and also your husband too.
Best of luck tomorrow!

I'm on my way to the link you provided now.

Thanks for taking the time out to share your busy day with us, Jerelene.
Love and Prayers,

Jackie said...

Hi Jerelene...
I've been thinking all day about Mark's interview tomorrow. I was wishing that it was Tuesday already..!!!! He's been in my prayers every day since you told us about the upcoming interview.
I tell you what, girl...I need to put my feet under your table. With all those good veggies...uhmmmm...that has to be some good cookin'
I can't wait to hear about the interview. Tell Mark that he has prayers surrounding him.....
Love and smiles from Jackie

Blessings each day said...

Praying, praying praying for Mark's interview tomorrow. It was my prayer group and church night anyway so alot of praying got done already.

Also started praying for that little guy earlier as i saw the message on another website.

Your veggies look awesome and I do so love to make home made pumpkin pies, but have never done it from fresh pumpkin! Surprisingly my oldest daughter used the family recipe with some fresh pumpkin and said it turned out great!

Your kids are so pretty Jerelene...guess they took after their mom.

And thank you so much for finding those miniature cows...they are so cute that I just want to hug and kiss them!

blessings and good hugs,


Diana said...

I don't care for mini cows. Not enough cheese! Only kidding. I wish I had your energy Jerelene, you go girl! I love the pumpkins, I grew some several years ago and they did well but took up too much of my tiny yard! I hope that Sams medicine helps him to improve more Jerelene, without more side effects. Good luck to your hubby tomorrow, you are all in my prayers!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh my goodness, Jerelene, look at your lovely pumpkins!!! I love pumpkins.:) You certainly have a bounty of goodness! And roma tomatoes in salsa- YUM! Love the pics of your family, too.:) Sam is having so much fun at the pool! I'm so glad he is doing better. God is so good! I will be praying for your husband, too, Sweets!:) Lori

Linda Higgins said...

WOW you are going to be soooo busy canning! Hey I found a great way to freeze corn. Just blanch it in the dishwasher! Yeah...put it on rinse, let those sweet cobs bask in the rinse cycle the immediately put them in ice water and in a bag and in the freezer! Dishwasher come in handy for all kinds of things! LOL I am so jealous of your wonderful garden. Glad to hear that Sam is doing better on his new med. miles of smiles!