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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday evening at the 4-H and Saturday morning visit to the garden

We went back to the fair last night with Sam. He wanted to visit the animals and they had a cowboy rodeo that we went too. Tonight is the demolition derby so, if I'm up to it I'm going to take Sam. I actually forgot to take pictures when we were in the horse barn. I guess we were so busy petting and talking to them that I totally forgot. (I like the horse too!) I was the worst out of our family about petting and baby talking them. I just can't help myself..they are just so pretty!
This guy looked pretty majestic! This one looked like Phyliss Dyler (I'm sure that I mispelled that ;)
I just love her! I want one!! Her eyes and her fur..she is just beautiful..(Yeah, I LOVE cows!)

These guys...remind me of a little dog that I know! :)
Sam loves the goats..the gray one reached through and tried to bite Sam on the butt!

There are actually 2 pigs in this pic...they were fighting and squealing over the food bowl..kinda like the kids at my house when we order pizza (LOL)
This guy wasn't moving...at all...he was crashed!! Not dead..just napping :)

I think I heard him saying something that sounded like Aflack to Sam? Wierd huh?
All I can say is Yum, Yum, Yum....
Now...some pictures from my garden this morning...It was nice out there other than the pesky mosquitoes..I tried to catch a picture of a beautiful dragonfly, but it moved too fast for me! The bumblebees were busy eating out of all the buds too! The corn should be ready any day..Mark pulled an ear off yesterday to look at it..not quite ready...but almost!! It really is THAT tall..Mark wouldn't model for me..Sarah was the only one I could grab!!

The gate next to the garden that goes into the neighbors yard..the train goes through on the other side of their yard. I can watch it go by out my bedroom window...it's loud..but it doesn't bother us. I guess we're used to it. My boys collect trains...they have the one in the pic :)
I love pansies..I have pots all over the place..these are sitting next to where we go in and out of the back door

This is the pot of Diamond Dust from my Aunt Audrey...well, it's been transplanted into an old tire pot..but it is VERY pretty..it's out by the garden next to our table and chairs.
Eggplant...we enjoyed some of these a couple of nights ago..I'll be picking this one soon...very soon!!!
Bell peppers....sorry it's blurry..I was trying to pull the leaves back AND take the pic :)

A little watermelon...isn't he cute?a view from one end looking toward the other...

Sam's pumpkin..it's the size of a beach ball now!! He's got quite a few others, but this is the biggest!
Sorry for so many pics, I guess I got carried away....but the garden IS an exciting place :)
It is not how much we have,
but how much we enjoy it
that makes for happiness.

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Anonymous said...

There are NEVER too many photos on your blog, Jerelene!! I loved every one of them....the fair....the garden....and may I add that I want to come and have supper with you....I can taste the eggplant, tomatoes, bellpeppers....and to finish it all off....that watermelon (when it grows up!)
Great photos.....and a fabulous blog. I loved every word....every photo. Thank you for sharing!!