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Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday to everyone!! I'm up and feeling pretty hopeful for a wonderful day..maybe..Except for the fact that my dryer quit on me...Bad, bad dryer..How could he quit on me? He knew I really needed him..especially with Mark being sick. Well, no worries, my Dad is on his way up with a new belt to hopefully fix Mr. Dryer. That and Dad is going to hopefully help me pick some green beans and maybe look up on the roof to see where the lovely leak that we had the other night is coming from. Maybe my sweet dad will even fix it for me? Wouldn't that be nice? In the meantime..I get to go out and hang up about 3 loads of clothes on the line..UGH!! I'm having a yummy cup of coffee and some cinnamon swirl raisin bread while posting here..in hopes that I'll have the energy to carry the basket out to the line :) That and make it back to the house after hanging them all! Also, the mosquitoes have decided that they want to eat me alive! So, last night I made a trip to our lovely local Wal-mart to get one of the new OFF clip on mosquito repellent fans. I'll spray my dad with regular off and I'll let you know which one of us comes out the winner!
Here are my Friday Favorites..the first is my lovely elephant collection. My Mom gave me the big green one and my daughter made the black one for me. It actually holds a little tea-lite candle. Aren't they all sweet? Especially the big one...

Next is my coffee mug collection..I always have one of these in use..My favorite is my snowman mug...he gets used all the time...like right now!!

OK...I confess...I don't have a real, live, elephant....It was my feeble, VERY feeble attempt at a Friday Funny!! That is a picture of Bunny..who used to live at the zoo in Evansville, which is the closest big city to me. She was moved to an animal sanctuary because she was alone...she died not that long ago...some of you might remember my post about her..
Well, off I go to battle large laundry baskets and mosquitoes..I can't imagine what purpose mosquitoes have in this world...I can't wait to ask God about that..I know some animals and birds eat them...but...geez...they're horrible!! I think it must have been a result of sin...along with fleas..flies...gnats...spiders...and any other horrible bug I haven't mentioned..
I'll try my best to visit everyone later today!!
By the way...I went with Sam to the library yesterday and watched the new movie "Coraline." It was a little scary, but had a wonderful message to it...to always be happy with what you have and that even though things look greener on the other side...that doesn't mean that they are...I LOVED it!!! This afternoon, at the library, they are decorating little treasure boxes..so I'll be there again today for a little while (If I make it back from the clothesline!)
With Much Love to All My Dear Bloggy Friends, Jerelene


Eileen said...

I really liked this post and I love all your favorites! I like elephants too and I think your collection is great! I'll have to root around here to find the story about Bunny, I don't remember it.

And I like your mug collection too! And I like your Dad too! How sweet of him to come and help you out!
I'll say a prayer he can fix your dryer for you.
And I so agree about the mosquitoes! Jayden and I were just out back, he was painting and working on a little project and we had to come in it was so bad! I have bites all over me, and flies too were everywhere! Yuck! Jayden even said, "Umma, let's go in! I can't stand it!"

Thanks for the info on the movie!
And good luck with all the wash! Don't overdo.
Love and Prayers,

Jerelene said...

Here's a link to the Bunny post...Everyone loved her!! And misses her too!


Charli and me said...

Good afternoon Jerelene, I'm so sorry about your dryer. It's great that your dad knows how to fix things like that. What a great guy he must be to help like that. I also love your elephants and wonderful collection of mugs. I am saying a little prayer that your day goes well frm here on end.

Blessings each day said...

You are so cute about wondering about the bugs...we females are not too crazy about them and they even look yucky!

Welcome to my world, sweetie, I ALWAYS hang the clothes. That's probably why the dryer is lasting so well (normally used to just air fluff things). But hanging clothes when you're getting over being sick is not good, so I wish I was there to hang them for you.

I will also pray that your dad can fix the roof and the dryer and what the heck...anything else, too...sounds like he's a great fixer! (Psst...can he be rented out?)

Loved your favorites, Jerelene and the elephants are really cute...how did your daughter make that black elephant?

Now I can picture you with your cute snowman mug sipping something wonderful!

blessings and hugs,


Wanda said...

Well I didn't see the big one at first...thought you meant the jade green one...which is very nice...sooo the Big one made me smile when I scrolled down a bit!

I'll add wasps to your list...I love bees, but wasps are a nusance...I w3as stung by one for the very first time ever...just a few days ago...I still have a red area on my arm.

I enjoy hanging towels and sheets on the line...makes me think of my grandmothers...but for the rest...dryer time...Hope yours gets fixed quick.

Take care,

Jerelene said...

Eileen, sorry the skeeters and flies are bad where you are too! yuck!! Poor Jayden..
Carol, he is great! And thank you for your well wishes for the rest of my day!
Marcy, Wow..you are a busy lady to do everything you and you hang your clothes out all the time too! Wow..you are amazing..how do you get everything done?
Wanda, you're right..I should definately include wasps, hornets and whatever else likes to sting to be mean..sorry to hear you have a sore arm..hope it's better soon!
Everybody...I don't usually mind hanging stuff out..but yeah..I've been under the weather and the baskets feel like they weigh a ton. I do love to have my sheets hung out to dry..my quilts and blankets too..they smell heavenly when they dry on the line!!
Love, Jerelene

Jerelene said...

Marcy, I almost forgot...Elizabeth did a ceramics class her senior year...she made it and lots of other goodies too. I'll have to show everyone some time..:)

Eileen said...

I just read the Bunny story, really sweet. 'Happy she got to live in some semblance of freedom for awhile anyway. Elephants really are amazing.

Don't know how I missed this post first time around, it wasn't that long ago. Glad you brought it to our attention now!

I was thinking about Marcy hanging her wash all the time when you said your dryer was on the blink. And I was thinking of how my Mom used to do it all the time too (with seven kids!), no way would I be looking forward to that! You poor thing, I hope you got it all done, and at least hauling it back in will be a little lighter for you!

Also, for Wanda, put a penny on the sting. It's an old wives tale, and everyone says I'm nuts, but it works! I do it for mosquito bites too. Just hold a penny on with a little pressure for a few minutes. Another thing we used to do as kids, take your fingernail and put a cross mark over the spot and say a prayer (I guess it was the prayer that helped and not the cross sign, but we did both!).
Love, Eileen

Lauren said...

Oh, I just loathe mosquitoes! My 6 year old just asked me why God made them! I had no answer! They've been really bad up here (and we live in a woods too, so twice as bad)! :(
Love the Bunny post! I'm a huge animal lover and almost don't like to go to zoos anymore b/c I just want to free all of the animals! Ha! Okay, I promise you won't see me marching with animal rights organizations on TV though! :)

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Hope your mosquitoes weren't as big as elephants and that your equipment was fixable. I pray that health returns to you, that you will have wisdom to do YOUR part and that God will do the rest, and that you'll find strength to carry out your responsibilities and MORE! "God gives power to the faint, and to him (her) who has no might he increases strength...." (see Isaiah 40:28-31)