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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mothers, Flowers, Chickens, Maci, Health and Prayers

A lot has happened since I was on here last...I know that most of my friends see me on facebook too...but to be fair...I'll post on here too...and try to tell a little more than I did there. I started my morning today...off with a nice brunch of pancakes...I'm hoping today will be better as far as feeling better..than yesterday. Isn't it funny, how even at 43 yrs. old, that when you're sick..you still think and sort of want your Mother? I have found that I've always tended to be that way...strangely enough, even more so as I've gotten older. My Mother is such a dear lady, she was always..when she was younger and in better health...the dear one to invite visitors, or any of the people from our church...esp. the newest members... home for a lunch after church...sometimes keeping them there visiting and then playing board games and having pizza that evening. My Mother truly had the gift of hospitality. I don't see that in people as much these days. I guess because everyone is on such a strict budget? Or maybe they are so busy with their own families they feel overwhelmed at the aspect of company...I'm not sure which it is.. Church was always a pleasant time for me..even as a child. I feel like I learned so much more from all the time spent with the older people in the church. We didn't have the big youth groups that the churches have now. My time with the older people gave me insight into so many interesting and valuable information...(good information) that I would have never learned from young people my age. Sadly, I think the young people today...(which I hope I don't hurt any one's feelings) miss out on so much from being separated from the older people. They have such wisdom to share..it's a shame to miss out on it. :) Anyway, my dear Mother, will be having a surgery on her hernia next Friday..She is diabetic and always seems to have a hard time with things...so please remember her in your prayers if you could. This picture was taken quite a few yrs. ago..probably when my older kids were young.. She was as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside...and still is :)

I know this picture was posted on my facebook..as well as the one at the bottom. But, as I've not been feeling well over this summer....my flowers have been a big blessings to me. They have given me great pleasure..either from the window or in a vase, jar or cup :) Roses, Hydrangeas and daisies of any kind are favorites to me...I do like my black-eyed susans too. I had a couple of rows of Zinnias last year, planted in the garden. The butterflies loved them and they looked beautiful brought in and put in a vase. I sure wish I'd been able to (I forgot) plant them this year. But I've made do with what I have...the chickens have kept me busy...so I didn't really have time to feel sorry about anything I didn't plant....except the giant pumpkins...I had promised Sam that I would (try) to plant some again this year...It didn't happen :( It is so exciting watching them grow from a tiny orange ball into a huge pumpkin..and they make such nice pictures...

One thing we did have plenty of was corn :) Every year Mark says..."I don't know...I think maybe we shouldn't plant the corn," then I say "Please!! Please!! " :):) I LOVE to watch it grow and see it blowing in the breeze...and the eating it part..isn't too bad either:)

The chickens have NOT been enjoying this heat...and no one...including myself...has been enjoying going out to feed and water them...on the days that we have had excessive heat warnings. It was brutal...I took frozen 2 liter bottles and big frozen blocks of ice out to them. I also put ice cubes in their water containers. I froze goodies that they could share from me and took it out to them..such as left over food that is edible for chickens...or tomatoes that fell off onto the ground. They LOVE left over spaghetti noodles!! I think they think it's worms :)

The barred rocks are almost the most friendly I would say...that's the black lacy looking ones. We have one of them that's named Bitsy...she was and is still...smaller (just a little) than the other ones...She kept getting hold of the camera strap...and then trying to pull it and run:) She made the funniest noises when she got hold of the strap..and looked so disappointed when I wouldn't let her have the camera :) They are funny...and so fun to watch :)
Maci is growing like a little weed :) She is crawling and pulling up! And...saying Momma like crazy. When Sarah is eating...she begs for her food...and screams when she won't or can't give it to her :) When that little girl smile....it just makes me melt...I just love her SO much. I hate it because I've not felt well...it seems...since she's been born. I didn't mean for that to happen..it just did:( I'm hoping that soon I'll feel better and be able to do more with than I have in the past. She has her Aunt Liz's smile...that big, beautiful smile:) Being a Grandma...is beyond words...It just MOVES you...totally...into wanting to be even a better person, Christian, woman, everything:)

I know I promised to tell you about what's been going on with my health...and got carried away with everything else...I had a sedated mri done of my neck...it showed quite a bit of degenerative disc disease just like the lumbar region...of course. And it also showed foraminal stenosis and foraminal encroachment in a few places. Disc osteophyte complex in a couple places..flattening of one of the dural sacs and dehydration of three of the interspaces? I'm not sure about some of the stuff on the paper...but, I do know that the foraminal stenosis and encroachment means that I most likely have some pinched nerves. The doctor just would not discuss the neck pain with me at all. He did an electromyography on me and huffed and puffed and sighed the whole time. I had taken Sam in with me...my in-laws drove me because I've not been driving much due to dizziness..High blood sugar and low potassium is what the lab work showed...that's another story. Anyway, the doctor evidentally was rolling his eyes at me quite a bit while doing the test too. I came home with a couple..(one was really bad) big bruises. He and I for whatever reason..were not clicking..I went ahead and had epidural steroid shots in my back on Wed. I was scared to death!! It actually went ok...he did not say one word to me before or after. So I got a call from my family doctor and he had sent notes back to them saying I have carpal tunnel in both wrists..one much worse than the other and that I needed to be referred in with a hand surgeon. The pain is radiating down from my neck into my shoulder, elbow and wrist and hands...still he would NOT address my neck. So I told the nurse at my family doctor's office what had been going on and asked to be sent to another doctor. There is one that I go to church with...I should have asked that to begin with...but didn't. So I go to see him next Friday. He loves God and is a very, very kind person. I am relieved...I still see the foot doctor at the other place..but he was very nice. He even said he thought I was having some major issues of radiculopathy...with my arms and legs...So I felt pretty rough after the epidural..esp. that night. Yesterday...I felt ok when I got up...then I think I did too much...was up too much and I was running a pretty good fever. I called after hours at the surgi-care where they did the procedure and the nurse was very nice..(all the nurses were incredibly nice before, during and after my procedure.) They said the fever could be due to the steroids putting my body into overdrive...trying to heal itself...or I could be getting infected..but to just take it easy...stay down(take it easy, which I seem to sometimes have a problem with :) and drink lots of cool fluids. My temp was down some when I got up this morning...I'm hoping it stays down..I am still sore, but they said it could take a while. So many people that I've talked to...have so many different outcomes with the epidurals...they either help...or they don't...But sadly pretty much all of them that had ruptured discs tell me that they all eventually had to have them fixed surgically. I'm praying that doesn't happen. But I've had this pain..in the lower back and neck for a couple of years...So, I'm trying hard to be optimistic and to put my faith in God. It's sometimes hard for us to do..or at least it can be for me..but I've been praying so much more than I ever have before...Not just for myself...myself at the least...but more so for my friends...(a couple in particular:) and my family...A dear friend so sweetly gave me the nicest little book...on arthritis..it is full wonderful, and promising Bible verses...I have been praying with these verses and have found them to be a blessings to me...
I am suffering and in pain. Rescue me, O God, by your saving power. Then I will praise God's name with singing, and I will honor him with thanksgiving Psalm 69:29-30
I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends that I have...even if I've never met you in person...The prayers are still just as important and the kindness that you bestow upon me still as precious....
The picture at the bottom I also posted on facebook..It's of my moonflowers...It's such a blessing how God even gave us such beautiful things that we could enjoy at night:)
I'll end with this...
And so, dear Christian friends, I plead with you to give your bodies to God. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice--the kind he will accept. When you think of what he has done for you, is this too much to ask? Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know what God wants you to do, and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect his will really is. Romans 12:1-2
I have found the last verse to be very important to me these last couple of months...
That's all for now....May the love of Yahweh be a blessing in your life....
With Love and Hugs, Jerelene

Monday, July 18, 2011

Friends and Prayers

Hello to everyone!
It's been a while since I posted anything. The last time I was on I mentioned going to the doctor. The doctor said the x-rays that they took showed Degenerative Disc Disease and that I needed an MRI of the neck and lumbar. So, I went to have the mri's done and I freaked out in the machine. The tech that was doing the test wasn't very nice about it either. I managed to get the lower back done...all the while boo-hooing and crying and praying...I have been having a hard time walking and getting around so I just knew that I really needed to stay in there for that one. I was close to the opening on that one..so they were able to get that one finished. I had to be rescheduled for the one on my neck. They redid it last week with sedation. I have since then, found out from the nurse that I have spinal stenosis in my neck. I got the feeling that it might be pretty significant, but I don't know yet. I go back in to the orthopedic doctor Friday morning. From what I understand..the spinal stenosis is a progressive problem and doesn't go away on it's own. I think it usually progresses to the point that they have to operate, depending on how compressed your nerves are. This might explain the shoulder pain, the dropping things, and the numbness I've been having in my cheeks and lips.. I have a ruptured disc in my lower back with arthritis in the facet joints. The doctor has put me on oral steroids first to see if that gives me any relief...and I'm going to physical therapy. I think the steroids have helped a tiny bit. I am able to walk just a little while without my legs locking up at the hips...but if I do too much...then I start having trouble again. I'm just moving very slowly and awkwardly. The foot doctor gave me inserts for my shoes..I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. The inserts are suppose to help raise my left leg up to be even with the right and to help my feet not to be flat..He also gave me a steroid shot in my foot. That was CRAZY painful :( And to make that worse....my foot hurt worse for 2 days afterward. And it hasn't helped at all :( I went back yesterday and the foot doctor seems to think that some, or all, of the pain in my foot may be related to what's going on with my back and neck. He said he was going to speak with the orthopedic doctor about it...he looked at my mri results from both mri's...both doctors are in the same building so they can easily discuss things with each other........I am somewhat close to feeling slightly depressed about it all...I guess maybe I am actually depressed about it....When I push to do the things I want to do...it just backfires. My family has been pretty helpful to me. But, I still hate relying on everyone else to do things for me..
So, if you could...keep me in your prayers. I know I need to keep looking upward...and not downward (except of course to pray :)...but it is hard to not feel a little overwhelmed. I know that I have some of the most wonderful friends to pray for me...and I appreciate it SO much.
I had the nicest present come in the mail...just out of nowhere...and I had been thinking about this person...and I came home from church...and there was a box on the table!! It was full of goodies...

this person is just an angel to me :) It's been a couple of weeks ago..I just haven't felt like getting on..but this dear friend couldn't have picked a better time to think of me! The holy spirit must definately have led her to think of me...and I am so appreciative!! Marci..you are such an angel and a dear, dear friend!!! I love you bunches!! Thank you so much :):)
Then after all that...I was suffering with a kidney/bladder infection and a cold...and another dear friend who was recovering from surgery...sent me a huge and lovely fruit basket!! She is a dear sister from church who I just love dearly :) My camera has quit working for me :( So, I don't have a picture of the yummy fruit basket...But, just imagine...yummy grapes, bananas, apples, oranges and pears...Thank you so very, very much Shelley :):) I am over my cold and infection now..and I am grateful for that!
Even though I might not be feeling super...I am super blessed :) ...to have such wonderful and dear friends..
Speaking of friends....I have made a new friend from South Africa...Thandi :) I LOVE to meet new people :) You can meet her here :) Thandi, I am so glad that came here to visit me...I hope to get to know you better :)
Oh, yes....Marci, you were also so kind as to send treats for the furry babies...so here's a couple pics of them getting their presents...And Mickey was the first one to grab one :) Thanks!!!..from Teddy, Mickey and Peanut :)....(I just realized I don't have a pic of Peanut on the sidebar...note to self....I must add him!! :)

I am feeling just a tad better....but, lots of trouble sleeping and still hurting quite a bit. I have spasms really bad at night when I try to lay down :( I guess I'll find out more on Frid.....
One last thing.....Maci is crawling...really well!! In to everything!! And she is pulling up and standing...I don't think it will be long now and she'll be walking..She is SUCH a cutie!!
I will end with my very favorite verse from the Bible.
He giveth power to the faint: and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: but they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles: they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
Isaiah 40:29-31
With Love and Blessings and Hugs too.......Jerelene