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Monday, July 6, 2009

Sweet Presents...

We recieved 2 lovely boxes from the mailman today...presents from Eileen!! This sweet angel really outdid herself. She not only sent me presents from her celebrating her 100th post..she sent Sam and my girls presents too!! Then she really outdid herself...and sent me another award!! You are just an angel Eileen :)
I don't know which present I loved the most!! Sam and I set on my bed and opened them. Sam went first....Eileen...this kid was speechless..which doesn't happen very often!! Then came the oohs and aaahs...he loved, loved, loved..the box with his name and postcards inside. The toys..well he hasn't come off the bed for the last 45 minutes. He's been in there hard at play :)
Then, I opened my box. Now..I didn't expect you to send me all those pretties!! I have never said oh my!...so many times..Everything was beautiful, sweet, heartfelt and so very thoughtful..wrapped up in beautiful ribbons...I would normally say you made my day..but I think you made my month or maybe even the year!! I am so, so appreciative of such kindness being sent my way!! What an angel YOU truly are!!! Here's a couple of pics to share of all the sweetness that Eileen sent our way!

And for the award
The Bella Sinclair Award was created by Ces in honor of her dear friend Bella..to celebrate art, inspiration, friendship, sisterhood, sharing and caring...Thank you so much Eileen for bestowing this beautiful award to me..To me it celebrates the new friendships that I've made through meeting all of YOU..in bloggy land. Your friendships, prayers, and kindness mean the world to me and so does this award!! Thank You, Thank You!! I would like to pass it on to these sweet bloggy friends..

Marcy at Blessings Each Day

Lori at Morning Glories and Moonflowers

Rebecca at Renaissance

Beth at Brew Crew Adventure

Please keep my Mother in your prayers..she fell the night before last and landed face down on her walker...her nose is broken and she is pretty banged up everywhere..she is in the hospital. So, I may not be able to visit everyone like I wanted to today...Love, Jerelene


mysteryhistorymom said...

Such wonderful treasures and you being so deserving, Sweets!:) I am thrilled for you!
Thank you for the lovely award- so special, just like you!
I will be praying for your Mom, Jerelene. I hope she gets better soon... Lori

Linda Higgins said...

Jerelene, I so hope that your weekend was restful. The 4th is never restful for us, but this year it was! I hope and pray your mother is feeling better and YOU are getting over the tumble! I have found that I break easily now that I SIT all day long in an office. It just isn't the same any more!

Eileen said...

Jerelene, you are very welcome.

I hope your Mom heals fast, I know how hard it is to see them grow a little older and a little weaker. You become the caregiver and sometimes that is even harder for them to accept than it is for you.
I''ll be remembering you all in my prayers.
And don't forget to take good care of yourself too!
And how are you from your fall? I hope the after-effects are subsiding.
How strange, one week you take a tumble and the next week it's your Mom (or were they both in the SAME week?). Poor things.

Jackie said...

Jerelene...I pray that as you read this, your Mom is recovering from her fall. I am sorry to read that she fell and was hurt. I will pray for her....and for you, also.
I smiled as you posted about the treasures from Eileen. Isn't she a dear!
Take care of you, Jerelene.

Charli and me said...

Congratulations on your award and gifts. You deserve them. I was very sorry to hear about your mother. I will say a little prayer that she is feeling better soon. I hope you have a great day!

Diana said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom Jerelene. I hope she heals quickly. And I hope you are feeling better as well! It sounds like Eileen sent you a great gift package to enjoy!
And congratulations on your award Jerelene.