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Friday, July 17, 2009

We're home!!

Hello! It was an early start here for us this morning. Sam's new medicine does seem to be helping :) It is making him very tired though...he's been having to take naps in the afternoon because of it. He was good about getting up this morning, though I know it was hard for him. It had stormed here loudly all night which made it hard to sleep. Mickey and Sam did very well!!
Mickey just didn't want to sit..at all..well, maybe when they weren't asking him to..that and when we were holding him. But, all in all he did really well and looked very pretty as he pranced around. It was a very long event..about 5 hrs. Mickey impressed all the judges in the last event by doing a little job out on the floor...it embarrassed Sam..but they all just laughed and the teacher even cleaned it up! (I ran out to do it, but she said she wanted to.)
Mickey got 2 blue ribbons!!! YEAH...actually, I should say Sam and Mickey..I think maybe Sam had a little something to do with it too...All of the judges made a personal visit to me to tell me how proud they were of Sam and that they hoped he would do it again next year. They also talked personally to Sam..something I didn't see them do for anyone else. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that they all knew that Sam suffers from Tourettes. He did so well today..you wouldn't have even known he was the same boy as last week...it was a blessing!!!
Sam and Mickey are exhausted and are taking a happy nap as I write...I had a hard time getting the pics because someone kept stepping in front of me every time I tried to take one..But, here's some of the pics that I was able to get...the one's of Mickey sitting in my lap are what we did a lot of..(5 hrs...) Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers..it helped greatly to know you were all thinking of him. I made sure to tell him that this morning too! It made him feel really good to know that everyone was rooting for him..:)

(The sun was in his eyes :)
There's A Rainbow Inside You, My Friend
It's colors arc across the sky
of your soul,
brimming with life, with hope,
with love,
It's that inner light that sparkles
from your eyes, your smile,
your heart.
You brighten the world
with your caring, your compassion,
your boundless energy,
your unquenchable spirit.
What lies within you
is your greatest gift.
The more you share,
the more you have to give.
That is your miracle.
That is why you are such a blessing
to me and to all whose lives
you touch.
~Lynda La Rocca~


Jackie said...

This comment is for Sam:
Sam, I am so proud of you and Mickey! What a great job you both did. I have never shown a dog at a dog show before, but I am so happy that you and Mickey had a great time today. When I looked at each picture you were in, there was something wonderful I noticed: your awesome smile!! I am so proud of you! Congratulations for a job well done.

Jerelene....rest well, my friend. I think the photos are lovely...and I have been thinking about you and Sam and Mickey...hoping that you had a great time....ribbon or no ribbon...and Sam and Mickey came home with TWO!!! Awesome!
Smiles and hugs from Jackie

Blessings each day said...

I still think that Mickey should have gotten ribbons for pure cuteness. He is way too cute and he looks so angelic sitting on your lap, Jerelene.

Sam did such a great job with Mickey and you can see they have a loving connection.

That one photo looks a little pitiful where the lady is putting her hand towards Mickey and he looks as if he is cowering...is he?

so glad the new meds are ehlping and maybe the side effects will wear off too.

blessings and hugs,


p.s. You deserve congratulations too, Jerelene, for having all that patience for five hours...wow!

Eileen said...

Hip, Hip, hooray, Sam!!
Hip, Hip, hooray, Mickey!!

So proud of Sam (and Mickey too!), (and you too, Mommy!) I think it's wonderful!

It must feel so good for Sam to see his hard work and his determination pay off! Great job!
And I'm sure it does you a world of good too, Jerelene, I'm very happy for you all.

Thanks so much for posting, Jerelene, I was hoping you would!
Now, I have a very happy heart!

Everyone get some much-needed rest!
Job well done!
Love to you,

Linda Higgins said...

Very sweet! so glad Sam had a great day. It is awful to have to trade one thing for another but I bet he is happy to be a little more tired. Prayers are still coming your way....miles of smiles!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Congratulations to Mickey and Sam! Wow! I know you are so proud, Sweets!:) Now you need to celebrate!

So glad to hear that the medicine is working!!!!! Yippee!! Lori