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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Ok...here goes ladies...you asked for it...don't blame me or hate me..we'll try it this one time and see what happens!

Out in our garden,
the veggies are growing.
All of hubbies hard work..
is definately showing!

All the veggies are budding
at an awesome rate..
All the salsa & relishes..
Yummy, I can't wait!

Weeding and hoeing
and tilling with care,
In hopes of a harvest
with plenty to share.

Our prayers for a garden
blessed from above..
Have been answered,
fruitfully,with God's Faithful Love!
Ok...don't throw tomatoes at me!! and...on to other business!
Eileen at Umma's World has been so kind as to bestow yet ANOTHER award to me!! This award is the Charming Blog Award..Now this award is an (invisible award.) You just know and LOVE that you recieved it from one of your sweet bloggy (angel) friends!! Oh..then you must pass it on to 8 other charming blogs...Now (Marcy..please don't come after me!! ;) I can't just pick 8...you are ALL so charming that I just HAVE to pass this on to ALL my bloggy friends...I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Now...the sad part....I must bore you with yet 7 more random things about myself.....I may be running out?
I don't think I've had to think this hard since college...good grief :)

1. I started dating my hubby Mark..my junior yr. in high school. I met him the night before Easter..He took me to both my jr. and sr. proms. He lived in the town where we live now. I lived in a town about 14 miles away. We met at a local strip where the kids cruised around in their cars and tried to look cool playing 80's music blaring from the stereos. Ahhh...memories :) I was standing out in the Mc Donalds parking lot near the road where they drove by. He drove by in his huge Bronco and I waved and tried to look pretty..He was very handsome!! Tall, tanned and muscular. He was at the time..a hod carrier, learning the brick mason trade. (That's what he is now.) I remember everyone always thought he was a policemen...he really looked like one! Anyway, he stopped and picked me up and we cruised around. The rest is history..We married 2 yrs. later...the following spring after I graduated..on the night before Easter. He can be a buster bear sometimes...but I can't imagine my life without him...I love this Man!!
2. All of my children were born on Tuesday afternoon. (If I've already posted some of these..I apologize...I think I'm running out of randomness!)
3.I used to sing for weddings...I actually sang for my cousin's wedding a few years ago..
4. I played my violin and sang for one of my family's closest friend's funeral when she passed away from cancer. She was from Jamaica and was one of the loveliest women I've ever met. I played my violin and sang..."When the Storm Passes Over." It's very hard not to cry when you are standing over someone that you cared about and have to sing and play, while they are there..below you in the casket...
I did it though...I held it together somehow..I wanted to honor her and I prayed that God would honor her through me...He did just that!! Of all the places I've played...that was the most memorable and meaningful.
5. I grew up pretty much alone. My half sister and brother were 8 and 10 yrs. older than me. My sister left home when she was 16..so I was by myself from then on. I relied on the neighbor sisters to become my adopted sisters. Their family was so good to me!! I always felt like I had two homes!! I love them all dearly...My life would have been miserable had it not been for them!!! ( LOVE YOU GUYS!! )
6. When I was a child..I collected Teddy Bears...I had gobs of them. At night, when I would get scared...I lined them up all around me like a Teddy Bear Army!! :)
7. I have absolutely the largest sweet tooth ever!! And, it shows..I've always teased everyone that I have to work hard at keeping MY figure!! (Eating lots of goodies!) I do actually eat the stuff that's (GOOD) for me first..before indulging myself. Well...if the saying "You are what you eat," is actually true..then I must be pretty sweet :) I hope so..I try hard!!
Well, that was my 7...
I must now get off here and do something productive...like the dishes in the sink (ouch!) And I have a HUGE pile of zuchinni that I absolutely must tend to..so off I go. I'd much rather be outside. It is 75 degrees and absolutely gorgeous!! (Diana...I hope it's this nice at your house :)
And so..I get to be stuck in the house! YUCK!! Since it's so nice..I'm thinking of maybe taking Sam and the girls to putt-putt golf this evening, if it doesn't rain. Have a Wonderful and Blessing Filled Day!! Love you all!!


Blessings each day said...

Thoroughly enjoyed all the new things about you. You do a VERY good job every time, Jerelene.

That's incredible that Tuesdays were the birth days for all of your children...by the final one, did you realize when the time was going to be?

What you did with bears I did with baby dolls.

God can get us through ANYTHING in the world and that is why I was able to give the eulogy (with my children beside me) at my Mario's funeral. It was so important that I be the one to honor him for I had been the one so very blessed!

There is NO doubt that you are VERY sweet, so that saying IS true!!

Did you ever get my e-mails to you?

blessings with hugs,


Eileen said...

Very nice post, Jerelene.
It's nice getting to know you and your family.

Number 4 brought tears to my eyes, the way you honored your friend in such a beautiful way!

I'm glad you are having nice weather, and I hope you get out for some fun with the kids later this evening! And I have a big sweet tooth too, always did!

I loved your poem, it was really sweet, and prayerful!
And I can't remember if I told you but I love your new picture and I love the roses on the wooden fence too!

And I don't know if you've been back by my comments again but I wanted to know if Sam likes any particular sights in New York? I think that's so cool that he likes New York! And is it New York City (The Big Apple) particularly or the whole state?

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene!
Oh yes we are having the same beautiful weather as you. I just started the grill and I have the door and windows open. Such a wonderful change! Anyway I loved your list and I can't believe all of your children were born on a Tuesday. Thats pretty neat. I liked hearing about how you met your husband and your teddy bear army, so sweet! I like knowing more about everyone, it's fun!

Jerelene said...

Eileen, he likes New York City as in the BIG APPLE. He loves the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty..(He used to be a HUGE spiderman fan) I think he still is secretly..but he's trying to be all grown up now :)You know when you're 11 you're not a baby anymore :)Thank you for being so sweet as to think of Sam.. I wish those pink roses on the fence were mine...but they're not..just clip art..Someday though....

Marcy, Did you have any Madame Alexander dolls? Every yr. at Christmas my mother would by me one. They were the few dolls that I did have. They were kind of expensive..so that was about the only present I would get if I got one..and my spam controls may have gotten them..especially if I didn't know your e-mail..I think I've fixed that now with my new e-mail me gadget..I hope so!

Jerelene said...

Diana, I've got the windows open here too. Nothing like some fresh air :) Grilling sounds yummy to me.. Enjoy this lovely weather!

Jackie said...

Jerelene....Didn't you have the best time writing the poem? I can imagine that you smiled when you finished. It is very good.
Playing the violin is difficult....a very hard instrument to master...and to do that and sing at a friend's funeral...I hold you in the highest esteem.....remarkable.
Smiles from Jackie

Jackie said...

Jerelene....How could I follow you? I've looked for the "Follow Me" button on your page. I read your blog and would like to follow you, but I can't find it. The only following I see is "Network Follow"... Help!! :))
Smiles from Jackie

Jackie said...

OK...It looks like Jackie, Jackie, Jackie....sigh.
Let me begin by apologizing for these mulitple comments. After I posted the above comment about not being able to find the spot for following you, I saw it on your page. I must have had one eye closed....or I'm pretty stoooopid.... OK. We'll go with the 'one eye closed' ....and at this point Marcy is NOT allowed to say one word about the other choice!! I apologize again about the multiple comments, Jerelene. I have you on my dashboard....and I'm pleased to have you as a blogging friend. Have a lovely Thursday.

Linda Higgins said...

Jerelene, the poem was very sweet! I loved it. And your invitation to put 7 things about myself on my blog...well I am not a very good rule follower and I put more than 7 and then forgot the rule to invite 7 others to do the same...I will have to do better! It is so fun finding out so much about people through this award thing....keep it coming! Oh I envy those of you that can open your windows! It is 106 here and you DO NOT OPEN your windows even at night! PHEW!

Charli and me said...

Good morning Jerelene, What are the chances of all of your children being born on a Tuesday. That was neat. I met my hubby in high school too. I loved learning more about you. Thanks again for the award. I posted today.