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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Home from the hospital :)

The kidney stone is gone! I got very sick and ended up back in the hospital tuesday morning. The kidney stone that put me in the hospital in October was still there (as I had suspected..but no one was listening:)and it had grown..It had got so big they said there was no way for it to come out on it's own. So Wednesday evening they took me by ambulance down to the hospital in Evansville, and did my surgery Thursday morning. The ambulance ride was unerving to me..I can't explain it..but it just made me very uncomfortable and nervous.. They had to go in and blast the stone.. I was pretty nervous about the surgery. I've never been put under general anasthesia...and was scared. As they were wheeling me back to surgery I was thinking I wish my dear bloggy friends had known so they could have been praying for me ;) If you've never had surgery...it is a scary thing.
They put a stint in and that is a bit uncomfortable. I'm still running a bit of a fever too. I'm suppose to pull the stint out at home here Monday...and that scares me to death!! They said take a pain pill first..that it will be quite uncomfortable. Scary too!! I'm still passing blood when I urinate..which they said I would for a while. But, the horrible pain in my back and side is gone..and I am so HAPPY!! They said the stone had totally blocked my urine and was backing it up into my kidney...which explains my kidney infection..evidentally that can be fatal if not taken care of quickly. I can't imagine that anyone wouldn't seek help as painful as it is...
The urologist was quite concerned about my anemia too. He told me that was the next thing that needed to quickly be taken care of...So, hopefully I'll be taking care of that problem soon :)
Please continue to keep my family in your prayers...We had all had the stomach flu last weekend before I went in the hospital. Sarah actually dehydrated and I had spent a night at the hospital with her..then Sammy got it too..It's been busy here..
I'm so thankful for all of my friends here...you are such blessings to me...I feel badly that I've not been on and commenting back as much as I should...please forgive me :)
You are all in my thoughts and prayers daily...I love each and every one of you!!
With Love, Jerelene


Rebecca said...

I am SO, SO glad you are back. And you are right, if I had known, I would have been praying specifically for you that Wed. evening. (I WILL be praying on Monday as you remove that stint.)

I'm very thankful that you were persistent and this condition was caught before fatal! Now to care for the anemia and before long, I pray that you will be back to "normal" - with energy to spare for your many endeavors.

Thanks for posting. Take time to rest and recover properly, Jerelene. God bless you and ALL your family.

Charli and me said...

Oh my goodness Jerelene I'm so sorry for what you and your family have been going through. I have never had a kidney stone but I know how painful they can be. If you are nervous about pulling the stent call your doctor and ask him to please do it in the office. It's no wonderful you have been feeling so poorly. Please know that I am thinking about you and you and your family are in my prayers. Take it easy Jerelene. I know it's hard at this time of year but you don't want to get even more run down.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh Jerelene! I am so sorry for your scare, Sweetie! I am so happy that you are feeling better, though. God brought you through, my dear, dear friend. That kidney stone was a monster- ugh! My Dad used to suffer from them terribly, but not for many years now. I pray that the flu will leave all of you and that you will be able to have good times now!:) Lori

Eileen said...

Jerelene, you poor thing!
I am praying for you, and for your family.
And I pray that all goes well for your recovery and that they can do something for your anemia too.

I hope everyone is feeling better, and I hope you can all enjoy a Blessed Christmas.
I can't believe all you've been going through!

I miss you, but don't worry about posting and commenting, take care of yourself. We will be here waiting with open arms whenever you can get back to us.
Love and Prayers,

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
I am so glad that you got the stone taken care of and are feeling better already. All you need now is to get rid of the anemia next. I will pray that things continue to get better for you. Love Di

Teacher's Pet said...

Jerelene...continue to take care of yourself...and know that we are praying for your recovery from the kidney stone. I would go to the doctor's office and have them remove the stent....just a suggestion...but to me, it seems more feasible for the doctor to do the removing. And, I pray that your anemia will be addressed and taken care of. Please, please, take the best care of yourself. You've had a lot to deal with...a lot, my friend.

Wanda said...

Hi Jerelene, I am so thankful that I can finally get to your blog to express my good wishes for your health. As I said in my e-mail, I can open your blog with my husband's computer, but not with mine.

Don't overdo just because you feel better and it's Christmas...rest and take care.

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

My,my! what an ordeal! I am so glad that you are finally on your way to recovery. I think I can safely say you have been miserable for quite long enough. Now, it's time to start enjoying the holidays and finally,you can.
Hugs to you. Terrie

Teacher's Pet said...

Jerelene....I am still quite concerned about you. Please, please...take care of you.
Love to you from Jackie

Linda Higgins said...

OH dear my friend! That really concerns me now because my daughter suffers from stones regularly and has gone to the hospital at least 4 times this year and the last month 2 times! She suffers horribly! I am going to tell her to read your post! You are in my prayers and I hope now you can finally start to enjoy some Christmas time spirit! I will call you! hugs...linda

Linda Higgins said...

oh do I ever know about being put under! 7 hours remember??? Huhoney wasn't sure if I would ever come out of surgery let alone make it! scary! good thing you don't remember anything or even dream and remember anything! or talk while you are under...LOL they would have gotten an EAR FULL from me!