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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Checking In With A Birthday Wish For A Special Friend

Hello to all my sweet friends! I know you've been wondering where I've been. We've all had sore throats and colds that have just been lingering and being passed around. Even Mark got in on the action. I had to take the 2 youngest kids in to the doctor today. They both had sinus infections and were started on antibiotics. So now if I can just get over it....I think if I'm not better tomorrow I'm going to have to get in with the doctor. All the extremely cold weather here didn't help either. With lows anywhere from 2-5 degrees at night and highs only in the teens...it's no wonder we've all been sick. We actually got some snow last week too. But it was too cold for Sam to get out and even enjoy it. He was sick and wouldn't have been able to anyway.
I've been spending time reading and doing some knitting....cuddled up under a quilt. I've been knitting something for my Mom. I think I just needed a break. Time to spend with the family and just trying to relax and recooperate. My nerves have been bothering me a lot too...The week before Christmas I found out that the little boy that I had asked prayer for (Andrew in my side-bar) had passed away. I took this really hard and cried a lot over hearing this. It was greatly on my mind even Christmas day. The thought that Melanie was spending her Christmas without him broke my heart. I had been spending a lot of time praying for him and she had wrote me and told me she was going to pray for Sam. This really touched me that she would do that....Sam's tourettes has been pretty bad again for the last couple of months. I haven't really posted much about it...it's been bothering me quite a bit too..It's a hard thing to see...Maybe you could remember Melanie in your prayers and maybe Sam too. It made him sad to hear that Andrew had passed...we had both been praying for him to be healed...

On a happier note....I want to wish my dear and sweet friend Eileen at Umma's World A Very Happy Birthday!! She is such a kind and loving person....a real life angel :) I feel so lucky to know her and to be her friend :)

To start the celebration.....some flowers!!

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
And a wish from the heart..........

And some pink cake............. or cupcakes if you prefer :)

and some penguins to share it with :) (this was from Sam :)

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

And lastly.... my favorite kitty choir singing in their most lovely voices....A Happy, Happy Birthday to dear, sweet and wonderful Eileen :) Have a beautiful day XXOO

Birthday cats Pictures, Images and Photos

With Love, Jerelene

PS.....I've missed everyone......I'll be back soon :)


Eileen said...

I've been thinking about you, Jerelene, and I know it's hard to get back to normal after the holidays, and then when you have so much else going on, I can understand you wanting to cocoon yourself away. I've felt like that a lot lately myself.
I will keep Melanie in my prayers too. Such a heartbreak.

Thank you for your beautiful birthday wishes, they mean so much to me.
And thank Sam too! I love it!
And I love cupcakes, I made myself some for my birthday, and I LOVE PENGUINS!!
This was a very special gift to me.

Take care of yourself, Jerelene. You are a treasure.
Love and Prayers,

Blessings each day said...

You did such a good job with such pretty pictures, Jerelene...you have alot of talent.

Will be keeping Melanie in prayer as well as Sam. Have you searched for any dietary things on the web that might help Sam?

We have been struggling with sore throats here too, but I will pray that everyone by you is healed quickly and thoroughly.

blessings, prayers and warm hugs,


Diana said...

I feel for you Jerelene. Katie and I have both been sick, sinus infections and flu. We are going back to the dr. today. I have been thinking a lot about you lately and am so sorry to here about Andrew. I have had a difficult month too, handling the holidays and all. But we'll get through!
Happy Birthday Eileen! I am popping in everywhere to wish her well today.
Love Di

Teacher's Pet said...

Jerelene...my heart breaks as I read that the little boy that was on your sidebar passed away. I am so very sorry, Jerelene....I hug you...and wish I could do more to help you through this.
I'm also sorry to hear about Sam's
tourettes being worse right now. Please, please...know that Melanie will be in my prayers...Sam will be too....and you, my friend are always in my prayers.
Your birthday blog to Eileen is beautiful. You are a very kind and loving person, Jerelene. Please, e-mail me any time.....anytime.

Terrie said...

Hi Jerelene. So glad to see you back. I've not had much time myself to write in my blog but I have on occassion, read a few and I've missed you. I hope you start to feel better too. Like I told Di, it's not a good thing to start the year off sick so good luck to you.
Hugs to you