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Thursday, January 28, 2010


We are suppose to get some snow tonight and tomorrow. There is a winter storm warning just south of us and we were given a winter weather advisory through tomorrow night.
This is a book that I got from the library for Sam. It is a little easy reader with wonderful pictures. But, it is a wonderful book! It goes through the ABC's with a revolutionary theme...

The pictures are just wonderful...and so are the themes it picks to cover for each letter....We read it yesterday and really enjoyed it.
I'm going to be taking it back to the library this afternoon to give to another Mom...she is bringing me some books that she has finished up and will be so kindly sharing with me :)

This is one of the science books we just started on this week. It is really interesting learning about the first doctors and how they started off learning how to care for people. We have learned about Hippocrates, " the Father of Medicine." We learned about the hippocratic oath...
It was interesting to learn that people tried to bribe doctors back then to actually harm people that they didn't like. Hippocrates taught his students to not practice medicine that way...to treat everyone the same...."both friends and foes, rich and poor...sometimes give your services for nothing." "For where there is love of man, there is also love of medicine."
Did you know that in Europe in the 1500's..that barbers, not doctors, performed minor operations, pulled teeth and treated cuts? Barbers who gained skill in closing wounds were called barber-surgeons. The stripes of a barber pole still show the red for blood and the white of bandages. The greatest of the barber-surgeons was ambroise Pare'. I never knew that...it's amazing all of the things I am learning along with Sam......I am really thankful for the nice friend at co-op for sharing this book with us...it is full of the most amazing things and I think Sam is going to learn a lot from it :)

This is just a cute picture of Mickey sleeping on Mark's legs...just because :)
I thought I would share pictures of something my Mom gave me for Christmas. I just LOVE it!!
It is a cross that looks like stained glass. I really love what it says...It sits in my room where I can look at it when I'm laying down...but it gets moved into the kitchen sometimes. It lights up and the colors change....it is just beautiful. I love it SO much....thank you Mom.....
When the lights are off................
Since we're expecting some snow tonight...I thought I would share this cute little flannel snowman gift bag. My Mom give it to Sam a couple of yrs. ago. During the winter it hangs on the door. I really like him....he makes me smile :)
This is what I've been working on for my Mom. Her birthday is coming up next month....I don't think I'm going to get it done. It's a prayer shawl. I've been knitting like crazy at night...but it just takes time. Well....if it doesn't get done...she'll just have to know that I'm working on it and that she will get is soon....I really love the colors.....I think she will like it too....

Please have a happy day and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.................
Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord. Ps. 31:24
With Love, Jerelene


Eileen said...

Oh thanks for sharing those books and all that interesting information! I love learning facts like that, and I'm going to 'google' all about it tomorrow!

That prayer shawl is beautiful and what a wonderful idea! Your Mom will be so happy! And the cross she gave you is so pretty. I love anything stained glass, and that piece is so unique, I've never seen anything like that.

'Love the little snowman bag too and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new blog look!
It's so soft and pretty!
It reminds me of you. It's perfect!

Love to you,

Bernie said...

It took quite a while to get here but here I am.
Jerelene you are a wonderful mother, Sam is so blessed to have you as you are to have him
I love the prayer shawl, so lovely, your mom will love it as you love your cross, what a wonderful gift that was.....:-) Hugs