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Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday evening....

Was it a nice Monday for you? It was for me. Cloudy and dreary...but warmer. It is finally suppose to warm up quite a bit. I haven't been enjoying the cold so much this year as I usually have in the past. I do love watching it snow though. We were lucky enough to get a little snow...but it's gone now. I love it...but not driving in it.
I've not been able to take any pictures...so I think that has slowed me down from wanting to post. John came in from California on the 8th of January..and Elizabeth has been staying with his Mom and has taken my camera with her. He will have to go back to California this week. I am so glad that he is home from Afghanistan and safe :) He was hoping to be leaving the marines within a few months...but, with everything going on...I am wondering now if he will be :( We shall see......I'm praying that he is able to come out and come home.
After visiting around and peeking in on my friends....I'm noticing that there is a lot of sickness going around. I see that poor Jackie is sick....I will be keeping her in my prayers. I know how bad it is to be sick. We've had more than our share around here. Big hugs to you Jackie :)
Friday was the first time back to co-op since my surgery in December. It was really nice to see all the friends I've made there and to visit and talk. Friends are such a blessing ;)
I have been so saddened by the earthquake....just like the rest of you....the people there and the people that have went there to help, are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Not much going on around here...just schoolwork and housework...same old stuff....kind of boring probably :) We are learning about George Washington, Paul Revere, the Boston Tea party and Antarctica and penguins...
We had a yummy supper of lentil soup, cornbread and chocolate chip cookies for supper :) I will try to do a post on pen-paling tomorrow. I'm thinking about maybe waiting until the end of the month and then swapping Valentines. How does that sound? Anyone interested?
With Love, Jerelene


Rebecca said...

It was good to hear from you. I come over ever so often to see if you've posted & was thrilled to know things are somewhat normal again for you. Glad you could get to coop & be with friends. The studies sound informative. I continue to pray for some of the challenges you as well as safety for your military man....

I know what you mean about not having a camera and how it sort of takes the "air out" of blogging. Still, it's very good for us out here to know you're doing OK. Write again soon. You are missed when not here.

Blessings each day said...

So good to see you posting...would be nice for me to get back on track regularly too. Seems there's been some challenges again with a little bit of health and some frustrating phone calls where you can't talk to a human being even though they promise you can!

Wish you had your camera as you do take some cute pictures...hopefully soon.

We have been praying every night for the earthquake victims and our church has set up a special fund to help them.

Jerelene, you could always share interesting facts about what you are teaching...it all fascinates me, even when it's something that I knew but forgot about.

Love the pen pal Valentine idea so I'm open to that!

blessings and wintery hugs,


Eileen said...


It's nice to hear from you and it was nice to get your message on Facebook too! Although I still don't know how to maneuver that well on there!
My sister Diane got me to join Facebook and then she got me into that Farming on there, and now she hardly does it at all!
It's time-consuming, and addictive! Much like blogging! But it's hard to turn your back on either one especially when blogging has opened a world of new friends, and Facebook has brought many old, dear friends back into my life, and many family members keep in touch through Facebook too!

Anyway, this post of yours is lovely, with or without pictures it's nice to hear from you!
I'm happy to hear about John being home safe and sound and I hope he can stay put for awhile. I'll say some prayers.

I'm glad you've been feeling better, and you are right about so many in Blog land being sick, I just wrote that to Jackie last night, it seems that every post and every comment I read on all the blogs is about someone not feeling well. And then there are so many other problems going on.
The Village doesn't feel the same anymore. I miss everyone, but that's life I guess.
I will probably be taking a break myself next month but I would very much like to pen pal again!

And thanks so much for your Birthday wishes and your beautiful card to me! And I was thrilled to see Sam's good wishes for me too, I LOVED that!
Take care of yourself and your beautiful family!
Much love to you and many prayers,

Diana said...

Hi Jerlene,
I'm glad to hear that you are on the mend and getting back in to a routine. It's still slow going here, feeling better but lousy if that makes any sense! It seems like you were gone for so long, I am happy to hear from you even without photos. I was a bit worried. Pen paling in Feb. sounds good. Maybe we will be well by then!
Love Di

Linda Higgins said...

Hi Jerlene! Well back to the ole grind stone eh? I know what you mean. Same ole same ole around here too. Gets very routine. But thank the Lord for routine. I would not want to trade places with the poor souls who are having to endure such devastation and NO routine! love and hugs and so happy to see you are feeling better....

Charli and me said...

Hi Jerelene, It's good to see you back here again. I cannot believe all of the devastation in Haiti. I have been praying nightly for the people there. They must be so tired and scared. I heard some good news though. A little baby has been born. I think that is a sign of hope. I'm glad your feeling better. I have kept you in my prayers.

Teacher's Pet said...

Jerelene....Have I told you lately that I miss you. :)) Even without a camera or photos, you have a lovely blog, and I enjoy reading about your days...Paul Revere..penguins...Boston Tea Party..all of the above and more.
Hope that Sam is doing well.
Many hugs to you. Just wanted to let you know that Jackie MISSES YOU!