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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A few favorites :)

It snowed last night. Not a lot...but just enough that everything looks white :) They are calling for more snow on Thursday. We actually did get to see a few peeks of the sun. But, it is windy and definately cold.
If I could ask again...I would love definate names for exchanging Valentines. (Pen-paling.) I think that I had Eileen, Marcy and did I get a yes from Bernie and Jackie? I know Bernie can't seem to access my blog...so I will e-mail her and ask her. I love Valentines Day. It is a favorite holiday for me. :)
Speaking of favorites...I thought I would share a few of my recent favorites......This was my first apple pie...yes, you heard correctly. I had never made an apple pie before. I was so proud of myself. They are so much better homemade than from a box!!

I thought I did ok...for the first time :) It tasted VERY good too!! I have also found that I love these.....my Aunt got me a container for Christmas...and I just love them!! When you're in a hurry for something warm and quick...these are yummy!! I can't decide which one I like better..

I also LOVE this dish detergent!! It smells heavenly, and it does seem to be helping with the dry, winter skin :) Plus....it's purple!! You gotta love that :) I love my snowman too!
That's a few of my favorite things.....I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!!! Off to do more schoolwork...........
Thank you for the world so sweet,
Thank you for the food we eat.
Thank you for the birds that sing,
Thank you, God, for everything.
Amen - Author Unknown
With Love, Jerelene


Linda Higgins said...

That pie looks so delicious! YOU did a fantastic job for a first timer! I love baking apple pie! I have a great recipe that calls for putting it in a paper sack in the oven and crumbling the buttery crust on top, a Dutch Apple Pie! Your crust is beautiful too! Hot Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream! YUM! And with all the apple pie filling I put up last year from my tree, I still get to bite into yummy apple turn overs during the winter too!

Jerelene said...

I would love to hear how you do that! You actually put the paper sack in the oven? Wow...
Thank you for the compliments :)
I now LOVE baking apple pies too...It kind of gets addictive doesn't it?
Love and Hugs...Jerelene

Teacher's Pet said...

Jerelene..."How Beautiful" is playing as I type...I love that song. It was sung at our daughter's wedding...and it always brings tears to my eyes...happy ones...and ones full of memories.
And...speaking of 'beautiful'...that pie is beautiful, Jerelene. I've never made a homemade apple pie. With all the apples we have from NC...and I've never made a homemade pie..shame on me! Yours is absolutely scrumptious looking.
I have baked a turkey in a paper bag (grocery bag from the store) in the oven. The secret: oil the bag down very well. I just take Wesson Oil (or Crisco...whatever brand you like)...and grease the outside of the paper bag....and bake my turkey in the bag (putting the bag and the turkey in a pan, too...to keep the juices from getting into my oven.) I learned this from Mama years and years ago...and she makes THE best turkey...uhmm. I thought, "A paper bag...in an oven? Won't it burn up?? or catch on fire?)...but if you grease the bag...I can't tell you how moist that turkey is when it is cooked.) Miss you and think of you lots, my friend. Love you...

Eileen said...

Your pie looks wonderful!
We go apple picking every Fall and then my sister-in-law, nieces, and daughter-in-law all come back to our house and we make apple pies, it's really so much better than store-bought! And I usually have lots of apples left for making apple crisps and apple cakes for a few weeks too.

I'm going to try that Dawn dishwashing liquid, I use Dawn but I've never seen that one with the Olay.

I'm definitely in for the February pen-pal.
I'll be taking a blogging break but I'd still like to participate.

'gotta run. I'm beat. I had Jayden home today, he's running a fever.
Love to you,

mysteryhistorymom said...

Jerelene- Thank you so much for your sweet comments and prayers, dear friend. They mean so much to me! Please know that you are in my prayers, too. I remember what you said about going into surgery and wishing that your bloggy friends knew about it. It makes you feel so empowered when dear friends are praying for you! You are such a special angel friend to me.:)

How wonderful that you made an apple pie! Don't you feel grown-up?? I made my first one last Thanksgiving and you would have thought that I had won a marathon! I was SO proud! And I am proud of you, too!

Love, love, love GFIC lattes, too! They are YUMMY! Such a fun treat when the kids are asleep and it is "my time".;) Love you! Lori

Rebecca said...

I'd love to try that apple pie - but am doing veggies and fruit only this week! It looks delicious.