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Friday, March 19, 2010

A Lovely Friday!!

What a lovely day it has been here in Southern Indiana. Just gorgeous!! It has been a sick week for poor Sam. I took him in to the pediatrician this afternoon just to make sure that the cough wasn't anything severe and that his throat and ears were alright too...No bronchitis and no strep!! At least that's what the rapid strep test showed. They'll culture it and hopefully nothing will show up. His ears were alright too. Just hurting from the pressure of his swollen tonsils. He has been running a pretty high temp all week. Today it seems to be staying down some, so I am hoping we are on the mend :) Besides, the weather is too wonderful to be sick!!
When we came back from visiting the doctor I decided to take a walk around the yard. Everything is starting to bud and turn green. Last night I even saw a spider making a web outside our back door. This has got to be a definite sign that Spring is here to stay :)
My daffodils really opened up yesterday, and today they were just lovely!! And there was such a sweet smell in the air too!!
They look like happy little faces smiling up at me. And what a cheerful color too!! I am SO happy that Spring is here:):)

Then I took a little detour through some of our bush honeysuckle. They make a lovely little arbor. In the summer it makes a nice little hiding place for Sam. When we cut all the others back. I insisted that this be left for him. I just love the way the branches twist around. Evidently our pet possum loves it too. Every couple of nights...he comes out and sits here. Sam has enjoyed looking at him so much. Who knew that a little wild animal would make such an impression on Sam. Sam even named him Peter the Possum. Sam got a couple of books on possums at the library and even took one out to read to him :) Oh well....it doesn't take much to make us happy around here :)
After walking through my little arbor....I found this!! I've only had yellow ones...so to find this little dear made me smile :) Isn't she pretty? The most lovely shade of lavender!
These little guys were growing around in several place too!! So Sweet!!!
I am not sure what this is. It was here last Spring and never did anything. I was hoping that after we cut back some of the bushes...that it would get enough sunlight and might bloom. We shall see....Any guesses on what she is?
My Forsythia bush is coming to life too. It was an anniversary present from my Aunt to Mark and I last April for our anniversary. We will be married 23 yrs on the 18th of next month!! Wow, time flies doesn't it?
This is my new wind chime...It is as pretty as it looks in this picture. I didn't spend much on it...but I LOVE it!! So pretty :)
On Wed. I went to the library. They were having a book sale. At first I wasn't even going to look. But then I saw a sign that said "A buck a box." Well, needless to say....I got really lucky. A lot of the books that were on Sam's reading list for next year were on the tables. I got all of these for one dollar!!! I also got 2 movies and a book for me..:) I was so thrilled that I was able to get The Golden Goblet, Adam of the Road, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Call it Courage and Snow Treasure. What a great way to spend a dollar!!
I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend!! Lots of love and hugs to all my sweet friends :)
Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible. ~unknown~

With Love, Jerelene


Wanda said...

Your flowers are a few days ahead of mine Jerelene. We have wild bush honeysuckle too, one is big enough that the grandkids could climb up into it. That was sweet how Sam read to the opposum under it, hope he enjoys all those books you were able to buy at the library. Enjoy your lovely flowers this weekend. Hope mine bloom soon!

Bernie said...

Oh Jerelene everything here is still covered in snow, you are a few weeks ahead of us for sure. I am so looking forward to Spring.
What a wonderful fine you purchased for $1, I think I am living in the wrong area.
Hope Sam feels well soon, big hugs to him......:-) Hugs

Terrie said...

I just love daffodils. I wish they would stay around all summer though. My crocuses are coming up too but there are too many weeds in the flower beds for me to take pictures. I guess that means I need to break away from my daily routine to go do some weeding but it's still been pretty cold here in UT. Take care!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What a deal!!! Yes, a perfect way to spend a dollar...and a perfect way to spend the day!! What gorgeous photos, dear Jerelene! We have no blooms yet...but lots of little hosta heads are peaking up through the soil...Hurray! I am so happy Spring is here...even if it gives me the sniffles ...LOL...Hope that Sam is feeling much, much better...Love you!! Janine XO

Rebecca said...

Soooooooooo thrilled about your books! And soooooooooooooo "jealous" of your spring colors. I just need to be patient.

You have some beautiful sights around your yard. The thought of Sam reading possum stories to Peter made me smile. I sure hope he (Sam) is soon symptom and pain free.

I think we've seen the last of the sun for a few days now, but we certainly enjoyed some lovely weather!

May you continue to experience and recognize and rejoice in the blessings God sends your way, Jerelene. (I loved the quote at the end of this post.)

Teacher's Pet said...

Look at spring all OVER your blog, my friend!!! Beautiful.
I do hope that Sam is feeling better. Fever can make one feel sooo yucky...and I do hope that he gets well soon.
I wanted to enlarge the photo of the books. I love Island of the Blue Dolphins...and you certainly got your $$'s worth and more...What a bargain, Jerelene.
Here's a hug coming from me to you....and would you give one to Sam, too?

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene!
I'm sorry to hear about the allergies. They are in full swing here too! And we also have a lot of blooming going on. I think that you and I have similar weather. We are supposed to get rain this weekend but haven't seen it yet! We have those same book sales. All you can fit in a bag for a dollar. Jake and I love it! I did know what your mystery plant was, I have one too like that. But I can't remember what it was. Maybe if I look in my garden journal. I have them all written down in there! I hope we get to hear from you more often. I love your chimes! Love Di ♥