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Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy, Busy

Hello to all my friends! Several of you have been e-mailing me and asking me where I am :) I am so thankful to all of you for your continued comments and e-mails to me. Life has just been extremely busy and crazy around here. That and lots of personal family things that just didn't leave me a lot of computer time. I guess I've been a little depressed too. You know when things aren't going as smoothly as you would like them too...it causes some stress. I have still been popping in and reading your pages...but, just spending a lot less time on the computer. I missed everyone terribly!! You are all such sweet friends, and I am very lucky to have you :) My computer has been giving me troubles with trying to upload pictures...this also stressed me. It took me a while, but I got some to load :) These are just some of the things we've been busy with. The garden is again as big as it was last year. We have been EXTREMELY busy out there planting. It is great watching everything come up :) Sam and I even had a field trip day to a friends house to learn to make homemade bread. He made 2 loaves and so did I! It was really fun and educational. She did a great job in talking with him about the yeast and how it works. It sure made me appreciate all the hard work that is involved in making homemade bread :) As a spring science project/Easter present from us...Sam got a praying mantis pagoda and egg. I wanted to do a butterfly, but Sam insisted on the praying mantis egg :) Well...it hatched and boy did we have babies!!
When all was done....we probably had at least a couple hundred. It was AMAZING!!
Sam also got a trampoline for Easter. He had asked for one for a very long time...so, we finally gave in. But I insisted that it have the sides on it. The kids helped some in putting it up, but Dad had to do most of the final touches :)

Then came the fun!! We thought it would be good for him with his Tourettes, to be able to jump and release some energy and frustration too..
Sam was also in the play, " Treasure Island " with his homeschool co-op drama class. He was a british townsman. He did very well and had a lot of fun too. He is still charming us with his British accent :)

Sam sang with the choir and also played his cello...but the videos wouldn't show up on the computer :(
After they had the concerts and play, they had a field day with lots of games and fun. Sam especially liked shooting the bow and arrow..

He was pretty good too!! (His Dad worked with him some here at home :)
Sam and I are also attending a creation vs. evolution class on tuesday evenings. It has been very fun and educational. My Dad even came with us last week.
Sam even did a couple of lego classes on levers, pulleys and will attend the 3rd class..gears the first of June. Last friday evening we went to a youth philharmonic concert. Several of the homeschoolers from his co-op were in it. It was wonderful!! The kids were extremely talented. I was truly impressed. As you can see..we've been staying VERY busy. I'm almost hoping for some time to just relax. I guess too, that may be some of the reason I've not been on the computer much. I hope everyone is happy and healthy :) I need to go for now. I am starting to feel pretty worn out tonight. We've had a virus going around here and none of us have been feeling well all week :(
Love to each and every one of you!! Big Hugs too!!!
With Love, Jerelene


Teacher's Pet said...

Dear Jerelene....How much I've missed you! I hope that the virus will let go it its hold on your family...and that all will be feeling great very very soon.
What a nice gift for Sam for Easter...fun...relaxing....and did I mention FUN!
I've never seen the praying mantis being born...and I can only imagine your surprise at the number of little ones that emerged.
I continue to think of you daily, and you know that I hug you and smile with you and hope that you have only lovely days ahead.
Much love to you and your sweet family, Jerelene.

Jill said...

Well, hi girlie! You sure have been busy! My oh my! Looks like some fun stuff, though. Glad you are doing well minus that virus. Hope you feel better soon! Take care!

Diana said...

I kinda thought that you were very busy! I can't believe how much Sam has matured since the last photos you posted Jerelene! Gosh these kids grow fast don't they? The trampoline does seem like a great idea for burning extra energy. It's so good to hear whats been going on with your family again. Hope we get some sunshine soon for our gardens! Love Di ♥

Linda Higgins said...

Hi Jerelene, it was so good to hear from you! Like everyone else I check often to make sure that you are ok and always look to see if you have posted something new. It was so fun to read all about what you have been up to. Life is just crazy isn't it. Never a dull moment. Even when the kids have left the nest there is still never a dull moment. Stay well and I hope we all get the pleasure of a few more post from you soon!

Bernie said...

So glad to see you posting again, we have missed you.
Sam has grown so much, a real young man already.
You do sound as though you have really busy......be well my friend,
........:-) Hugs

Rebecca said...

SO good to hear from your corner of the world. Jerelene, you are to be commended for providing such a multi-faceted program of education for Sam. He really IS growing up.

Our youngest daughter sure enjoyed HER trampoline. It is great exercise!

Hope you take some time for yourself now and then - although I know that noting makes a mom feel more fulfilled than seeing her children healthy and growing physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Jerelene!! We have ALL missed you so very, very much!!! So very glad you are okay...it sounds as though you have been extremely busy...and I expect you are exhausted...That trampoline is fantastic...and what fun you have in your homeschool coop! You amaze me! You are wonderful! And you inspire me with all that you are doing!!! So very glad to hear from you again! Love you much, Janine XO

AllyJo said...

Hello dearest. It's so good to see you. Hang in there. I know and understand depression. It's so good to see the pictures with all the fun things you're learning with the kids.

I will pray for you.

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Jerelene....back again (like an old shoe....can't get rid o' me!)
I wanted to tell you what Lisa used to call a trampoline when she was a little 'bitty' girl.
She'd say, "Mama....I would love to have a 'jumpoline'" :))
I smile at the things children say. She couldn't say 'elbow' ...she'd call it her 'elboat'....and she once described an ache she had this way:
"Mama....I have a headache in my tummy." Aren't children precious!
Give Sam a hug from me...
Love to you,

mysteryhistorymom said...

Jerelene!!!! I am still alive! Wow- we have been traveling and busy little beavers lately. We are home for awhile and it feels so good.:) I loved seeing the praying mantises! They are SO COOL! ANd it looks like Sam is having the best time on the trampoline. My girls would love to have one. Our wooden playset took flight during a storm (tornado?) while we were out of town and now it is destroyed. Plus, it knocked over our neighbors tree.:( We have been having terrible storms. How about you? Love you bunches! I'm back!:) Lori

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just here Jerelene to let you know that you are in my thoughts!! Sending much love, Janine XO

Eileen said...

How did I miss this post??!
I've been so negligent about my own blog too! Sorry!
This was a nice 'catch-up' post and it's nice to see all you've been up to.
I'd love a trampoline like that! I have a mini one but I think the bigger ones are more fun! My sister-in-law has one in her yard but she lives kind of far.
The praying mantis' was cool! Jayden did the butterflies again this year, he and Mia will release them this weekend. I've never seen the praying mantis babies, so many!

Sam looked great as a British townsman! I'm glad he enjoyed it, and I wish we could have seen and heard the video of the choir and cello!
Great job with the bow and arrow, I had to call Jayden over to see it, he's got a few toy ones that he loves. When he saw Sam's picture here he said, "Wow! That's so cool!"

So happy to catch up with you a little bit again!
And thank you so much for those email links you sent me, I've been enjoying them so much!
Love you, Jerelene!,

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just to wish you a Happy Memorial Day, and to send you lots of hugs! Love, Janine Xo

Fifi said...

Yes .... heck.. you have been extremely busy!! Loved this post!
Do hope you are getting ontop of the depression. Sending you love... and will be praying for you and fam. xx