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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thankfulness and friends...some of them furry :)

Hello to all my friends:)  Thank you so much to all of you that have been checking in on me..either here or on Facebook.  I actually did alright with the epidural steroid shots.  I felt rough for the first couple of days..but after that I have gradually felt just a tiny bit better.  I also went to see a new doctor.  He goes to church with us and so I knew him and his wife.  I know his wife better because he isn't always there with her.  He is often at the hospital with patients.  He is very kind and took lots of extra time to answer all my questions and discuss everything with me.  He did want to know what happened with the other doctor which was awkard for me because I know that they are sort of friends...so I treaded gently with the subject and was as kind as I could be and sort of chalked it up to not clicking with each other.  My new doctor suggested another couple series of epidural steroid shots.  But he won't be sedating me..and that makes me extremely nervous.  He is giving me valium to take before I have it done.  He said after we do these then he will get me in with another doctor in the office that deals with neck pain and migraines.  He said he would probably give me injections in my neck. That also scares me to death...but I would love to have some relief.  I think the steroids have lowered my immune system even more than it already was.  I've had a sore throat, eye infection and ear ache all week.  The dizziness returned this week with a vengence and the headaches as well.  My Mom has been checking my blood sugar.  It has been higher than it should be.  At one point this week it was lower than it should have been.  I had felt bad all day and couldn't figure out why.  My Mom had me drink some orange juice and that seemed to have helped a little.  I was suppose to get my glucose and potassium checked again after 2 weeks which was last week and I forgot.  So I will be making a call to the doctor's office Monday to set up a time to do that.  
My Mother is doing very well from her surgery.  I couldn't be happier:):)  She was sent home from the hospital the very next afternoon.  She went in for a follow-up with the surgeon on Friday and he gave her an excellent report..:)
I am so relieved...more than I could possibly put in words.  
My friend Diana also had surgery..she had both knees done.  I have been keeping her in my prayers as well.  She is a brave lady:)  I'm glad she will be able to do all the things she wants to without pain, when she is all healed up and done recovering.  She doesn't live to terribly far from me.  Maybe when she feels better she can meet me at our mall and we can visit and shop..and maybe have a coffee or tea too:) Diana,  I am keeping you in my prayers.
I have been having daily prayer...(if we're able) with my sweet friend Shelley.  We are recieving such a blessing from praying for each other and everyone on our prayer lists...
My sweet Mother gave me this beautiful mug before she had her surgery.  With me not feeling well..it gave special meaning to me.  It isn't just beautiful on the outside.  It is beautiful on the inside too..

It reminded me to be thankful for all the little things that maybe I've been forgetting about.  I think sometimes..speaking for myself of course..that when we feel badly..we just sort of forget all the wonderful things that God does for us on a daily basis.  The pain medicine of course has made me groggy and not thinking well.  But now since I'm not as medicated I have no excuses.  So many things have been jumping out at me every time I take a sip out of my sweet coffee mug.  I have a wonderful family...I have a roof over my head...I have food on my table..I have the most wonderful friends that a person could ever ask for.  Old ones, new ones, even ones I have never met...  But each one of them are precious gifts from God.  For each kind word,  and each loving prayer, I thank all of you :)  I am SO grateful :):)

I'm especially grateful for these little furry gifts from God.....I've had lots of good days,  and lots of bad...

And on the bad days, these little guys are busy loving and caring for their Mommy....And yes, Teddy is is here and loved too...he just doesn't like laying up close to me like these two fur babies...He has more fur and doesn't get as cold as they do...
Aren't they just adorable?  They are like little heating pads.  I just love them so much.   My family has been really helping a lot too.  It is so hard having to realize that some things I just can't do.  And that I am just going to have to make adjustments depending on how I'm feeling each day.
I go back in to see my rheumatologist on Tuesday.  Next week will be a busy week for me.  I'm hoping it all goes well.  
I've made a new friend that is suffering with such similar health issues as I am.  It has been so helpful writing back and forth...she gives me some encouragement which I definately need.  Thank you so much Tabby :)  If you have fibromyalgia like I do...her blog is full of information and encouragement. I am so glad to have met her:)
That's all for now.  I'ts been a long day and I am ready to head to bed.....
I hope everyone has a wonderful and rested weekend..
1 John 4:7 “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.” (NIV)

With Love and Blessings,


Rebecca said...

Good to hear a more thorough run-down of your days, Jerelene! Your little heating pads are adorable; your new mug - just beautiful. And such a good reminder...to give thanks.

Medically it sounds like you're making some progress. Those shots DO sound scary, I agree.

Read your last post, too (which somehow didn't come up on my reader). Re. hospitality these days, sadly I think it is as much busy-ness as budget. We all need to learn NOT to break the budge to enjoy the company of others. We had a charming evening just sitting outdoors with friends the other night - conversing! (What a concept!)

Teacher's Pet said...

I am hopeful that the treatments you receive from the doctor will bring relief to you, my friend. I can't imagine the pain that you have been going through...I simply can't...but I do hope that you will find comfort and much relief soon.
I was happy to read about the successful recovery your Mom has made from her surgery. Wonderful news!! Thanks be to our Lord for answered prayers. Another smile as I read that she monitors your blood sugar.. I do smile at that. Moms are and always will be amazing...and we'll always be their girls, won't we. Yes.
Give her an extra hug from Jackie, please.
I love the teacup, Jerelene. I'm glad you posted a photo of it. You have wonderful friends. Yes, you do.
I also am smiling to think that you and Di may be able to get together one day. That would be soooo wonderful. I hope that you will take photos. Give her a thumbs up for me. (She's the bionic woman now!!) You both are amazing ladies...and I am proud to call you friends.

Modesty Geek said...

Hope you are doing okay, Mrs. Jerelene. I know headaches can be bad, I used to have bad migraines that'd last for a few hours ( possibly 4 at the least ) but I don't have them anymore.

I have a question, can you take pain pills? Sorry if that question seems a little forward but Excedrin is an awesome pill.