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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A beautiful day!

  It was such a wonderful day!  We had a little snow this morning..and then it melted into a beautiful and sunny day!  Sam and I took off for his weekly cello lesson this afternoon.  Then to my Mom and Dad's to stay and visit for the evening. Since yesterday was my birthday, my Mom had presents for me.  Lots of goodies but my favorite was a gorgeous Thomas Kinkaid Anniversary clock...it is just beautiful!!  We had a nice evening..visiting and talking and hearing my parents tell stories about my grandparents and great-grandparents. It was good to refresh my mind and it was nice for Sam to hear a lot of the stories that he had never heard before. My Dad had his pilot license for years and used to fly a 2 seater cub.  I used to fly with him when I was young.  He took off from a corn field at my grandparents home. It was so fun!  He had uncles and a brother that flew also.  It's funny, but Sam comes from a long family line of pilots.  On my husbands side..he is related to the Wright brothers!  Anyway, it was a wonderful evening.  We topped the evening off by stopping for a yummy blizzard from DQ on the way home.  Sam got a mint-chocolate blizzard and I got a turtle chocolate and pecan blizzard...yum-yum :) Well, I'm going to keep this short..it's been a long day!  
Love and Blessings,  Jerelene



Jackie said...

Sam has grown so much; I know that you are proud of him.
Happy birthday, my friend.
It is so good to hear from you and see you again.

Jerelene said...

It's good to see you too Jackie! Sam has really grown! You just wouldn't believe it..he's way taller than me!

Tamara Swerline said...

It is so good to see you back in circulation, so to speak! Love the look of your blog.

Jerelene said...

Thanks Jackie and Tamara! I'm hoping to stick with it......blessings!