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Friday, April 26, 2013

Free Ebook...$15 value!...Check out Robin Sampson's wonderful offer!!

I just wanted to share something with everyone.  I have bought and read Robin Sampson's book "Heart of Wisdom" and loved it! It was very helpful in making some decisions on reading choices and choosing curriculum.  I have had her book "Biblical Holidays" on my wish list for a very long time!  She is offering a very good deal on Facebook.  If you share her link you get on of her books on Kindle..a $15 dollar value, for Free!  You can't beat that :)  Here is the link http://www.heartofwisdom.com/homeschoollinks/how-to-read-your-how-ebook-on-kindle/

We have been enjoying our homeschool year.  It is exciting and scary to be homeschooling in high schoolWe are still going slow on the algebra...but it shouldn't be too long before we finish everything else up!  We've got throwed some punches as far as being sick.  Sam had shingles back in December...and now has them again!!  Plus I've been sick a lot too..which isn't that abnormal for me....lol  But, the shingles are painful and not very much fun to have :(   We are hoping and praying that he will get over them, and feel much better soon!
On the homefront...Hubby Mark has started on our garden.  That is always a high-lite here at our house!  We had a couple of frosts come through..but we are hoping what he has planted so far wasn't damaged. I am looking forward to God blessing our garden and allowing us to have plenty for us and to share!!  I know I promised to be back to blogging..but, I've been having to deal with some ups and downs..and real-life roller coasters..as some might call them.  Life is hard and it deals us many unhappy doses of realilty...lol   I am feeling a bit better..(the garden starting alway helps to cheer us up!) and forging ahead.. This quote from C.S. Lewis says it best...."There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

I'm off for now....Love & Blessings,     Jerelene


Jackie said...

Praying for all those bumps in the road to be gone and only "happy trails " for you and your sweet family, Jerelene.

Jerelene said...

Oh Jackie, it is so good to see you! I hope you are doing well! It always makes me happy to see you here:) Love you!!