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Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Elizabeth..I LOVE YOU!!

My beautiful daughter turned 19 today...she was a very beautiful baby and is a very beautiful young woman today!! Even though there was much happiness in the memory of her birth for me...I know that today probably had much heartache for her...I'm sure that she was thinking a lot about Jared..and how much she wished he was here...Some things are really hard to understand. For me this has been very, very hard. I think we all want the best for our children. I never once doubted that this young man was the right one for my daughter. I thought the world of him! It is very hard to understand why God let him go away...Even though I was so happy to have Elizabeth here with me today..I still missed Jared being here for her!!! I know time heals all wounds but this has been very difficult...Happy Birthday Elizabeth!! I LOVE YOU!! Jared..(I miss you!!)

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