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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting Settled In..

We are starting to get settled into to our new home. The last 2 months have been full of many different emotions for my family. We've experienced death and now a new life is coming into our family. With the news that my youngest daughter is expecting, came many emotions for me...first disappointment and then I realized that God has a reason and purpose for everything, including this new baby that is coming into our lives. Thanksgiving has been given a very new meaning for our family. We are very thankful for our new home, family, friends, and basically just being able to be here...I personally am so thankful for the friends and prayers that have went up on my family's behalf. I am looking forward to spending tomorrow with our families. I hope that all of you have a Wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!!

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Fifi said...

Hi Jerelene

Do hope the settling is going well! With regards to you daughter, .... sometimes things don't happen the way we feel it should..... you sound like you have embraced the situation well.... I admire you for that. When my cousen fell pregnant at the age of 16,many family members spoke such negativity over the situation. She has proved them ALL wrong... Her son is now 16, and they share a very special bond!He is a stong charactered teen with wondeful self esteem!

Have a Blessed Christmas!

Love Fifi