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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We've Moved!!

The last few weeks have been crazy! We made the decision to move from our home that we were leasing to buying our own home. It is an older home and needs work, but it is ours!! It is in a much quieter and safer neighborhood. We are exhausted but are starting to get settled in. We still have painting and some fixing up to do, but the boxes are starting to dwindle. I have been determined to not have boxes for Thanksgiving. I have also been downsizing. I seem to be somewhat of a hoarder..I have decided I just can't keep everything. The kids have done a lot of throwing out too. We have a lot happening with our family right now and would appreciate everyone keeping us in their prayers. That's all for now...

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Fifi said...

Hi Jerelene......
I might be mistaken, but did you send me an email many moons ago asking about S.Africa?

Anyway.... hello!
I do hope you settle quickly and well. I just LOVE old houses and the doing up aspect! Our present house is almost 70 years old, and used to be the local brothel 30 years ago! shocker!hehe

I am sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but would love to get to know you more.