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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We are in the process of planning a busy weekend. My youngest has a horse show on Saturday. My oldest son turns 20 on Saturday. Then Sunday evening we are having a small birthday party for my youngest at the local pizza/games restraunt. We were going to just have a small (at home) party, but decided to just have one there instead. My youngest will turn 11 on Tuesday. I feel rather old..I'm not sure if it's due to the fact that the oldest will be 20 or the youngest 11. I guess I need to concentrate on the saying "You're only as old as you feel." Honestly, I kind of FEEL OLD!! On a happier note; we are taking my youngest camping this weekend. This is a surprise to him. He doesn't know and I'm trying to keep everyone from slipping up and telling him. He will be very excited. He has asked to go all summer and we haven't taken him. Yes, our weekend will be very, very busy. Happy, but busy. I haven't (Had) a cake made in a long, long time. My friend will be making a cake for my youngest with a horse on it. I am going to try to make that the birthday theme. I hope he does well this weekend at the horse show. He does horse therapy. Some of you may not know, but my youngest was finally given the official diagnosis of Tourettes Syndrome earlier this summer. It's been a rough go, but we are finally coming to terms with it all now. The medicines one after another were not helping him, only making him sicker. He is not currently taking anything. We've decided to try to keep things stress-free and strive on healthier diet and vitamins. None of the medicines would make the tics completely go away. They had really terrible side effects. He has periods when his tics are better and then weeks when they are worse. But, we've decided that this is just who he is and how God made him. When they are bad we give lots of hugs and massages and lots of prayers. I don't want to mentally stagnate or change his personality. He is an absolutely brilliant and extremely sweet and good natured child. Please remember Sam this weekend as he rides in the horse show. We hope he has a wonderful weekend and that he SMILES a LOT!!!

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beth said...

Hi Jeri!
I hope that the horse show went splendidly and that you all had a great camp-out/birthday(s) time. Sounds like fun!
Please forgive me for not commenting sooner, as I've been popping in to read your blog since you told me about it, but have usually had a nursing/sleeping baby in my arms and no hands free for typing (thus my lack of blogging as well).
Anyways, I'm SO glad that you started a blog and I can keep up with too now!
I'll be praying for your son.
And btw, you're NOT old! LOL
Also, just fyi, my sis recently got me to join facebook, and I'm finding that I like it much more than myspace, and have found lots more people I know on there. So... IF you join, look me up and send a friend request to Beth Brewer.
Hope that you and yours are having a good week.