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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yike Ike!!!

Well, I was not impressed with Ike....the widespread damage and power outages through our area left me speechless. Besides being speechless I am now without a yard barn and the good half of our beautiful shade tree in the backyard...Our power did go off and on all day, but by the luck of God has so far remained on. I hope they don't end up having to turn it off to work on everyone else's. We were under a high wind warning. The local news people said the winds were gusting around 60. But with so much damage and in my families and neighbors opinions the wind was more like gusting around 70. It sounded like my roof was going to blow off.. I guess I will now get the cooler temps I was hoping for, but I hate that it had to come with such a hard price. I truly have much greater sympathy for the poor victims near the gulf and in Texas. We, at least didn't get the flooding rains. I am very thankful that my family and friends are all safe. Although, quite a few are without electric. They say it could be days, possibly Friday before everyone gets their power back on. Well, I am very tired after having to do a lot of raking and cutting up limbs. We still have to try to take care of all of the pieces of our not-so-lucky yard barn tomorrow. I am not looking forward to that at all. Stay Safe...................Jerelene

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