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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well, it's official... I'm grounded. Yes, this sounds strange but I am. My van's transmission has finally called it quits. So now, I am completely at the mercy of my dear hubby for all necessary outings..I know, yes it is horrible. I do not know how long my sanity will last. A homeschooling, stay-at-home Mom who can't escape now and then? Please pray for me, literally. I guess dear hubby will be taking me to the grocery tomorrow for all the necessities. If only I were close to the grocery and library, then I could walk. But it is too far of a walk. Somehow, I Will Survive. (By the way I love that song.) It is a family trait to think of a song for everything we say. My husband and all the kids do this too. Scary? Nah...I think of it more as creative.
It has been a dreary day here and the boredom was definately getting to me. I did all the laundry, vaccumed and changed the sheets on my bed. Still being bored, I got out the sewing machine. Sam and I found some wonderful Halloween fabric and some stuffing. We then cut out some fabric and made some little pillows. He even made one and gave it to the little boy across the street. (Yes, Sam can sew!) A couple of years ago when I first got my sewing machine, we both started making quilts. We have the tops done and that's as far as we have gone with it. Someday soon I plan on doing something with them. For now though, we just do little projects.
Well my daughter is watching Another Cinderella story and I think I'm going to join her. Have a great night!!

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Kelli said...

I hope you are able to get your van fixed soon! It sounds like you have some fun sewing projects planned!