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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Animal pics from our house

Mark loves Mickey....and he loves to play with him too. He likes sticking one of Mickey's babies in his pocket and watching what he does.....See how he is holding his foot up? He takes it really serious. His babies are like gold to him :)
He eventually comes to get it...and he is quick too!! He LOVES his babies..he is SO rotten :)
When I went out to let the dogs out this morning....this is what we saw in the yard! At first, I thought it was the black & white wild momma cat that lives in the neighborhood...but, then I took a second look. I hurriedly grabbed the dogs and ran in the house for my camera. (Thinking of course, I am definately going to blog this :) When I came back out and after taking the pic, I realized there was something very wrong with the skunk. It had evidentally been hit by a car and was having great difficulties just moving its back legs across the yard. We have been so bothered by the skunks in the last couple of months...really badly. There for a while we were smelling it almost every night. Mark had went to get something out of our old shed at the back of the property and opened the door and was greeted by one. Thankfully, he got the door shut before it sprayed him. So, I hate to say it...but I won't miss this guy. I called animal control, but no one called me back. It ended up crawling away...south of our house, hopefully to die. I hated that Mark wasn't here. Maybe he or one of his buddies could of put it out of it's misery. I'm just glad that me and the dogs didn't get sprayed :)

Saturday night we had another visitor by the house. It was very warm here over the weekend. 58 and 59 degrees. It was lovely...like spring :) My crocuses are blooming and some of the trees have buds on them. Mark was out in the building out back and I had came out to check on him. I was standing in the doorway and he looked at me and said...."go in the house and get your camera." I said..."why?" He said, " turn around and look in the bush." When I did...this is what I saw! Can you tell what it is? I don't know how to make the picture bigger..and my camera doesn't do very well at taking pictures in the dark. Mark walked up very close with Sam and I standing behind him with me holding the camera out, trying desperately to get a good picture. This was about as good as I could get.....If you can't tell...it's a possum. Or do they call it an O'possum? He didn't growl or hiss at us...but I was just a little bit scared of him. They sure are strange looking. We didn't bother him though. We just went in the house and he finally went on his way. It was really neat for Sam to get to see it up so closely. I just wish we could get that lucky with an owl. I would love for Sam to see one up close. They are so neat to look at and to listen too. We have on occasion had deer in the yard. The neighbors have all seen them, but we haven't got to yet. I'm sure once we get the garden going, that they'll be back.

If I could ask everyone to still remember my family in their prayers. Especially my oldest son...he is going through some very serious problems...and it is affecting the whole family. Also, Sam. With the stress with Zachary...it is not helping Sam with his tourettes at all. His tourettes have been the worst that they have been in a very long time. He is hurting constantly every day from the severe tics. His back and kneck, and now his eyes from blinking them so much. His vocal tics are to the point of pretty much yelling. It is hard to watch him going through this. It is making it very, very difficult to even get school work done. He is taking his medicine. I don't know if maybe his medicine is starting to lose it's effectiveness or if it's just a bad spell that he is going through. I happened to run across this web site for a little boy that also suffers from tourettes. I thought I would share the link with you. If you don't really know what it's like for a child to have tourettes, you can go to the link on Jaylen's page that says videos. This is a lot like what Sam is going through. He has done a punching thing similar to this at times...but right now he is flexing his back backwords and jerking his neck and eyes. Here is the link Jaylen's page.
Unless you've been through this yourself, it's very hard to grasp what it's like. So, again...please remember Zachary and Sam (and Jaylen) in your prayers.
I do hope all my dear friends are doing well...Life has been kind of busy and crazy around here. Mark has been offered a job opportunity. The pay isn't huge....but, with him working at night and not having anything to do during the day...it will be a big help. Hopefully he will get the job. It is another custodial job...but as jobs are rather hard to come by right now...we just hope and pray that God will provide :)
You are all in my thoughts and prayers...
With Love, Jerelene


Bernie said...

Hi sweetie, I am so happy as I have been able to open all my favorite blogs today.....with no problems what so ever....love it.
I am so sorry that Sam is having such a hard time right now, prayers are going up for both him and Zachary.
I was able to see the possum when I enlarged the picture, I had never seen one before.
I will say a prayer that Mark gets the new job.....everything helps right now and it will be good to have him home during the day.
Take care sweetie, so glad to be able to visit again.....:-) Hugs

Jerelene said...

Hi Bernie! I'm glad you are able to come and visit me too!!
Mark is keeping the job in the evenings..it is just part-time. But he is needing something for during the day..as much as I love him :) He needs the work during the day too. I'm so glad to hear from you! Hope you are doing well :)
Hugs dear friend!!

Diana said...

Oh Jerelene, God will provide one way or another. It's quite amazing really how he comes through for us. I will pray for your family no doubt. But keep in mind that things ARE always darkest before the dawn. I watched a whole show on tourettes, it was about a special camp that they had for these kids. They had such a good time because they didn't feel singled out.
We used to have a possum in our garbage can of our old house. Frank, when he still lived at home, would have to go down the drive to take out the garbage. The possum would be sleeping or playing dead, whichever. We think that he used to climb the tree and fall into the can! So sometimes the garbage didn't get taken out!LOL! Love Di

Rebecca said...

You've had your share of wildlife, haven't you! I've never liked opossum. I think they are kind of creepy!

I WILL remember your family in my prayers, Jerelene. I know your "mother's heart" must be heavy with the concerns you have alluded to. As much as possible, "cast your burden on the Lord and He will sustain you".

Friends care and prayer changes things or changes US!

Wanda said...

Hi Jerelene,
I too can finally get here without problems, but I am so sorry to hear of the stress you are experiencing in your family. It is extremely hard,I imagine. Perhaps with spring around the corner and the ability to get out more will be beneficial to Sam, a long winter stresses everyone. I hope a calmness comes to him soon!
Smiles to you Jerelene,

Blessings each day said...

Just don't go finding a bear in your back yard and run to go get the camera!! If it wasn't for the terrible odor skunks would be pretty cute little animals or pets...finally Mickey would have someone his own size!!

So sorry to hear of Sam's problems...have you tried talking to any naturopaths/homeopathic doctors? My good friends' son does wonders for people with (of all things) specialized bee stings!! Sometimes there are alternatives that can really help.

Mimi herself raised bees and believes in their healing powers. Meanwhile I will keep you and Sam in heavy prayer!

blessings and hugs,


Teacher's Pet said...

Micky is such a cute little rascal...and I'm pulling for him! Get that toy! Go Micky!
I watched the video that included in your blog, Jerelene. My heartfelt prayers for a cure for Tourettes. I pray for Sam, and I do hope that his tics will lessen SOON. I hold you both up in my prayers.
I am encouraged and my heart is happy that Mark has been offered the job opportunity.
Do feel the hugs that come with this comment. I'm thinking of you all...right now. Smiles to you, my friend.

Linda Higgins said...

Sweet Jerelene! I so hope and pray that your stress will be lessened soon! BTDT and it is not fun! I will say a special prayer for your family....much love and hugs..

Eileen said...

Jerelene, I'm so sorry for all your burdens. And I'm so sorry for Sam, I think of him often. I've told you how tired, frustrated, and resigned I feel sometimes just from the little vocal tic and face twitches I have, so I can just imagine how exhausting this has to be for Sam.
And you know that you and I have shared experiences with other things too, so I really feel for you. You and your family are in my prayers, Jerelene.

Thanks for sharing your creature pictures, I would not be happy to have seen either one in my back yard! We get raccoons and that's bad enough for me!

Loved Mickey though!

Take care, Jerelene.
Love and Prayers,
PS ~ Your blog looks very pretty all dressed for St. Patrick's Day!

Charli and me said...

Hi Jerelene, I will certainly keep all of you in my prayers. I'm sorry your son's are having a difficult time. I hope each day they feel better.
Your little Mickey is such a sweet heart!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Dearest Jerelene, The animal stories are fascinating...love wild life...but sorry you've had to deal with the skunks...sound like that isn't all that stinks...;-) You've had some very tough days, my dear friend!!!! I will up the ante on my prayers for you and your family!!! Wish I could do more... Love you so very, very much!!! Janine XO

Rebecca said...

Thinking of you, Jerelene, with prayers for Mark, and Sam, and YOU.

Teacher's Pet said...

Jerelene...I miss you more than I let you know. You are such a sweet soul....and I hope that you know that I pray for you family and for you too, my friend.
I love "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that is playing.
Please, take care of you....please.
Love you much,

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just checking to see how you are...praying...love you!! Janine XO

Rebecca said...

Missing your posts....hoping all is well. Speaking your name to the Father who knows what you have need of this evening. All will be well.

Pink Slippers said...

THANK YOU for the encouraging comment.