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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daffodils and the Quiltmakers Gift

I just had to share this with everyone....yes, this is daffodils popping up in the sunlight. Unreal huh? See Rebecca...I told you :)

And just to prove how wierd this is....you can see the remnant snow from last weekend. They are calling for some more snow possible this weekend. We actually got around 6 inches last weekend. It was pretty...
Sam just read this wonderful book..to me :) We both really liked it! It has the most wonderful message...No matter how old you are....I think you couldn't help but love it...
The pictures are beautiful too...It tells the story of a quiltmaker who only makes quilts for the poor. The king wants a quilt badly...but she won't make him one. He already has everything...but isn't happy. He finds out that giving all of his precious belongings away to those in need...is what really makes him happy. Then....when he has nothing else to give away...she gives him a quilt. I LOVED this book. I think we all struggle with having wants...this book is a wonderful reminder that you can have everything and still not be happy...that belongings aren't what brings us happiness....
This is another book about the quiltmaker...this time you learn where she came from. I couldn't help myself and went ahead and read it...Sam hasn't read it yet...but we will read it very soon...I LOVED this one too :)
Here is a link to the website for these books. It has neat links about the author & the artist, about the books, quilt stories and a quilt gallery........go here :)
Sorry I've not posted about pen-paling before now...but we've had some family issues and I just haven't had my mind able to think straight...Please keep us in your prayers as my oldest son Zachary is having problems...and Mark is laid off from his day job. He still has the part-time school work in the evenings...but it's been tight. So any prayers would be so greatly appreciated.
As for the pen-paling....I have Bernie, Marcy and Eileen. If I have overlooked anyone that wanted to...please let me know. I can't remember pen-paling with Marcy at all...so I will pen-pal with Marcy and Bernie and Eileen can pen-pal with each other....I hope that sounds ok...If not...please, please let me know..Bernie...I promise to pen-pal with you next month :) :)
That's all for now.....
Big hugs from me to you :)
With Love, Jerelene


Charli and me said...

Hi Jerelene,
You post the most interesting books. I love the story about the quilt. I saw Easter candy in Kroger's last week. I think spring is near. Your flowers are a good indicator. I will pray for your family.

Eileen said...

Nice post, I'm anxious to get those books now! I enjoy those types of stories, and the pictures do look nice, I love when the illustrations are so pretty, I think it really keeps the interest of the kids too!

You and your family are in my prayers, Jerelene. I like to think that the daffodils are a little tangible reminder from God that good things are to come for you all.

I'm happy to pen-pal with Bernie, I hope I can get a Valentine card to her in time, sometimes the snail mail really is as slow as a snail!
Thanks for doing this, Jerelene, I appreciate it!
Love to you,

Rebecca said...

If it weren't so cold outside, I'd go to check if we have any 'dils trying to poke up through the ground! As it is, I'll just enjoy YOURS!

I sent the American Idol video to a friend whose son has Tourettes, also. She said he was just THRILLED to see it and I think Mom was too. Thanks for passing that on.

We're supposed to get 3-5" of snow tonight and tomorrow. We'll see.

You and your entire family are in my prayers this evening, Jerelene. My husband is going to a hockey game with the Awana group. I think I'm going to spend my time praying while he is away. So many with such needs....

Linda Higgins said...

AHHH Spring, there is nothing like it! But as cold as it is, the poor flowers and trees are all confused with a little sunshine. You think they are as anxious as we are for a little warmth! I am so sorry that your hubby lost his day job... it is happening much to often to so many others. My son has been out of work for 3 almost 4 months...and baby #3 will be here on MONDAY! You and family will be in my prayers!

Fifi said...

That book looks beautiful Jerelene.... and I can't wait to see the beauty of those daffodils!
LOve to you all xx