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Monday, February 8, 2010

Veggie soup, Mickey and some music ;)

I am just LOVING the new crock pot my Mother gave me for Christmas. I have been chopping more veggies and peeling more carrots than I have in a very long time. It is so nice just to throw everything in it and let it cook. Chicken is just so much better after cooking for hours in it. Saturday night we had vegetable soup. Yummy carrots, celery, cabbage and green beans cooked in a tomato juice broth. It turned out really yummy. I think cabbage always makes everything delicious...
And what goes on when you are trying to dip some out into bowls? This...............he thinks it was good too :) No this isn't a joke..he really was standing next to me and I happened to catch him licking his lips..You can see why we love this little guy so much :) And no, he isn't spoiled at all!

Here's a little something just for fun...I ran across it on another blog and it made me smile..I hope it makes you smile too :) Just be sure to scroll down and turn my playlist off before you play the video.

We are under a Winter Storm Warning until tomorrow afternoon. We are suppose to get 3 to 5 inches of snow. It's coming down hard now...it's really pretty :)
Stay warm, stay safe, and stay happy!!
With Love, Jerelene


Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
I bought myself a new crockpot too. My old one was too small. Mickey is just adorable! My dogs love vegetables.I give them baby carrots for treats! I remember The Darlin's! Andy was one of my favorites. So far we've only gotten about an inch of snow, we'll see what the rest of the day brings, stay warm, oh and the soup looks good, I love cabbage!
Love Di

Blessings each day said...

Guess who else got a crockpot for Christmas? Now I'll have to try your chicken soup with cabbage...sure looks and sounds good, especially in this brrr, cold weather!

Gotta love little Mickey, but you need to plump him up just a bit...he looks so teeny tiny...:o)

blessings and hugs,


Linda Higgins said...

I just love home made soup! I always make way too much though for the 2 of us and we end up eating it for a week! Stay warm...soup tastes so yummy when it is cold outside! Look delicious! What is in the broth? Do you use bottled tomatoes?

Jerelene said...

Hi everyone..
I didn't put chicken in this..just veggies. Linda, I used tomato juice for the broth. We have frozen tomatoes that I can use. Marcy, Mickey is thin, we still feed him puppy chow trying to put some weight on him..The vet had said it was typical of his breed. Plus, he hasn't been fixed yet...that would probably put the weight on him..I just haven't had the heart to do it yet. I think he runs it off and shivers it off. He is always cold :)
Hugs Everyone!

Wanda said...

Hi Jerelene...it was snowing here today also and will again tomorrow. We have about 8 inches so far. It was my plan to make soup too, either potato or vegetable. Stay warm and enjoy your soup, it looks delicious!

Rebecca said...

I'm a huge crock pot fan! One of my more recent favorites is to cut up some sweet potatoes (skin and all), put in a cup of beef or chicken broth (I use a bouillon cube) add onion and green or red pepper if I have them and cut up turkey sausage in it. I put a lot of black pepper in it. The flavors blend beautifully!

Jerelene said...

Diana, We let the doggie boys have veggies too :) Wanda, 8 inches! Wow!!
Rebecca, thank you for the wonderful suggestion..that sounds really yummy..I will have to try that :)
Hugs to Everyone xxoo

Eileen said...

Your blog looks so pretty here, Jerelene!
I should do something about mine but I'm not in the mood. Maybe for St. Patrick's Day.

I love my crock pot too! I've been having lots of soup with this weather.
It actually felt good to be inside with this storm. Everyone was home from work yesterday and Ray worked from home today too, and Jayden's school was closed so it was very nice. I played on the computer most of the day when I wasn't playing Memory with Jayden or helping him look in his 'Where's Waldo' books or coloring with him. It really was the best day.

And I love Mickey! (And don't let the Animal Rights folks hear you say that he's not fixed! We've had three male dogs over the years and our vet really insisted on it if we weren't going to breed.)

And I love your soup and Rebecca's sounds wonderful too!

Stay warm!
You and your family are in my prayers.
Love to you,

Charli and me said...

Hi Jerelene, LOL Mikey is so cute! That's just what charli does. I can't keep her out of the kitchen. When she smells food she starts smacking her lips. I am going to try your vegetable soup too. I love cabbage and it sounds so good. Thank you for the recipe. I hope you are having a good day ♥

Rebecca said...

Just put some "stuff" into the crock pot this morning - again! I probably use mine at least 3 times every week. Today it is ground chuck (just a little, 2 cans of beans (drained), a can of diced tomatoes, onions, green pepper, and celery. It smells so good already. I love the aroma created by crock pot cooking!

I hope your week is starting out well and that your heart is encouraged and full of hope.

Teacher's Pet said...

Jerelene...send me some of your delish soup!!! It's raining here....and it's 'soup' weather...whaddya think? It's supposed to stop this evening and turn cooler tomorrow....which means around 50 degrees, I guess.
Then...more rain. We're going to float away down here in the South.
Just wanted to stop by and leave you a hug. Hope that you are doing well. Tell Sam that I know he's enjoying Farmville....!!!!
Smiles from Jackie