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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A give-away at Weather Vane :)

So the snow that was suppose to be just some flurries, turned out to be 1 1/2 to 2 inches here :) The local weathermen were not expecting us to get any measurable snow at all. When I saw it coming on the radar..I thought that they were going to be wrong...and they were wrong! At first they had the local schools on a 2 hr. delay. Around 6:30-7:00 they announced they were cancelling. The kids around here are getting lots of snowdays ;) Except for us..
We have been consistently having some snow just about every week. I think they are calling for some more next Monday too.
We are having some meatballs that I made from a recipe on our corn-flake cereal box. They sound yummy so we shall find out in a couple of hours if they are indeed delicious. I think we're going to have some mac-n-cheese and some broccoli with it. Possibly some rice-krispie treats for dessert :) If the meatballs turn out to be yummy I will share the recipe!
A new friend is having a give-away. It is an adorable hen spoon holder. Her name is Rae. She has a lovely blog and you should go check it out! Go to weather vane and drop by for a visit!The snowmen floral arrangement was a gift from our church to me when I had my hysterectomy. Even though it is sort of Christmasy..I love snowmen and they stay out for a while after Christmas at my house :) It's a short post for now as Sarah and Maci are here. Mark is feeling better, but Sam is still not 100% better. He's just been laying around a lot. We did a little Math and he watched a series on Ancient Rome on You tube with Mark. I'll do some read alouds later. Off to finish supper! ~HUGS~

With Love, Jerelene


Diana said...

I love your snowmen Jerelene, I collect them! It's good to hear that Mark and Sam are feeling better.
Good luck with the meatballs!
Love Di ♥

I CAN Do It said...

Hey, when you have time, please email me and catch me up on your life. I miss hearing from you. Love your blog background and the song. shawneepaints1@aol.com