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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A boy and his Cello.....

Hi Everyone! I promised you I'd post a few pics of Sam and his new cello. He still has to learn how to hold the bow correctly..(we've been working on it) He really loves it though!! It has the most gorgeous sound :)
Remember my clematis? It has been blooming like crazy since I posted the first set of pics. The blossoms are really thick now...It is just beautiful..and it still smells heavenly!!
And just for cuteness...here's a baby pic of Mickey that we ran across recently...Isn't he adorable?
When he would eat his back feet would lift off the ground...
It's been a lovely day here...I opened the windows and took my sheets and towels out to hang on the line. The clouds look like you could pull them out of the sky like cotton candy...
I weeded my flower bed and spent a little time outside since it's so beautiful today. I don't know if it's cicadas or what...but the insects are just humming like crazy in the trees. I'm hoping to leave the windows open tonight and let this lovely breeze that we're having blow in...don't you love watching the curtains blowing in the breeze?
I decided to add this.....It was sent to me and I thought everyone would enjoy reading it..here's the link...it's worth looking at:) go here It made me smile!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Hugs to Everyone...talk to you soon :)
Love, Jerelene (Why does spell check always tell me my name is mispelled ?) Smiles!!!


Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Funny you should post your beautiful clematis! Husband and I just dug one up. It had climbed on a trellis/arbor that was deteriorating. It is not in bloom right now....but we dug it up and transplanted it. Sure hope it takes off and blossoms next spring!

Hope Sam sticks with the cello! They make such rich & beautiful music!

Jackie said...

Hi Sam!! (You too, Jerelene) :)))
Sam...that is quite a 'fiddle' my friend....and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will have that cello singing its heart out....and I can't wait to hear about your progress.
Jerelene, thank you for posting the photos of Sam. I've been waiting for them.
Mickey is soooooo cute as a puppy....and a cute story about the hind legs coming off the ground when he ate. Hugs and smiles to you, Jerelene.

Eileen said...

Best of Luck to Sam with the cello! I'm glad he's enjoying it!

Your flowers are beautiful, Jerelene. It must make you so happy to go out back and have that lovely view of them.
And Mickey was/is adorable! Very cute!

And that story really touched my heart! Thanks so much for providing that link!

Love and Prayers,
PS ~ One of my most favorite things about Fall ~ 'It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown'!! My Dad got such a kick out of Lucy bobbing for apples and having her lips touched by dog lips! Get some antiseptic! And Charlie Brown trick-or-treating "All I got is a rock!"

mysteryhistorymom said...

Jerelene- Thanks so much for your sweet comments, dear friend! You always make me smile!:)

We have beautiful weather here, too! It is such a blessing! A fresh breeze with crickets (or cicadas) is heavenly!

Sam looks so happy playing! That makes me smile, too.:) Lori

Bernie said...

Jerelene, one of my favorite smells in the world is fresh sheets from the clothes line.
Sam is so handsome and I know he will really enjoy the cello.
Love listening to the boys as I was commenting.....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Apparently you don't know the proper way to spell your name! I always noticed that too Jerelene!
Ruby used to do that same thing with her hind legs when she ate or drank, it was hysterical! Glad Sam got his Cello and it looks good on him! More later Love you! Di

Blessings each day said...

Sam looks so cute with his cello...think he'll give us a 'concert' when he conquers it?

Mickey is just too smoochable, even now!

We left two windows opened last night and it was so fresh and sweet in here. My wash always smells outdoorsy because that's where it always goes. It's even good for us because we have to go there to hang it out!

blessings and lots of hugs,


p.s. Just LOVED your pooples on Diana's comment and the fact that you were slap happy...made me chuckle and smile!!!!

Charli and me said...

How wonderful that Sam is learning an instrument. You must be so proud of him. Your little Mikey is adorable. I really like the look of your blog. I hope you have had a happy day.