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Monday, August 24, 2009

Itching in Indiana...

It was a beautiful day here again in Southern Indiana...a little warmer, but definately gorgeous! I stayed outside a lot this weekend and really enjoyed it...That is until yesterday afternoon :(
I told Mark that if he cut the corn down..(which he did)that I would decorate with it..remember...I LOVE fall! So, I decided to tie it up in designated areas and put a pretty bow around it..Well, not too long after I started dragging it up from the garden towards the house..I started itching really badly. I looked down and I had hives coming out all over my arms! Well, that spread and soon I was itching ALL over. I am and always have been, a very allergic person. (I'm even allergic to Tylenol..wierd, I know!)I decided to go ahead..remember, I LOVE fall..and finish what I was working on. Well, by the time I came in my head was hurting so bad that I thought I would throw up, and I was still itching badly everywhere. I ended up taking a pain pill and some benadryl. I was also aching all over from all the weeding and bending over that I've done this weekend...so I was feeling pretty cruddy!
Well, the benadryl and pain pill kept me up all night..and I was still itching! I got up at 4:00 in the morning and took some more benadryl and some advil..hoping and praying I would go to sleep. I finally had just started to doze off when Mark's alarm clock started beeping at about 5:10...Now, Mark does something very annoying to me...he likes to push the snooze button...many, many...many...times...At this point I am ready to take a hammer and mash the clock into tiny pieces...Please, keep in mind..I am still...itching and have had NO sleep...Well, finally I manage to doze off after he leaves for work..to then be woken by daughter number 2...leaving for work..Then daughter number 1 comes in and wants to talk to me about John having just called her from Afghanistan. Now, I just want to go to a hotel or anywhere quiet. Maybe..just go to the van and try to sleep. I did finally get to fall asleep for about an hour..then had to get up and take a bath and start school with Sam. I only hope and pray that I sleep tonight..because if I don't...I may not be a very nice Mom or person tomorrow ;) I am feeling better this evening and felt a lot better once I got moving around and had several cups of coffee with my snow man mug :) Sam and I took a break from the school work to come out to the pumpkin patch and pose for a picture..He is awfully proud of the pumpkins!! The patch is starting to die back some...but we still have vines growing out into the yard that look pretty good. They even have flowers. We have a few smaller ones coming on too..
Just so you don't think I'm nuts...we are seeing a few signs of fall here at my house. My crabapple tree actually have some leaves turning a beautiful shade of red...If you look closely you'll see the birdnest....
If you look closely in this picture..you'll see I tied up some corn stalks with ribbon on the handrail on the front steps..I have a basket with fall flowers and leaves that is suppose to be on the door..but I was trying to get my oldest son to put another coat of paint on the door..so I had taken it down. Our little old house...nothing fancy..but we like it here...
I'm hoping to put a scarecrow out in the middle there and some more of Sam's pumpkins later on. I'm wanting to hang one of the stars that I see everyone hanging on their houses...between the windows, higher up in the gable part..maybe a black one..I wonder if they have a meaning or symbolize something. I've wondered about that before I decide to hang one. I thought maybe that they are just Americana or something..If you know..I'd love to hear :)

Here's (above) a picture of one of the trees that you see when you come out my back door..which is what we go in and out of all the time..I put them all the way around the tree. I'm hoping to have a birthday/weenie/bonfire/outside/ birthday party for Sam on Sept. 30...He wanted to last yr. and they had a burn ban because of the drought conditions in our area.. so, I'm trying to decorate a little bit for that too.. And below..is Sam working on his school work today. I was going kind of slow today..due to lack of sleep and energy :) He did pretty good though.( I secretly think he was scared I would snap..I was a little, tiny bit grumpy...)
And lastly, I got a beautiful card from Lori...my pen-pal exchange for this month..today!! Isn't it pretty! I just loved the colors and especially the cows...How did she ever know that I like cows?
The artist is someone that Lori knows evidentally..she told me she has artwork done by the lady that did my card...It says Wilson & Wilson folkart co. on the card. I looked it up and here's a link...please check it out :) There's lots of pretties there from the peek that I just took!
The end of the month or the 1st week of September (around there somewhere :) we'll exchange names again. Fiona that lives in South Africa...did sound as if she wants to participate too. I will talk to her some about it this week.
I hope everyone got a card..and if for some reason you didn't....Please, please let me know :)
One final note....I got another call from the school corporation...they are bringing Mark in on Wednesday morning for another interview. They have 2 more part-time positions available. I sure hope the Lord will move the right hearts to allow Mark to get in this time...He is working now some during the day..but the work is still slow and when winter comes...he could really use this to help...it is for 2nd and 3rd shift. Please, please...continue to pray :) It would help us out so..so..much!
Wishing a wonderful week to everyone..with lots of love and hugs from me.......
"Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together." ~Woodrow Wilson~
Love, Jerelene


Bernie said...

Jerelene, another great post. I can't believe that you continue to work with the corn after breaking out in hives....everything does look lovely though. Marcy and Jackie have said how talented you are, plus home schooling...you sound like a wonderful mom. I have only read a few post but will read more Jerelene as it's a real inspiration to read how you spend your full days.....I do hope you sleep well......:-) Bernie

mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh Jerelene! I am so sorry that you were up all night itching! Horrible! I do hope that my letter brightened your day a bit. Your decorations look fabulous! I know it was a hardship, but you should be so proud of yourself.:) And look at Sam with the pumpkins! Wow! I wish we had a pumpkin patch this year. I will enjoy yours instead.:) So glad you like the card, Sweets. You would love the artist! Blakely (love that name) WIlson and her mother do the most amazing job and talk about sweet! They are kind and so generous! You would love them, Jerelene... Hope you are sleeping well, dear friend. Oh, I'm having a giveaway so stop by soon!:) Lori

Eileen said...

I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time of it with the allergies, you poor thing!
And I hope you get some much-needed rest, you've been working so hard this past month or two, you deserve to sit back once in awhile, Jerelene.

Anyway, your house looks lovely, it's so pretty, all your hard work painting has paid off handsomely! You have a very pretty home, Jerelene, and it looks loved. Your decorations are so beautiful, you are so creative and so talented, and I'm sure Sam's party will be wonderful with all your ideas!

And your yard is so big! You are so lucky! We have hardly any property, and what little we did have is now all deck and pool! That was nice for our kids as they got older, but it's not so fun for little ones, my kids at least had grass and a yard to play in, and dirt to dig in when they were little. I feel so bad for Jayden all the time, no place to run free, we have to take him to the park to get any of that!

I love your cornstalks, and I love all your ideas for decorating!

And I loved Sam's picture! And I think it's so neat that he can learn in such a wonderful environment, with familiar and beautiful things surrounding him (your flowers are so pretty ~ from your own garden?)!

And that really was a pretty card! And so sweet of Lori to take note of the things you like!

I'm not much help with the star, I do know that if you have a loved one in Iraq there is a star you place in the window until they come home, and a certain color star if you've lost a loved one there, but I'm not sure of the colors, and I hate to ask my sister-in-law, it just reminds them of the trouble they are having with one of their sons home from Iraq and going through terrible post-tramatic stress syndrome. And of all the friends he lost there.
But as far as those big stars on the house, I did kind of think you were right about them being more Americana decoration, but again, I'm not sure.

Thanks so much, Jerelene, for you kind words to me at my blog, I'm doing okay, I'm just kind of busy this week so I took a little break. I'll post something later in the week.
Feel better and know that you and your intentions are in my prayers.
Love you, Eileen

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
I had the hives so bad once. Allergic to an anti-biotic. I had to keep taking the benydryll over and over. Finally I told my husband when he came to bring me more " I don't want to sleep anymore!". But it was so bad I had to wait until the anti-biotis were completely out of my system! Gosh I hope you get to sleep soon. Lack of sleep is worse then lack of smokes!
I think one of those stars would look very cute on your house. And I think it just is Americana. Your house looks nice !
Love Di

Blessings each day said...

You poor baby, breaking out like that and then you just kept on going!! You are SO amazing, Jerelene. When you were talking about tying some corn together or decorating, I thought, oh some of the little dried corn itself, nothing huge and so much work as what you did.

The few times that I have taken benadryl, it has not only made me sleep a lot but I am drowsy for 24 hrs afterward. You need to get some good solid sleep so I am praying that finally has happened.

I was imagining (in the picture you took of Sam) that Sam was thinking I am going to be soooo good for ANYthing momma wants to do as she is not a happy camper with so little sleep.

Loved your card and so glad you loved it too! The pen pal thing is working out so nicely.

blessings and hugs,


Charli and me said...

Oh my goodness Jerelene. I hope you feel better soon. You might have to take a little trip to the doctor for some other medications. It's strange being allergic to Tylenol. My husband is allergic to it too. Apparently not that many people are. I can't believe that pumpkin of yours. It's beautiful ♥ What are you going to do with it? Sam looks so cute sitting at his desk atudying away. I feel fall in the air here in Michigan.

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

We were gone from Sunday to Wednesday this week so I didn't have time to read through all the posts I'd missed. I was trying to catch up and read about your hives/itching, etc. How miserable! I have actually got something now! At first I though it was sun poisoning - but since it has spread to a place the sun didn't shine on (lol) I now think I have poison ivy. I don't get it often, but when I do, it is BAD news. I've really had fun on your site this morning. You've been a busy woman!