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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catching Up..

Hello to everyone! It's been a busy week here so far! So I guess I'll try to catch you up on everything that's been going on.

The school corporation did post 2 more part-time jobs. So please pray even harder. I'm hoping that this time Mark might actually get one of them...nothing would make me happier.

I would love to hear from all my pen-palers. I'm hoping that everyone got their cards out to their pal for the month. If you could just leave me a comment here letting me know..I would feel a lot better knowing that each partner got a card.. I've had a bit of a tummy ache here Sunday and Monday. I've got a card to send to Tamara and I will try to get it out to her right away. I also sent Lori, my pal for the month a card.

I have a little bit of a story to tell...Saturday evening I had went to our local Wal-Mart with my Mom and Sam. While I was walking around I happened to notice one of the ladies that had helped out with Sam's dog show club. I felt the sudden urge to go down the aisle and talk to her. I even started to walk away and again felt a strong urging to go speak to her. So, following my instincts I walked down the aisle and said "Hello!" I then told her that I was Sam's Mom and she said oh yes, I remember you.. Then I proceeded to tell her that I really appreciated how kind and helpful she was to Sam during the classes. I also told her that he was thrilled having got 2 blue ribbons and that he had really enjoyed the class and that she had been a huge help to us the day of the show. She literally teared up and told me she really appreciated me stopping and talking to her. She then started telling me that she hadn't been well and had been thinking that maybe she just might not do it anymore. I then asked her to tell me what was going on with her healthwise if she didn't mind. So, she did and we got into a deep discussion about life and Sam's illness and hers. She then told me just had been really down about everything in general. She said her co-workers didn't really befriend her and that her husband works out of town a lot. I then could just tell that she was really lonely..and sad. So I just felt moved to ask her if she might want a friend. Well, this really put her into tears and then she asked if she could hug me. I of course said yes. So, then I told her I would love to have a new friend; that I don't get out much and that I would love nothing more than to go sit together and have a coffee or coke and just talk whenever she wanted. She agreed and we exchanged numbers. It was a very moving experience for me. It was one of those few times in your life when you feel like God was really using you for something worthwhile and that you have a purpose. I've always been very talkative and not the least bit shy. This was the first time that I felt like this was a blessing from God. I left Wal-mart feeling a lot happier than when I went in. Her name is Norma..I haven't called her yet..but I will...
I went to the parent meeting for Sam's homeschool co-op on tuesday evening. Sam will be taking beginning strings..(cello,)choir, beginning drama and art. I didn't know it before hand..but the kind ladies that are the chairpersons for this..asked me to get up and talk about Sam's Tourettes and about Sam. I wasn't expecting this AT ALL. I did though, at their urging, rise to the occasion in front of 60 families and the teachers..none of which I had ever met before...except one family...get up and give my little speech. I actually think now, that it may have been good for me. I told them all about his getting diagnosed, everything he's been through as far as meds and all the tics and how I didn't know until recently if he was even going to be able to do this co-op. I also told them that I would love it if they would talk to there children about Tourettes and about Sam...I told them that sometimes kids, even adults either laugh or shun him and how he wants to make some new friends...and, that I hoped they would all tell their children to please take the time to get to know Sam...that he is a wonderful, sweet, caring, intelligent and special person. I closed with telling them all how happy I was to be there and how excited Sam was to be coming to the co-op. Afterwards, many of the parents and all the teachers came up and talked to me and told me they were looking forward to meeting Sam..One of the teachers..The art teacher..really touched my heart. She told me that one of her teachers in college that taught her art, has Tourettes. He evidentally is quite prominent in Society locally and is head over some big Art Program here. She said her teacher was one of the most gifted people she ever met and that in her experience people with Tourettes are quite often gifted in the arts..and that she wouldn't be surprised if Sam was too. Then she finished me off with telling me that I was a wonderful and loving Mom to have got up and spoke as I had and that Sam was an extremely lucky little boy to have me as his Mom...(tears....)
On to happier things...Sam got his cello yesterday and he is very excited. He got to meet all his teachers today and quite a few of the students as well. Things went very well and everyone was extremely courteous and kind to him. I am very optimistic and feel that things are going to be great with this co-op. :) I'm looking forward to making some new friends too! It was nice to be around other Moms and know that they homeschool too. Sometimes, you can feel kind of alone..and it's nice to meet others that you can relate with a little on that subject :)
I will post some pictures of Sam with his cello tomorrow as I am just too tired tonight. It has been an extremely long week. It's rained off and on the last few days and my poor arthritic joints are aching for me to go lay down...so I'm of to rest my weary head! I've missed you guys this week. I tried to pop in with a couple of you hoping you would see that I hadn't ran away...
Please, please let me know in the comments that everyone sent their partner a card :)
Hugs to All of you from me!! I appreciate you guys so very much...you are the best friends ever!


Wanda said...

I really enjoyed your warm-hearted post Jerelene...meaning it warmed my heart.

Hope all goes well for Sam and that your husband gets chosen for one of those positions.

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
I have been thinking about you everyday. I am thinking from the sound of your post that this will be a very good year for Sam!
I will also keep your family in my prayers. You were very brave to speak in front of all of those people Jerelene! And I am sure that by doing it, that will make things better for Sam.
It is a blessing that you have made a new friend. I get lonely a lot with Jake gone all of the time although I still have Katie here and that helps a lot. Don't know what I'll do yet when she's gone!
I have sent my pen pal, Jackie , her card.
Love Di

Anonymous said...

Jerelene...what a moving story about the lady in Wal Mart. It moved me to tears....and I'm glad that she found a friend in you....she has a lovely friend.
Thank you for sharing that story.
I look forward to seeing Sam with his Cello...and hope that he has the best year. I have posted Di...and apologized for not sending her card because of the company from Spain. I am sending her card out today. Thank you for heading up the pen pal club! Hugs and love to you, Jerelene.

Eileen said...

Jerelene, I have tears in my eyes, very moving post all around. God led you to that wonderful moment in Wal Mart, and he let you to that wonderful moment at your meeting! What a gift for you, for Norma, and those teachers and parents.
I hope this will be a wonderful school year for Sam, and the beginning of wonderful things for you and your family.
You're a good soul, Jerelene.

And, yes, I finally sent Marcy something (not a nice card I'm ashamed to say, but a letter on looseleaf! I promise I will buy nice stationary and cards for the future!).
Beautiful post, Jerelene! I don't know how I missed it, I've been checking here everyday because I don't trust Blogger to tell me when something new has posted, but every time I came here there was nothing new posted! Oh well, I finally got here.
Love and Prayers,

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I prayed for Mark just before I began to comment....Sure hope this works out for him.

I am happy that you have a new friend! That was obviously a "God thing". You are taking good advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Keep it up!