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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sickness:( & Presents :)

We're having a sick day here again today. Sam spent yesterday and today lounging in bed with a fever, sore throat and runny nose. No coughing yet..but, I'm afraid that may come along soon :( I had originally planned on showing these pics after my last post..but then Sam got sick and I didn't get back on. Mark and I escaped for a little bit by ourselves the other evening. So I went to the dollar store and couldn't resist these goodies! The glasses were actually a necessity. We had been using my canning jars from the past to drink out of...and I sort of stole them all out of the cabinet and used them. ;) So, we were down to a few glasses and the mugs...so I don't feel too bad about getting them. They are adorable! But the candle..that was just a splurge..and it smells HEAVENLY!!
In honor of my festive Autumn mood that I've been in..I got this out and hung it on my back door. I just love her..she really is adorable!

I received a gift box from Eileen at Ummas World today! It was such a pleasant surprise on a day when I could certainly use a surprise!! With Sam being sick...it's been kind of ucky around here...so opening the door to this was just WONDERFUL!!!! Inside was the cutest EVER...Cow Basket...See, she even has udders! How sweet :) I love her bunches......I will find the perfect spot for her...I promise!

Next, were these sweet little cow eggs....(SAM LOVES THESE!) By the way..I let Sam help open the box and take everything out....He got a huge SMILE out of helping!! Which was really nice since he's feeling sickly....Aren't they cute as an be?

Then...we found these....Eileen was so sweet as to know that my favorite color is purple!! I stuck all these little purple ones inside the big one she sent...and if you look very closely...you'll see on the bottom left that 2 of them look like hearts..... I love them!!!
And lastly was this! Isn't it beautiful? Right when I saw it I knew right where it was going....
Right above this...This was my Grandmothers. My Mother bought it for her and when she passed away..it came back to my Mother. A few yrs. ago..she gave it to me..and since then it has been hanging right next to my bed..literally. I love to look at it before I go to sleep. I was very close to my Grandma and to have it means a lot to me :)
It's hard to see all the little details..but it has little music notes and such on it..so they look really good hanging together...at least I think so...it's a special place for me..so it is the perfect place for this beautiful present from Eileen!

Thank You So Much Eileen!! You are such a good, sweet, thoughtful friend!!! I'm so very glad to have you for as my friend:)
Sam still isn't feeling well..he's still running a fever :( So, goodnight for now....With Love, Jerelene


Jackie said...

Oh...I'm so sorry to hear about Sam. I just left a comment on my blog for you to give him a hug for me. Give him EXTRA ones!! :)))
Take care of you, too, Jerelene.
Those gifts are precious....from a precious friend. Eileen is a very sweet lady.
Have a restful night, Jerelene.
Smiles from Jackie

Bernie said...

Hi Jerelene, I do hope Sam is feeling better real soon.
How thoughtful of Eileen and what a wonderful surprise for you. She is a lovely lady and I feel blessed to call her my friend as well. Enjoy her gifts Jerelene as I know she sent them to you with a heart full of love.
Take care.......Hugs

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a package of sweetness! You are so loved, dear friend. I can feel the love from all the sweet words that your friends write to you. And you are so deserving.:) I hope that Sam feels better soon... Lori

Wanda said...

Hope Sam is bettewr this morning Jerelene...Eileen's gift to you was very nice and so thoughtful of her. Cow eggs...how funny!

Smiles Always,

Eileen said...

'Hope Sam is all better now! Poor thing!

I really love the 'Amazing Grace' plaque that belonged to your grandmother, and I feel honored that you would want to hang a gift from me with it!
Thanks, Jerelene, that is so sweet!

You and your family are in my prayers.
Love to all,

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

Thinking of you & your family today. Hopefully, the germs give up on you all soon!

I'm glad you found such cheerful glasses (although canning jars are in vogue as drinking glasses in some restaurants, you know).

I'm remembering some homes in Africa when I visited many years ago where there was only one drinking utensil which was passed around and used by all family members....We are blessed to have Dollar Stores with affordable products, aren't we?

I'm still praying re. Mark's job need....