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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a little break..

I took a break from the computer the last few days. I have a few health issues that have been making me feel a little under the weather..I felt like I just needed a break and to spend some time vegging out with my family. I suffer from pretty severe anemia and have have mitro-valve problems with my heart. I also suffer from arthritis. For the last year or so I've been running a low grade fever most of the time. I have no resistance against anything either so I get sick...a lot...My mother and sister both suffer from rheumatoid arthritis so the doctor is thinking that may be what is causing my trouble. I've had arthritis since I was a child. Back then though, the orthopedic doctor didn't know much about juvenile arthritis. They didn't have advil when I was a child either. I am allergic to tylenol. I have been all my life. A few yrs. ago I dared to try it just to see..I broke out in hives and my lips swelled. I won't be trying it again! I guess eventually I am going to have go give in and have bloodwork done again. Financially the last year has been tough so I've been trying to just hang in there. It seems like when summer comes I just try to do too much. Then I start in feeling rather badly...I think I might just have to go at a slower pace and take it easy. It kind of affects you when you try to sit down and write something happy. When you're feeling bad it almost gives you writers block :) I definately don't want anyone feeling sorry for me..I just wanted everyone to know it kind of slows me down a bit. Between me not feeling well and having to deal with Sam's tourettes..sometimes life can get a bit overwhelming at times. I am hoping that the rest of the week will go smoothly and things will get a bit less stressful. :) I appreciate all my sweet bloggy friends and all your sweet comments. Hopefully I will be posting more very soon!! I'm off to enjoy taco salad and watch Hotel for dogs and Tale of Despereaux with Sam....Love, Jerelene


Eileen said...

Oh, Jerelene, I've missed you!
Sorry you're under the weather. It's hard to feel 'up' when health issues keep you down.
Have a nice night with your son. I recently finished reading Despereaux to my grandson Jayden, after school he would sit with me and I'd read a few chapters a day, I was surprised it held his interest without any pictures, but he loved it and asked each day for me to read some more. When were finished reading it my husband bought him the movie and he really enjoyed that too.

Taco salad sounds nice too! I'm getting hungry!

Take care of yourself.
Love and Prayers, Eileen

Diana said...

Jerelene, I hope you start to feel better soon. Just take a time out for yourself even if thats hard for you to do.I know all about the arthritis.I can't take Aleve anymore because I am on so many blood thinners from the strokes. But my dr. gave me darvocett which works pretty good. I only take it when I really need to.Tylenol does nothing for me. I think if you take things easy for awhile you will feel better! How was hotel for dogs? I want to see it.

Blessings each day said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, Jerelene and yes, it is hard to be upbeat when your body is "downbeat".

Have you tried ginger root capsules for pain and swelling? You need to drink a lot of water with them as they are strong, but you might want to stop at a health food store and ask about them. They really helped when my sciatic nerve crippled me for days.

Take good care of yourself and when you decide to get medical help, tell them (like we did) that we are having some financial challenges and hopefully they will work with you.

blessings for good health and smiley faces,


mysteryhistorymom said...

Sweetie- I am sorry you are feeling low. Cuddle in your nest with sweet Sam and enjoy the closeness.:) Hotel for Dogs is sure to put a smile on your face (I did shed a few tears, too- but that's therapeutic.:) ) Be good to yourself, Sweetie.:) Lori