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Monday, May 18, 2009

The mystery revealed!!!!

We finally figured out what the blooming vine was at the back of our yard....It's Wisteria!!! Thank you to Allyjo for suggesting looking up native vines of Indiana!! It is beautiful and smells heavenly. It is probably technically considered a weed, but isn't morning glory considered a weed too? I love blue morning glories. We started some in jiffy pots and I will be planting them this week. I just have to pick where I want them. Have a great day!!!!


Blessings each day said...

It's beautiful and as soon as I saw the flowers, I said "that's wisteria". Sorry I couldn't help solve the mystery without the flowers!

Your daughter and her friend look lovely...hope the prom was all they expected!



Diana said...

I love wisteria! I've never tried to grow it though. I do plant morning glory seed every year. Sometimes it comes back up the next year and sometimes it doesn't. Maybe I should try Wisteria and then we could pretend that we are "Desperate Housewives" living on Wisteria lane!! What am I saying? I don't need wisteria to be desperate!!

Eileen said...

The Wisteria is beautiful! And amazing that from those weird looking pods comes wonderful looking blooms!
Great pictures!

Linda Higgins said...

What a BEAUTIFUL blossom! it is so hard to grow anything but desert plants here in this hot weather! I would LOVE to grow Wisteria! What a wonderful name! and like the show, secrets are always under wraps!