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Friday, May 8, 2009


Sorry to say, but I'll have to visit all of my bloggy friends later. I had to unplug the computer last night due to the really bad lightning. We are now under a tornado watch and there are really bad storms heading my way. So, once again I am having to unplug the computer. Pray for a safe day!! It's suppose to storm again tonight I think..I'm really tired of this rain..rain, rain go away...come back again sometime after May :) We've had enough!!! Talk to you soon...Jerelene


Blessings each day said...

Looks like it's raining all over the U.S. We've had some rain everyday, but we can't complain because Georgia has been under drought status for four years in a row, so we got nice and muddy out in the garden today!

will pray that all goes well by you and that you and your PC are up and running soon.

blessings of protection on you,


Diana said...

Hope your weather doesn't get too bad.It's been raining here all day yuck!See you soon.

Eileen said...

Oh, Jerelene, so sorry about your weather! 'Hope you and your family stay safe and sound.

I'm reading a lot of blogs and everybody seems to be complaining about the rain!
It's been rainy with thunder storms on and off all week here too but today there's sun! My husband is outside now mowing the front lawn, and I'm about to go out with my grandson and join him, don't want to waste this.

Take care and I'm saying a prayer!

Pink Slippers said...

Hope you stay safe.