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Monday, May 18, 2009

My Daybook

~FOR TODAY..MAY 18, 2009~

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW****A beautiful sunny day!! A little cool, but I think it's suppose to warm up nicely later :)

I AM THINKING****About my youngest daughter turning 17 tomorrow!

FROM THE LEARNING ROOM****Metric system, linear graphs, Modern China, snakes (Yuck!) I hate even reading about them...sorry ;)

I AM THANKFUL****As always, for my family...(and a very sweet Aunt that has been helping me with the quilting)

FROM THE KITCHEN****oven baked chicken and homemade potato salad

I AM WEARING****Long plaid shorts and a v-necked black t-shirt with a cat on it...black flip flops to match :)

I AM READING****Nothing right now...too many things I'm working on

I AM HOPING****That my son's Tourettes might let up in severity...his tics have been so severe the last week that he's been hurting and having trouble even falling asleep. He is suppose to go see a new pediatric neurologist later this month...I don't want to have to put him back on the meds, but it has been SO severe that I'm afraid we might have to.

I AM CREATING****I have Sam's quilt top pinned together..now to try to do the actual quilting...(He and I have both been working on them a LONG time...they've been done for a while and I just was leary of doing the actual quilting..I've not done it before) I'm going to put a border around mine. It is almost big enough to go on my queen size bed. Sam's is smaller..more like a nice throw...I've also got a scrappy, plain old square top that I started a while back. I'm going to use it for a throw on the couch. Then last night, I started trying to put something together for my oldest daughter. I'm thinking a raggy quilt. So, I've got 3 or 4 squares started to see if I like it or not. She wanted it purple, pink, green and orange. Her fave colors are purple and orange...so she said to just do whatever..so that's what I'm doing. We'll see how it goes. I have nothing in orange so I guess I get to go fabric shopping :)

I AM PRAYING****For God to heal my son's tourettes and for blessings on my family

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS****To go fabric shopping...(which I think I'm going to be doing very soon! :)

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK****schoolwork, celebrating my daughter's 17th birthday...Time sure flies doesn't it? .... Plant the morning glory, watermelon and pumpkin starts...

The picture I'm sharing is of my daughter Sarah....This is Sarah (on the right) with her friend Hattie..they were getting ready to go to prom....(not together..they had dates)...HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY!! (tomorrow)

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Diana said...

Jerelene, I take it you are feeling better? Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter.Please post a picture of her quilt when your done,it sounds neat. Also prayers to your son, you'll be in my thoughts.

Eileen said...

Your daughter is very beautiful! Both girls look great! Such a wonderful time of life!

I'm sorry to hear about your son, we have that in our family too, but we all suffer more from vocal tics. When I was younger it was worse with eye twitching, and also OCD kind of things (having to touch each finger, constantly counting things in my head, the need to touch things a certain amount of times and in a certain order), I think there was autism mixed in there.
It went away for years and years for me, but these past few years I've developed the vocal tic again and it's getting worse.

I feel so bad for the young ones having to suffer like that. He is in my prayers, as are you.