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Monday, June 29, 2009

20 of my favorite things

Okay...I found this on the internet and I thought it would be fun to do! So, I'm tagging all my bloggy friends to follow up and post their 20 favorite things :)
1. Color **** purple..closely followed by pink and blue ;)
2. Dessert****strawberry cheesecake..yummy!
3. Smell****the way the house smells on Thanksgiving..turkey, stuffing, warm veggies, hot rolls, and PUMPKIN PIE!!
4. Flower****Pink Roses
5. Animal****It is hard to answer just one!! (How 'bout top 3?)
Dogs, Elephants and Cows
6. Month****October..(November too!) I love the fall leaves and the pumpkins and mums!
7. Beverage****Coffee with cream and Peach Iced Tea when its HOT outside :)
8. Pair of shoes**** An old pair of tan sandals with a nice little cushiony heel. They looked (at one time) like suede. They don't look so pretty now, but they are still so comfortable..I can't part with them:)
9. Snack****As of lately, it's been Late Night Taco Doritos...they are so yummy...they taste just like tacos...my kids brought them home and now Mom is addicted :)
10. Song****Bryan Adams...Everything I Do ( I'm an 80's girl)
11. Book****The Charm of Simple Things (J. Countryman)
It was a present from my Mother. It is just the most wonderful book full of recipes, lovely pictures and stories. It just makes you sit back and say AHHH! It's the kind of book you cuddle up with and enjoy with a cup of tea!
12. Fruit**** Strawberries...closely followed by blackberries (in a cobbler) My Mom used to make the best homemade cobbler with homemade crust...It was Yummy! Especially with ice-cream. I do LOVE strawberry pie in the summer though too!!
13. Hairstyle**** French twist (that sounds like a dessert :)
14. Piece of clothing****my big fuzzy pink robe that Mark and the kids got me for Christmas a couple yrs. ago...it is the softest thing ever!
15. Store to clothes shop****I really don't have a favorite..
16. Season****Fall!! I LOVE Fall...crisp air..beautiful leaves falling through the air...beautiful trees landscaping the horizon..pumpkins, mums. Its just so beautiful!!
17. Hobby****Blogging...knitting and (trying to quilt :)
18. Things to collect****Cows..I just love them...I did start collecting some Roosters too..but Cows are my favorite!
19. Movie****I love all the Disney movies..but my favorite MOVIE would be How to make an American Quilt and Corrina, Corrina....(sorry, I couldn't pick between the two!!)
20. Restaurant****Hacienda..I love Mexican Food!! That's where I always ask to go for any celebration..(closely followed by Olive Garden..my daughter Elizabeth works there..)
Well, that's my 20...I hope some of you will follow up and post your 20!!
Also...A big THANK YOU goes out to Eileen at Umma's World
for the wonderful giveaway honoring her 100th post. Her sweet grandson Jayden picked my name from the pool (literally!!)
Thank You so much Eileen..I am honored!!
It is just beautiful here in Southern Indiana. The humidity finally left us and the temps are down to being tolerable. There is a great breeze blowing as well. I spent yesterday (which was nice also) out weeding in the garden and flower beds. I will try to post a picture again very soon, of our garden..It is just gorgeous!! Our corn is head (mine) tall and is tassling..Now, if we can just keep those deer out!! They've been eating everything in our neighbors garden..it's just a matter of time before they come visiting min!! Pray that they stay away! Any suggestions on keeping them away? I'd love to hear :)
Have a Wonderful Monday!! Jerelene


mysteryhistorymom said...

This was so fun to read! I love those Doritos, too! We have lots in common.;) I will do this on my blog! I want to check out that book, too. Sounds so good and comforting! Lori

Diana said...

Hi Jerelene,
This sounds like fun. I will post on it tomorrow. In the meantime you most go to my blog where you will find your name mentioned again!

Eileen said...

Great post! This was fun. I love reading about the things that other people favor!
And now I've learned a little more about you. Thanks!
I'll post mine now!
Love, Eileen
P.S. ~ Thanks for the 'thank you'!!

Eileen said...

I have one for you too, Jerelene!

Doing the favorite list was fun, but boy are people going to know a lot about us!
('Hope everyone still likes me!)

Anonymous said...

Jerelene....Those deer love that corn. If they want it, they will get it....so plant enough for the deer and for you! Another solution would be to have deer for supper....but I don't even like to think about that idea. Some people say that you can put hair (from the barber shop, beauty shop) around the perimeter. I haven't heard if it actually works....so that's just a 'she said/he said' thing. If you haven't tried it, you could give it a try.
I'll play (The 20 Things)...but I'll play here in my comment. How's that?
Color: Red
Dessert: Pecan Pie
Smell: Cinnabons at the mall
Flower: red rose
Animal: kitten
Month: December
Beverage: hot tea
Pair of shoes: Nike tennis shoes
Snack: puffed Cheetos
Song: Written in Red
Book: Master of the Game
Fruit: Fresh peaches
Hairstyle: pony tail
Piece of Clothing:over-sized t/shirt
Store to Clothes Shop: Pennys
Season: winter
Hobby: crocheting
Things to collect: flash/pen drives
Movie: Nottinghill
Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse

Anonymous said...

Good morning Jerelene,
Congratulations on your win! I enjoyed reading your twenty things. I think all of us have a lot in common. I'm going to do mine next week. It seems like fun. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day ♥

Blessings each day said...

Love this and will do it soon, whenever this crazy awards fever settles down a bit! It's wonderful learning new things about you and so many that we have in common.

blessings and hugs,


Linda Higgins said...

oh my gosh! you are my first award giver! hehehe. I don't know if I can come up with 20 things about myself...I will try though! Put a scarecrow out in the garden that is wired and moves with any movement and also has a recording in it to scream when movement approaches....I just came up with this...hehehehe good luck!

Linda Higgins said...

oh and spotlights come on, you know the kind of lights that detect movement....lol you won't get much sleep...but you might enjoy the rewards of your garden!