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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I just LOVE roses..I think most women do. I hope to someday have lots of roses here at our new home. My favorite is pink. I would like to have a pretty, cheery yellow one too. I have a pink, old-time rose bush and a deep red one. I also have an old-time pinkish red climber. While looking on-line I came across this nice page. It has wonderful pictures and lots of information on caring for them too! It's a wonderful page. You should check it out!!

http://www.rose-gardening-made-easy.com/index.html It's a rainy and nasty day here. I'm working on a knitted dishcloth. I'm thinking I am just going to take it easy today. Sam has started vacation Bible school. Last night was his first time going. He'll be going every night this week. He is going with one of his little friends. His Mother is nice enough to even pick him up. It makes for a nice break for me too! :) He really likes this little boy. He is a very nice little boy and he and Sam get along very well.

I'll probably make some sloppy jo's for supper. I hope everyone is having a really great Wednesday!! Love, Jerelene


Eileen said...

The rose picture is beautiful, Jerelene.
My favorite flower is tulip, but I like roses too, especially yellow roses.

So nice to hear about your son and his friend in Bible school together.
This was a sweet post.

Thanks for the link, I'll be going there now.

Diana said...

I love your new look Jerelene, but I also loved your old one! I love roses too, I don't think I have a favorite flower though, I love them all!

Blessings each day said...

Gosh...everyone is changing their look, but someone did mine for me and I would pobably 'frankenstein it again if I tried anything.
Roses are so awesome. I have always had several bushes. Right now I have about seven or eight.
It's so nice when someone shares bits and peices of their lives...thank you.



mysteryhistorymom said...

How wonderful that your children are making new friends. ONe of the best feelings in the world.:)
I got the Nancy Drew book at Border's book store. So fun! I am re-reading the mysteries again. You should, too!:) Lori

Pink Slippers said...

I am a true sucker for roses. Too many too count. Have you seen the Cecille Brunner ones? They grow fast, crazy and beautiful. Tiny pink beauties.