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Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Favorites

I'm keeping the post kind of short today. I've not been on the last couple of days because I've been busy freezing veggies..I did want to post a quick favorite. My oldest daughter Elizabeth's sweetie John, is in Afghanistan. I know I've posted before about him. But we've been sending lots of letters his way and he's been writing her a lot. She always reads his letters to all of us and they are very touching..He tells us the guys get jealous because he gets the most letters. He also writes that they are all missing their girls back home and that they all talk about their sweeties and how much they are missing them. I guess it helps to know everyone else is feeling just like you!! Right before he left he did ask Elizabeth to marry him. He said he knows it was kind of quick...but that he loves her so much. We've kind of been keeping it secret. Some of you may remember last fall she lost her sweetie Jared. He was in the army stationed in Texas getting ready to go to Iraq. He and John were very good friends and both have always had a sweet spot for Elizabeth. John told Elizabeth that he just knows in his heart that Jared would want him to take care of her..very sweet!! So my friday favorite is a picture of Elizabeth with my favorite Marine...John. Please keep him in your prayers!! :)


Eileen said...

Jerelene, I got chills reading this.
Absolutely Jared had a hand in getting your Elizabeth together with John!
It reminds me so much of what Marcy wrote about her Mario leading her to Michael.
Really so beautiful.

I wish this wonderful young couple all the best!
I'll be keeping you all in my prayers, Jerelene.
Love, Eileen

Diana said...

What a beautiful couple they make. How old is Elizabeth Jerelene? I wish them both well and Gods speed to John. I will include them both n my prayers!

Jerelene said...

Thank you Eileen..and Diana she is still young, 19. She'll be 20 in February. I'm hoping they aren't going to be doing this too quickly. He won't be back til after Christmas and will be in the service for just a few months after that. He is still 21 I think..all of these kids were friends with both of my older children. We've known them all for a long time. I was 19 when I married..I've been married now 22 yrs. I'm just praying that he comes back safe. I don't think she could handle losing someone again. It was TOO hard...