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Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello...wow..I posted!!!

Hello to everyone! I know it's been a week since I've been on....Life has just been busy around here...With Sam's upcoming birthday..I've been busy working on his quilt. It's been taking longer than I would like and I'm hoping I'm able to finish it by Wednesday. Sam will turn 12 on Wednesday..Time sure does fly by. I can't believe my baby will be 12!!
As you can see from this picture...Mickey continues to be a spoiled little baby...It's like we all can't hold him enough :) As you can see from the picture...not much has been getting done in my kitchen either... The sewing machine has taken up semi-permanent residence at the table. It gets moved around, but not off the table. Every chance I get I'm trying to sit down and get the quilt done. Wish me luck!
Last weekend our neighbors had a yard sale. I resisted the temptations...and oh, there were so many! She had all kinds of angels and cows!! I did well though...I left with only a pumpkin medley home-interior candle, this really nice address and card book..it is wonderful! I'm trying to get everyone's birthdays and addresses down it....It's full of the sweetest little sayings and Bible verses..Really nice..It's very nice for helping me with the pen-pal exchange. I can put everyone's info in it :)
This is my favorite thing that I brought home...a quilt rack! It's got some scratches..but look at the cute little wheat print down the side :) I left the sale and had only spent $5.00! And the best part was I didn't get anything that I really didn't need...(except for the candle...but, for a $1..it was worth it!)
Sam's co-op went well this week. He still hasn't bonded with anyone yet...but, I am keeping my hopes up..During the classes they can't really talk and visit, so it may take some time for him to really get to know everyone. But I am really getting to know some really nice and sweet ladies! (One in particular) has been very nice to me and it's been really great. I've really needed that so it's an answered prayer on my part :)
It's been raining and pouring here all week. I think the rain has finally ended and they talk like we'll have a nice weekend. I hope so, I need to get out and weed my flower bed..if it ever dries out! Mark's cabbage and turnips are coming way up..I'm surprised the rain didn't completely wash them all away...Actually, it did run the turnips over the edge...But the cabbage looks pretty big now. I walked out to the garden this afternoon to take a peek. It was so muddy that I practically sank into it! I had left one pumpkin out there and was determined to grab it. I did..but my shoes paid the muddy price. Well, flipflops can be washed, so it wasn't too bad. I'm so glad the rain has stopped!! The mosquitos have been terrible and all the rain is just going to make them worse!
With the ACTUAL first day of Autumn this week...I thought I would share my 5 Favorite things that I love about Fall.....
1. Pumpkins (how could you not?) On the way to co-op this morning, we drove past a local greenhouse. They had the field covered with pumpkins. And beautiful mums too! It was gorgeous...I don't know who OOHED more...me or Sam.
2. Pumpkin scented candles...those are my favorite..those and Home Sweet Home from yankee candles.
3. Scarecrows and decorations (mums too!) (I know that's more than 1)
4. The beautiful color of the trees...I especially love the deep orange ones!
5. The leaves blowing in the wind.... :)
Even though I've not been on since last week...I have tried to look in on everyone...I love each and every one of you!!
I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend...and keep me in your prayers..that I'm able to get the quilt done :)
"I always thank God for you...." I Corinthians 1:4 NIV
With Love, Jerelene


Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Jerelene....I am so excited about your quilt rack!! What a beautiful purchase!!
I, too, look forward to fall....the changing of the leaves (we don't have the 'grand' change that people further north of us have, but it is lovely to see the oranges and yellows and reds that we do have.
The mosquitoes here are terrible. Flying vampires! I don't go outside around sundown unless I'm armed: Off I can't stand to hear them buzzing....and lighting on me and biting me is beyond toleration.
That is one big pumpkin on your sidebar!!!
Smiles to you, Jerelene.

Eileen said...

I was so glad to see you had posted! I was just on my way up to bed but I'm glad I stopped to check the blogs first!
I love Mickey and I love how your family spoils him!
And I love how you let your sewing machine live on your kitchen table in order to get your quilting done!
Wonderful yard sale finds! And wonderful self-control! That's something I'm trying hard to do! That quilt rack was a gift from Heaven for you, how perfect!

And I'm happy to hear you found a friend and I'm sure Sam will too.

I loved your Fall favorites and this is my favorite time of the year too. It was a little warm again today, but they promise a beautiful Fall weekend.

I did finally locate your email and I responded, I hope you got it.

I'll say a prayer you get Sam's quilt done, and please post pictures of his birthday for us!
And give him a big birthday hug from me!
Love you, Eileen

Bernie said...

Okay I'm praying you will finish Sam's quilt but I am sure you will, it's important to you and for Sam....you will do it.
Love your favorite fall things and I absolutely love your quilt rack, I have been looking for one myself but have not seen one yet....
Have a great weekend my friend, enjoy eveything Fall.....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

My sewing machine always sits on my dining room table! That room as the best light in it to see when sewing.

You got some really nice things at the yard sale Jerelene. Is that the first quilt rack that you've had? It is very nice. A great deal!

It is beautiful here today so I am hoping that you are getting the same weather! Enjoy! Love Di

Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

wow what a beautiful yard sale. I been busy setting up for shows and burning my pumpkin cheesecake candles non stop. Happy Fall.

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

It was good to catch up with your "ins and outs" this week! I join the others in cheering you on to finish the quilt. This is such a great project & present, Jerelene!

That garage sale was a nice "break" for you, too! I love the smell of pumpkin candles. I wish I'd know people were looking for a quilt rack....I had one that I gave to my friend to put in a garage sale to benefit her T.O.P.S club! You or Bernie would have been welcome to it! Enjoy this beautiful season, Jerelene.

Linda Higgins said...

what a beautiful quilt rack! I can't believe she didn't have use for it! Every day I think I am going to post something and every day I end up spending so much time reading blogs that I have NO TIME to post hehehehe. But...your card is on it's way! I am such a slacker!